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1/18 electric mini rtr mini-t [losb0200 ® 1/18 electric mini rtr available colors mini-desert truck [losb0202 available colors designed with the same award-winning features as the mini-t the mini-desert truck offers desert racing style in a mini truck that s just under 10 inches long packed with an nimh battery pack independent suspension differentialequipped transmission and 27mhz losi am radio system the mini-desert truck has the speed and handling to tackle nearly everything you can throw at it take it with you anywhere you go and satisfy your need for speed with the mini-desert truck losi launched the mini vehicle segment with the mini-t the first ready to run mini vehicle of its kind the losi mini-t rtr is a fullfeatured 1/18-scale off-road truck that you can race just about anywhere its chassis is inspired by the championship-winning xxx-t and boasts big truck features like an extended travel long-arm suspension digital proportional radio system with adjustable rate steering

1/18 electric mini parts mini-slider and mini-late model all mini vehicles 1/18 electric mini parts mini-desert truck losb1206 mini-peak ac charger losb9630 7.4v 1650mah 2s lipo/charger combo m-t/mlst/2 losb9830 7.4v 1650mah 2s 20c lipo losb1012 jumps set of 2 losb9833 7.4v 1650mah 2s 20c lipo losb9832 11.1v 1000mah 3s 20c lipo electronics upgrade required losb0880 front/rear led light set and module mini-dt losb1102 front bumper/skid plate chrome losb1103 rear roll cage set chrome losb1075 front wheels and tires black chrome losb1080 rear wheels and tires black chrome f e at ur es mini mini-desert truck losb1202 7.2v 1100mah nimh battery losb1200 7.2v 1100mah nimh battery and charger losb9560 xcelorin 6000kv brushless combo see page 24 for more 1/18 xcelorin options losb1013 track dots set of 12 losb1275 chassis graphite mini-late model losb1028 battery braces graphite mini-late model losb1017 chassis battery brace graphite mini-slider losb1172 fr wheel mounted chrome street meat

1/18 electric mini-monster rtr mini-lst2tm [losb0217 available colors losi mini monster vehicles are small enough to run nearly anywhere but they have the intense power and speed that monster truck lovers demand with twin motor drivetrains and oversized suspension setups losi mini monster vehicles can tackle terrain that even some of the other big trucks can t handle 1/18 electric mini-monster parts style performance losb0911c front/rearbumper set chrome losb0834 motor heat sink set losb0902 graphiteupper chassis plate set losb0903 graphite lower chassis plate set losb0926 sway bar set losb0904c chassis side rails chrome losb1013 track dots other losb1012 jumps mini-lst2 features 1/18 rammunition 1/18 raminator losb1131 dual disk slipper clutch losb1240 cvdriveshaftset losb1250 viscousdiffset losb0945 front/rearwheel hex pin set aluminum 4 f e at ur es mini-monster mini-lst2 [losb0217 power electronics everything included losb9630 7.4v1650mah2s lipo/charger combo losb9830

1/18 electric mini-crawler rtr available colors 1/18 electric mini-crawler rtr http mini-rock crawler [losb0222 engineered from the ground up to be the ultimate mini rock crawling platform the mini-rock crawler from losi packs the bouldergrappling style and excitement of full-scale rock crawling into an innovative rc vehicle the mini-rock crawler utilizes design from real-world rock crawling competitors a multi-link suspension and solid 4mm axles provide the ultimate combination of lightweight agility and strength the full-time 4wd drivetrain powers all 4 wheels through a center-mounted 3-gear transmission providing grip and torque at each and every corner take the product tour and see the extreme suspension articulation in action mini-rock crawler [losb0222 dsm included option parts · twinverticalplatetvpchassisdesign · heavy-dutymetalringandpiniongears,axlesandaxleshafts · alloylowersuspensionlinkswithcapturedends ·

1/10 electric truck rtr highrollertm truck [losb0103 lifted and modified custom trucks are everywhere from the car shows to the streets to the rugged terrain and the 1/10-scale highroller rtr from losi is a tough customizable truck that looks and plays the part built on a tube-style chassis with a realistic look the highroller has front and rear skid plates vertical aluminum shocks an extended-cab long-bed custom truck body and chrome 320-series wheels with low-profile all terrain tires losi backs up all of that incredible detail with a power system that offers plenty of torque and speed for rolling on the street or taking to the backwoods a losi 12rb electronic speed control with reverse routes power to the lm-32k performance motor all run through an ultra-durable planetary gear differential drivetrain additional features like captured rod ends for increased durability and an easy-access battery compartment for quick battery changes all make the highroller run as great as it looks

