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transmitters 2.4ghz f.h.s.s 3 high-tech flight technology ready for take-off response time minimum value response time average value sanwa sd-10g futaba 10c jr 12x futaba t6ex r606fs sanwa sd-10g futaba 10c jr 12x futaba t6ex r606fs 7.4 ms 9.0 ms 21.5 ms 19.0 ms 11.8 ms 19.0 ms 32.5 ms 37.5 ms the fastest the fastest the fastest response in the world response in the world sd-10g fhss 2.4ghz 10-channel set mode 1 #101a28677a ssd-10g fhss 2.4ghz 10-channel set mode 2 #101a28678a ta sd-10g developed by the best the sd-10g has been developed by sanwa`s best computer programmers in concert with the most experienced pilots f3j world champions and 3d helicopter experts 2.4ghz 10-channel fhss receiver included sd-10g #107a40943a for hobby and competition pilots the transmitter is extremely user-friendly easy to setup and allows an incredible flexibility take the decisive advantage the sd-10g is fast you will feel connected to your flight model like never before the servo response will seem faster the transmitter will react faster and you will ask yourself what you ever did without the sd-10g f3j world champion 2010 features · · · · · · · · · · · · f3j world champion 2010 mit der sanwa sd-10g 10-channel computer radio with advanced programming for competition helicopters gliders and powered aircraft fully digital and super fast response on stick moves adjustable flight mode and servo delay full range 10-channel 2.4ghz receiver included range 3000m on the ground far more than 3000m in the air 5 complete flight modes helicopter glider and aircraft can be named mode 1 ­ 4 freely selectable receiver works from 7.4-2v and up to 100°c 100 completely assignable 3 position switches and side sliders 5 p-mixes with 9 point curves and graphs multi-function timer system includes 6-cell 1500mah nimh tx battery and charger rx-631 receiver 6 rx-861 receiver daryl perkins the choice of champions f3j weltmeister 2010 #107a53251b sanwa sdx-762 digital servo #107a41013a #107a41023a