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servos ssr high-speed servos c-series coreless new srg-cz servo super response coreless torque-servo 0.08s/40° 6v 14.8kg/cm 6v 40.5x21x38mm 63g new srg-cs servo super response digital speed servo 0.07s s/40° 6v 8.5kg/cm 6v 40.5 x 21 x 38mm 64g srg-cr servo super response coreless speed-servo 0.07s/40° 6v 9.0kg/cm 6v 40.5x21x38mm 61g srg-ct servo super response coreless digital servo 0.09s s/40° 6v 11.6kg/cm 6v 40.5 x 21 x 38mm 64g #107a53541a #107a53542a #107a53805a #107a53806a ssr high-speed servos b-series brushless new srg-bl servo super response low profile digital servo 0.07s/40° 6v 8.0kg/cm 6v 40.5 x 21 x 26,5mm 44g srg-brx high speed brushless servo for 1/8 nitro onroad 1/10 touring cars and 1/10 electric buggies 0.06s/40° 6v 7.6kg/cm 6v 40.5 x 21 x 38mm 61g srg-bz servo super response bl torque-servo 0.08s/40° 6v 13kg/cm 6v 40.5x21x38mm 63g super response bl speed-servo 0.07s/40° 6v 8.0kg/cm 6v 40.5x21x38mm 61g srg-br servo #107a53741a #107a53555a #107a53551a #107a53552a ssr high-speed servos boat monster truck onroad offroad electric offroad digital servo ball bearing metal gear brushless legend hvs high voltage series nominal voltage up to 7.4v new srg-bls low profile brushless servo for 1/10 touring cars 0.05s/40° 6v 7.6kg/cm 6v 40.5 x 21 x 26.5mm 47g aircraft helicopter srg-hr servo for 1/12 1/18 and formula 1 models 0.07s/40° 6v 0.05s 40° 7.4v 3.8kg/cm 6v 4.6kg/cm 7.4 v 27 x 12.1 x 30.5mm 27g ssr sanwa super response the fastest response time in the world requirements 1 a sanwa servo of the srg series 2 a sanwa m11x exzes-x or mt-4 in ssr mode 3 a sanwa rx-451r rx-461 or rx-462 receiver #107a53743a #107a53811a 9