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receiver receiver radicon rx-syn-40 eu 40 mhz synthesizer rx-451 fhss-3 receiver included in the m11x and mx-3x rx-451r for m11x and mx-3x #107a40657a #107a40833a fhss-3 ssr sanwa super response receiver tuning for m11x and mx-3x ideally suited for sanwa srg servos rx-351fs for mx-3 fhss 2.4 ghz #107a40973a #107a40772a receiver rx-441ds for m11 dsss 2.4 ghz rx 442fs 4-channel fhss-2 receiver mx-3 fg radicon rx-231-40 40 mhz am 35 mhz fm radicon rx-851-35 #107a40762a #107a40766a #104b14224a #104b14624a receiver flight receiver new telemetry receiver for mt-4 fhss-4t new telemetry receiver for mt-4 fhss-4t with additional sensor connection measurement of drive battery voltage new rx-381 receiver for m11x exzes-x mt-4 mx-3x fhss-3 new rx-61h 6-channel fhss-3 high response mini receiver the world s fastest transmission in combination with the sd-10g 40.2x18.4x10.4mm 4.6g 4.8 6v rx-461 rx-462 #107a41043a #107a41093a #107a41073a #107a41083a flight receiver range 500m for airplanes with up to 1.5m wingspan 40.5x18.5x11mm 6g 4.8-6v rx-60 6-channel fhss1 mini receiver rx-700 7-channel fhss1 receiver 47.5x23.5x12.7mm 11.2g 4.8-6v rx-1011fs 10-kanal fhss3 f sd-10g 49,5x26,8x15,5mm 15g 4,8-7,4v rx-600 6-channel fhss1 receiver 41.7x21.5x12mm 8g 4.8-6v #107a40953a 14 #107a40853a #107a40943a #107a40963a please note the further information and advices to the functionality with servos speed controls on the product pages on