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servos high-quality sanwa servos sanwa servos ssr sanwa super response servo way ssr normal high-quality the fastest response time in the world requirements 1 a sanwa servo of the srg series 2 a sanwa m11x exzes-x or mt-4 in ssr mode 3 a sanwa rx-451r rx-461 or rx-462 receiver time sanwa high quality servos uncompromisingly better sanwa servos are high-quality products for highest demands sanwa servos convince with highest torque extremely fast response time and precise return accuracy contrary to many products of the competitors sanwa servos do not only feature these fantastic values on paper technical specifications are not exaggerated it s quite the contrary in reality they are often even exceeded sanwa servos have real power consequently it is no wonder that sanwa servos are the most used servos in the international r/c competition scene drivers relying on sanwa servos were able to win innumerable titles they are considered as the high-performers for flight applications as well due to their precision durability and constant performance sanwa servos are the number 1 for the international elite of r/c competition and this with a good reason sanwa servos have more power than featured on the package the effectively measured data in most cases reveals even more power and higher speed sanwa servos are the swiss watches in the servo area extremely precise reliable and only made of high-quality materials features · · · · · · · · srg series with absolutely constant response time double isolation against humidity motor lifetime >200.000 cycles high-quality japanese ball bearings reliability tests at highest and lowest temperatures extreme humidity and continuous operation shock proven servo case made from special high-quality plastic multiple world champion the sanwa servos power test experience on how two of the sanwa high-end servos move several water boxes with fascinating ease unbelievable power and speed ­ you won t believe your eyes 19