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spinner bait ss super b fishing spinner fishing bait spinner fishing fishing hooks fish sink fishing 4 snap minnow 91mm 10oz

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Sporting Goods > Fly Fishing

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lucky craft top water sammy color chart top 10 color best choice 052 220 238 247 250 254 262 270 280

kelly j jr 2”60mm 2/3oz10.0g kelly j 2-3/4”70mm 1/2oz13.2g splash-tail 90 3-5/8”92mm 1/2oz13.0g wake-tail 85 3-1/4”85mm 3/8oz12.2g

poiner 65xd 2-1/2”65mm 3/16oz 5.0g poiner 78xd 3”78mm 1/3oz9.5g pointer 95 ~silent 3-3/4” 95mm 5/8oz18.5g pointer 125 ~3 jointed jerk 4-3/4” 125mm 1oz 28.0g poiner 48dd 2”48mm 2/16oz2.9g poiner 65dd 2-1/2”65mm 3/16oz5.4g poiner 78dd 3”78mm 1/3oz9.6g poiner 100dd 4”100mm 5/8oz16.5g ll pointer 170 6-3/4” 170mm 1-9/10oz 53.0g ll pointer 180 7” 180mm 1-9/10oz 52.0g ll pointer 200 8” 200mm 2-1/2oz 69.0g

flash minnow 95mr 3-3/4”95mm 3/8oz12.2g flash minnow 110sp 4-1/2”110mm 5/8oz16.5g flash minnow 130 mr 5-1/4”130mm 3/4oz20.0g flash minnow tr 55 ~two twicher 2-1/8”55mm 1/8oz2.8g flash minnow tr 65 2-1/2”65mm 1/8oz3.8g flash minnow tr 85 3-1/4”85mm 3/16oz5.9g flash minnow tr 95 3-3/4”95mm 5/16oz8.5g

moonsault cb 001 2”54mm 1/4oz9.5g moonsault cb 50 2-1/4”55mm 5/16oz8.2g moonsault cb 100 2-1/4”60mm 3/8oz11.0g moonsault cb 200 2-1/4”60mm 7/16oz12.2g moonsault cb 250 2-1/2”65mm 1/2oz13.5g moonsault cb 350 2-1/2”62mm 1/2oz14.6g flat mini sr 2”50mm 1/4oz7.0g flat mini mr 2”50mm 5/16oz8.0g flat mini dr 2”50mm 3/8oz10.5g flat mini d-6 2”50mm 5/16oz9.2g flat mini d-8 2”50mm 3/8oz10.6g flat mini ss ~super sinking 2”50mm 5/16oz9.2g fat cb g.d.s mini ssr 2”50mm 3/8oz9.8g fat mini sr 2”50mm 5/16oz8.8g fat mini mr 2”50mm 1/4oz6.7g fat cb g.d.s mini dr 2”50mm 3/8oz9.3g fat mini d-5 2”50mm 3/8oz8.8g fat mini d-7 2”50mm 3/8oz8.8g s.k.t mini mr 2”50mm 1/4oz 7.8g s.k.t mini dr 2”50mm 3/8oz9.8g s.k.t mr 2-1/2”60mm 3/8oz11.0g s.k.t dr 2-1/2”60mm 3/8oz11.0g

bevy shad 45sp ~tango 1-3/4” 45mm 1/8oz 3.8g bevy shad 55sp ~tango 2-1/16” 55mm 1/4oz 6.4g area’s bait 3/8 1-3/4”45mm 3/8oz area’s 1/8 1/8oz area’s 3/16 3/16oz bevy shad 50sp 2” 51.5mm 1/8oz 3.5g bevy shad 60sp 2-1/4” 58.5mm 3/16oz 4.5g bevy shad 60dd 2-1/4” 58.5mm 3/16oz 4.5g bevy crank 45sr 1-3/4”45mm 3/16oz 4.8g bevy crank 45dr 1-3/4”45mm 3/16oz 5.2g bevy vibration 40 1-1/2” 40mm 3/16oz 3.5g bevy vibration 50 2” 50mm 5/16oz 6.1g real california 128 5”128mm 1oz 28.0g real california 110 supreme 4”110mm 7/8oz 25.0g real california 200 supreme 7-7/8”200mm 1-5/8oz 45.0g

humpback minnow 50 2”50mm 1/8oz3.2g humpback pointer 50 ~watch 2”50mm 1/8oz3.2g pointer 48 2”48mm 3/32oz2.6g pointer 48dd 2”48mm 3/32oz2.6g pointer 65 2-1/2”65mm 3/16oz5.0g pointer 65dd 2-1/2”65mm 3/16oz5.4g pointer 78 3”78mm 3/8oz9.2g pointer 78dd 3”78mm 1/3oz9.6g bevy pointer 53mr 2” 53mm 1/16oz 3.6g bevy pointer 63mr 2-1/2” 63mm 1/8oz 3.5g slender pointer 67mr 2-5/8” 67mm 1/8oz 3.7g slender pointer 82mr 2-1/4” 82mm 1/5oz 6.5g ll pointer 170 6-3/4” 170mm 1-9/10oz 53.0g ll pointer 180 7” 180mm 1-9/10oz 52.0g ll pointer 200 8” 200mm 2-1/2oz 69.0g

isg gunfish 95 4” 95mm 3/8oz 12.0g isg g-splash 80 3” 80mm 3/8oz 12.0g isg sammy 100 4” 98.5mm 1/2oz 13.6g isg pointer 100 4” 100mm 5/8oz 16.5g cif sammy 115 4 1/2” 115mm 5/8oz 18.5g cif sammy 128 5” 128mm 1oz 28.0g 24 cif flashminnow 110sp 4 1/2” 110mm 5/8oz 18.0g cif flashminnow 130mr 5 1/4” 130mm 3/4oz 20.0g isg fat cb ssr 3” 75mm 5/8oz 18.0g isg fat mini sr 2” 50mm 3/8oz 8.8g isg fat mini d-5 2” 50mm 3/8oz 8.8g cif pointer 100 4” 100mm 5/8oz

osg ll pointer 170 6-3/4” 170mm 1-9/10oz 53.0g osg ll pointer 180 7” 180mm 1-9/10oz 52.0g osg ll pointer 200 8” 200mm 2-1/2oz 69.0g