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transmitters ew dimensions m11x sanwa m11x none is faster sanwa m11x spektrum dx-3r futaba 4pk sanwa m11x spektrum dx-3r futaba 4pk experience new dimensions experience new dimensions response time maximum value response time average value 5.5 ms 7.5 ms 9.4 ms 4.0 ms 4.7 ms 7.7 ms 4 f.h.s.s 3 2.4ghz range 400m m11x f.h.s.s 3 2.4ghz 101a28472a cyberspeed response r/c driving was never as direct as now the f.h.s.s 3 technology features unique transfer rate and response time incomparable transmission security as if you were connected to your car the f.h.s.s 3 2.4ghz technology stays on the same frequency for only a few milliseconds then it changes to the next free frequency this frequency hopping guarantees interruption and delay free transmission future-proof technology unlimited compatibility the small lightweight high-performance 4-channel receiver is 100 compatible with all digital and analogue servos available on the market features · · · · · · · · · · · · double world

transmitters 2.4ghz f.h.s.s 3 high-tech flight technology ready for take-off response time minimum value response time average value sanwa sd-10g futaba 10c jr 12x futaba t6ex r606fs sanwa sd-10g futaba 10c jr 12x futaba t6ex r606fs 7.4 ms 9.0 ms 21.5 ms 19.0 ms 11.8 ms 19.0 ms 32.5 ms 37.5 ms the fastest the fastest the fastest response in the world response in the world sd-10g fhss 2.4ghz 10-channel set mode 1 #101a28677a ssd-10g fhss 2.4ghz 10-channel set mode 2 #101a28678a ta sd-10g developed by the best the sd-10g has been developed by sanwa`s best computer programmers in concert with the most experienced pilots f3j world champions and 3d helicopter experts 2.4ghz 10-channel fhss receiver included sd-10g #107a40943a for hobby and competition pilots the transmitter is extremely user-friendly easy to setup and allows an incredible flexibility take the decisive advantage the sd-10g is fast you will feel connected to your flight model like never before the servo response will seem

transmitters duce to the max reduceto tothe themax max reduce 5-channel fhss 2.4ghz mode 1 reduce to the max sd-5g sd-5g f.h.s.s 2.4ghz extremely user friendly best value for money #101a30002a sd-5g included 5-channel fhss 2.4ghz mode 2 #101a30003a rx-600 6-channel empfänger fhss 2.4ghz #107a40963a the little brother of the sd-10g based on the design of the high-end transmitter sd-10g the sd-5g features all important functions for hobby pilots the setup structure of the sd-5g is perfectly thought-out all functions can be reached and set up quickly the sd-5g offers lots of flight fun professional adjustability and is an absolutely full-fledged flight transmitter ­ and all this with a sensational price performance ratio features · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 5-channel computer transmitter for airplanes fast response on stick moves 3 model memory with direct model select easy to read lc display with digital voltage display full range 6-channel f.h.s.s 2.4ghz receiver

servos ssr high-speed servos c-series coreless new srg-cz servo super response coreless torque-servo 0.08s/40° 6v 14.8kg/cm 6v 40.5x21x38mm 63g new srg-cs servo super response digital speed servo 0.07s s/40° 6v 8.5kg/cm 6v 40.5 x 21 x 38mm 64g srg-cr servo super response coreless speed-servo 0.07s/40° 6v 9.0kg/cm 6v 40.5x21x38mm 61g srg-ct servo super response coreless digital servo 0.09s s/40° 6v 11.6kg/cm 6v 40.5 x 21 x 38mm 64g #107a53541a #107a53542a #107a53805a #107a53806a ssr high-speed servos b-series brushless new srg-bl servo super response low profile digital servo 0.07s/40° 6v 8.0kg/cm 6v 40.5 x 21 x 26,5mm 44g srg-brx high speed brushless servo for 1/8 nitro onroad 1/10 touring cars and 1/10 electric buggies 0.06s/40° 6v 7.6kg/cm 6v 40.5 x 21 x 38mm 61g srg-bz servo super response bl torque-servo 0.08s/40° 6v 13kg/cm 6v 40.5x21x38mm 63g super response bl speed-servo 0.07s/40° 6v 8.0kg/cm 6v 40.5x21x38mm 61g srg-br servo #107a53741a #107a53555a

