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high powered highly evolved and ferociously fast the lotus exige sport 380 is the most aggressive iteration yet for the exige model line up available as either a coupé or roadster the sport 380 combines power with style taking the fight straight to six-figure supercars this new top-of-the-range model carries over the lessons learnt in the development of the acclaimed exige sport 350 launched last year but with significant revisions lowering weight boosting power and enhancing aerodynamics rather than rely on excess electronics or allow sterile interfaces to dull the experience the extreme exige sport 380 offers a pure undiluted drive that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated designed as unrivalled in its class faster sharper and more direct than adversaries the exige sport 380 is definitely not for the timid with a dry weight of just 1,075 kg and boasting a potent power-to-weight ratio of 350 hp per tonne the new pure-bred lotus has been conceived to out perform and out manoeuvre so called supercars the new exige is blisteringly fast off the line dispatching 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds before reaching a top speed of 178 mph 150 mph for roadster from the intricately engineered exposed-gear-change linkage to the swathes of carbon-fibre components and wider michelin pilot sport cup 2 tyres as standard every inch of the exige has been carefully cultivated firmly defined as a lotus for the enthusiast the car can be seen as an expression of intense engineering challenging accomplished drivers to extract the car’s true potential the optional carbon exterior pack which reduces weight above the centre of gravity contains a one-piece carbon roof panel and distinctive carbon louvered tailgate and cuts the car’s mass by 3.4 kg the optional lightweight carbon fibre sill covers provide a motorsport theme when entering or exiting the exige sport 380 and thanks to their lower profile and finish aid ingress and egress for owners wanting more the new exige sport 380 can be personalised through the increasingly popular lotus exclusive programme combining traditional british craftsmanship with modern design the service inspires customers to spend time tailoring the character of their lotus with a comprehensive array of options.