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lotus exclusiveâ„¢ 2016 product

welcome lotus exclusiveâ„¢ allows you to make your lotus truly unique with each vehicle carefully finished according to your individual requirements the hand-crafted nature of our vehicles allows us to produce personalised cars using high-quality materials alongside unique paint finishes and vehicle graphics we pay meticulous attention to every last detail in order to make each lotus exclusiveâ„¢ model perfectly tailored to your personality and lifestyle contents body colours page two body work page four interior trim page six page

body colours every lotus body panel is individually hand-painted in our hethel paint shop we offer a range of colours from our rich heritage including iconic colours from our race and road model line-up in addition to the colours shown in the lotus exclusiveâ„¢ range we also offer a colour matching service to meet your exact requirements page

body paints lotus exclusive â„¢ paint selection all of our exclusive paint choices are available across the lotus model range pearl white old english white sky blue toxic green essex blue fire red empire green motorsport

body work our range of contrast decals and iconic vehicle graphics bring another layer of customisation to make your lotus truly unique page

contrast colours graphics lotus exclusive ™ decal selection lotus exclusive ™ graphics selection key components of your lotus can be highlighted with our range of contrast colours to complete your lotus model’s head turning looks iconic flag graphic’s are available for application on mirror caps and roof panel race stripes are also available in three styles twin single or asymmetric mirror caps rear spoiler front splitter side sills roof panel twin stripes single stripe asymmetric stripes mirror cap white gloss yellow gloss red gloss roof panel black gloss page

interior trim leather seats and interior panels are hand-cut and sewn by our skilled trim shop our experts in delivering precision individualisation into their work creating exclusive interiors for the discerning lotus customer page

leather colours stitch colours lotus exclusive â„¢ leather selection lotus exclusive â„¢ colour stitch option as an alternative to the standard lotus interior choices a range of premium leather colours and stitch options are available all delivered to the highest standard of quality and finish the contrast stitch options shown below can be combined with our bespoke leather collection or our standard vehicle trim options to create a personal touch to your lotus the range of trim options shown below is available on all lotus models latte aloe notte grigio rosso antico silver standard yellow option red option black

lotus special orders lotus is always prepared to offer indivdual customisation options catering to all individual customer requirements from minor details to apply a subtle personal touch to extensive customisation to make a clear personal statement for any variations on the designs outlined in this brochure please contact your dealer who will be able to provide pricing on request or place you in contact with the lotus design team lotuscars.com

for more information visit lotuscars.com/exclusive /lotuscars grouplotus @grouplotusplc grouplotusplc @grouplotusplc