servos analogue champions r wle list cra specia sx-165t servo ht/bb high torque servo for offroad trucks 0.06s/40° 6v 9.5kg/cm 6v 39x20x37.4mm 58g high speed servo 0.04s/40° 6v 7.2kg/cm 6v 39x20x37.4mm 58g st ft dri eciali p s rs-995 servo hs rl wo dc pi ham la st 1 p ons ce hip erg-rz servo hs/bb high speed servo for on and offroad with metal gear incl aluminium heat sink 0.05s/40° 6v 8.0kg/cm 6v 39x20x37.4mm 60g #107a53261a #107a53262a #107a53272a air specialists action video sdx-771 digital servo high speed servo for large scale models jets and e.g swash plate control in turbines and 90 size helicopters 0.09s/40° 4.8v 6.6kg/cm 4.8v 39x20x37.4mm 56g high torque servo for large scale models jets and e.g swash plate control in turbines and 90 size helicopters 0.11s/40° 4.8v 8.9kg/cm 4.8v 39x20x37.4mm 56g sdx-772 digital servo sdx-851 digital aileron servo extremely fast low profile servo with double ball bearings for large scale gliders and powered aircrafts

car/buggy 1:12 scale or smaller 1:10 scale electric/nitro onroad 1:10 scale electric/nitro offroad 1:8 scale electric/nitro onroad 1:8 scale electric/nitro offroad 1:5 scale petrol boat sport electric/nitro aircraft sailplane glider park flyer foamy motored airplane · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · servo application chart aerobatic airplane large scale model helicopter 400 to 500 size 600 size servo features ball bearings metal gear motor type type size 3p ana mi 3p ana st 3p ana st 3p ana lp 2 2 2 2 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 2 2 2 2 2 2 · · · · · · · · · · · · · 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · cor ana st cor ana st cor ana st 3p dig lp 3p

receiver receiver radicon rx-syn-40 eu 40 mhz synthesizer rx-451 fhss-3 receiver included in the m11x and mx-3x rx-451r for m11x and mx-3x #107a40657a #107a40833a fhss-3 ssr sanwa super response receiver tuning for m11x and mx-3x ideally suited for sanwa srg servos rx-351fs for mx-3 fhss 2.4 ghz #107a40973a #107a40772a receiver rx-441ds for m11 dsss 2.4 ghz rx 442fs 4-channel fhss-2 receiver mx-3 fg radicon rx-231-40 40 mhz am 35 mhz fm radicon rx-851-35 #107a40762a #107a40766a #104b14224a #104b14624a receiver flight receiver new telemetry receiver for mt-4 fhss-4t new telemetry receiver for mt-4 fhss-4t with additional sensor connection measurement of drive battery voltage new rx-381 receiver for m11x exzes-x mt-4 mx-3x fhss-3 new rx-61h 6-channel fhss-3 high response mini receiver the world s fastest transmission in combination with the sd-10g 40.2x18.4x10.4mm 4.6g 4.8 6v rx-461 rx-462 #107a41043a #107a41093a #107a41073a #107a41083a flight receiver range 500m for airplanes with

cables and servo arms cables y switch harness z connector #107a10708a y switch harness #107a20031a dsc switch harness #107a20131a bec switch harness #107a20072a cables switch harness #107a20062a charge switch z connector #107a20064a harness for servo z connector #107a20126a servo arms servo arm assort a #107a51411a 6 pointed servo arm assort large #107a51421a 6 pointed mini horn set c #107a51431a servo arm small #107a51441a servo arms 6 pointed servo arm for micro servos #107a51461a 16 heavy duty servo arm 2pcs #107a51272a 4 pointed servo arm large/2pcs

battery boxes and servo cables battery boxes tx battery box m11 mx series charging plug harness for rx nicd batteries bec battery box 4 cells #107a30227a #901a00809a #107a10212a servo cables 700mm z connector extension harness 1000mm z connector extension harness extension harness 50mm z connector 270mm z connector extension harness #107a20365a #107a20366a #107a20361a #107a20363a usb adapter cables servo cables usb adapter cable #107a20423a transmitter to pc sd-10g y extension harness z connector extension harness 500mm z connector #107a20143a #107a20364a trainer cables standard trainer system cable 5p/radiant e.g for rds8000 teacher student cable #107a20433a for teacher student operation with sd-5g sd-6g and sd-10g #107a20279a

servos high-quality sanwa servos sanwa servos ssr sanwa super response servo way ssr normal high-quality the fastest response time in the world requirements 1 a sanwa servo of the srg series 2 a sanwa m11x exzes-x or mt-4 in ssr mode 3 a sanwa rx-451r rx-461 or rx-462 receiver time sanwa high quality servos uncompromisingly better sanwa servos are high-quality products for highest demands sanwa servos convince with highest torque extremely fast response time and precise return accuracy contrary to many products of the competitors sanwa servos do not only feature these fantastic values on paper technical specifications are not exaggerated it s quite the contrary in reality they are often even exceeded sanwa servos have real power consequently it is no wonder that sanwa servos are the most used servos in the international r/c competition scene drivers relying on sanwa servos were able to win innumerable titles they are considered as the high-performers for flight applications as well

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