1/10 electric truck rtr available colors desert truck [losb0102 1/10 electric truck rtr utilizing losi s extended chassis design from groundbreaking trucks like the speed-t and xxx-t cr the desert truck is built not just for looks but for unmatched performance the longer chassis provides unsurpassed handling and off-road agility while accommodating a wide range of battery options including 7-cell nimh and 3-cell lipo battery packs with the installation of upgraded electronics redesigned front and rear shock towers allow the desert truck to utilize extra-long travel shocks with 3 full inches of travel to soak up even the roughest terrain like the real thing desert truck features · custom detailed desert truck body with functioning lights and taillight · molded roll cage and tubular bumpers · chrome wheels and realistic desert racing all-terrain tires · losi lsr-3000 radio system with genuine spektrum dsm technology · losi msc12rb 12t fwd/rev electronic speed control · losi

xcelorin tm xcelorin the qpctm advantage the quick programming card qpc allows programming adjustments to the esc without the need for a computer no matter where you are each combo and esc includes a scale-specific quick programming card that allows certain adjustments like · voltage cutoff to accommodate nimh or lipo batteries including cell count · drag brake settings · forward only or forward with reverse · motor timing · and much more 1/36 brushless products the 1/36 xcelorin brushless motors and escs are designed with the micro user in mind designed and constructed for the perfect fit into losi micro vehicles for high-speed action they offer benefits like higher speeds longer run times and virtually no maintenance is required run after run to complete the conversion losb0830 27mhz am receiver 3-wire servo combo is required motor features · gold-plated motor connectors for effective power transfer · precision ball bearings for smooth operation · no motor maintenance

electronics 1/36 batteries losb0848 4.8v 1/3aaa 150mah 4c nimh pack micro-t/b/dt it is always good to have a spare battery and one for a micro is no exception this is a direct replacement nimh that comes stock with the losi micros electronics 1/18 batteries losb1202 7.2v 1100mah nimh battery spare batteries are key to a long day of continuous driving use this battery as a direct replacement to keep the mini action going 6-cell battery nimh the perfect fit for the mini-slider and the mini-late model and this replacement pack comes pre-wired with a losi mini connector 6.0v 1100mah nimh battery designed for the mini-t this 6v battery provides a more controlled driving experience and keeps the fun and excitement within budget 7.4v 1000mah 2s lipo as a replacement lipo battery for the mini-monster baja it can also be used in any losi mini vehicle as an upgrade over the stock nimh pack providing longer run times and more power 7.4v 1650mah 2s 20c lipo losi s best mini lipo upgrade more

1/8 nitro monster rtr aftershocktm [losb0012 1/8 nitro monster rtr the losi aftershock puts losi s innovative research and design in your control a 3-port losi m26ss engine produces big block horsepower and torque routed through a shift-on-the-fly 2-speed automatic transmission with all-metal gears for stump-pulling power and impressive top speeds power reaches the ground through a bulletproof 4wd drivetrain utilizing metal-geared differentials front and rear for rock-solid durability the aftershock also boasts losi s revolutionary mega shock suspension letting you aggressively assault terrain that would leave other trucks stuck in the mud aftershock features · · · · · 2-speed shift-on-the-fly transmission mega shock suspension metal-geared differentials aluminum differential cases combo pull/spin-start backplate allows easy use of optional spin-start · jr xr2i radio system aftershock [losb0012 mega shocks the long arm suspension system uses four oversized oil-filled mega shocks

1/8 nitro buggy/truggy rtr 8ighttm rtr [losb0081 and 8ight-ttm rtr [losb0083 both the 8ight and 8ight-t rtrs are built on one of the most revolutionary platform designs in nitro history starting with a narrow chassis design and central drivetrain layout for optimum balance the 8ight and 8ight-t rtr drive more solidly and smoothly than any other ready-to-run nitro vehicle each one is powered by a losi 427 big block engine with a tuned exhaust and features sealed diffs captured hinge pins and oversized threaded shock bodies for superior handling 1/8 nitro buggy/truggy rtr 8ight rtr and 8ight-t rtr features · · · · · · · · · losi 427 engine narrow chassis layout with centrally mounted engine zero bump steer design with adjustable ackerman four shoe easily tuned clutch with oversized inner bearing removable one-piece radio tray with separate boxes for the receiver and battery sealed front and rear differential housings keep dirt out of the gears spin-start handheld starter system

1/8 nitro buggy/truggy parts 8ight and 8ight-t losa0912 8ight electronic conversion kit hardware package losb9556 1/8 xcelorin brushless combo 1300kv losa99171 temp-tunertm losa1721 arm guards 8ight losa9100 8ight/t clutch rebuild/service box losa6929 8ight/t bearing box with bearings losa1708 aluminum front spindles losa1711 aluminum front spindle carriers exhaust systems keep your losi nitro vehicle performing at its peak or upgrade your standard exhaust system with one of losi s tuned pipes and mufflers designed and engineered specifically for losi engines they help you extract the most power and torque from any losi engine adding a tuned pipe to any nitro vehicle is one of the simplest upgrades to be made as easy as loosening a setscrew and stretching as few springs the performance gain more than outweighs the effort put into it powerful exhaust options for added performance losb5061 ht tuned pipe header hard-anodized lst2 aft mgb losb5057 tuned pipe header polished lst lst2 aft