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transmitters duce to the max reduceto tothe themax max reduce 5-channel fhss 2.4ghz mode 1 reduce to the max sd-5g sd-5g f.h.s.s 2.4ghz extremely user friendly best value for money #101a30002a sd-5g included 5-channel fhss 2.4ghz mode 2 #101a30003a rx-600 6-channel empfänger fhss 2.4ghz #107a40963a the little brother of the sd-10g based on the design of the high-end transmitter sd-10g the sd-5g features all important functions for hobby pilots the setup structure of the sd-5g is perfectly thought-out all functions can be reached and set up quickly the sd-5g offers lots of flight fun professional adjustability and is an absolutely full-fledged flight transmitter ­ and all this with a sensational price performance ratio features · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 5-channel computer transmitter for airplanes fast response on stick moves 3 model memory with direct model select easy to read lc display with digital voltage display full range 6-channel f.h.s.s 2.4ghz receiver included available in mode-1 and mode-2 failsafe dual rate digital trim throttle cut teacher-student mode normal v-tail and delta elevon mixes low voltage alarm receiver works from 4.8-6.0v nominal trainer system compatible with sd-5g sd-6g and sd-10g transmitters sdx-772 torque-servo sdx-771 speed-servo 56g rx-60 mini-receiver other great products a good choice 8 6.0g 39 x 20 x 37.4mm #107a53531a #107a40953a 6-channel f.h.s.s 0.09sec/40° 8.9kg/cm 4.8v #107a53532a