Fishing and Dreams 2017 by Lucky Craft

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flash minnow tr 55 ~two twicher 2-1/8”55mm 1/8oz2.8g flash minnow tr 65 2-1/2”65mm 1/8oz3.8g bevy minnow 33 ~snacky 1”33mm 1/16oz1.7g bevy minnow 40 1-1/2”38mm 1/16oz2.0g bevy minnow 45 2”47.5mm 1/8oz2.7g bevy shad 45sp ~tango 1-3/4” 45mm 1/8oz 3.8g bevy shad 55sp ~tango 2-1/16” 55mm 1/4oz 6.4g bevy shad 50 2”51.5mm 1/8oz 3.5g bevy shad 60 2-1/4”60mm 5/32oz 4.8g bevy shad 60dd 2-1/460mm 7/32oz 5.8g bullfish 4”100mm 2oz lvr d-10 3-1/8”80mm 3/4oz23.5g lvr d-15 3-3/4”95mm 1oz28.0g epg color chart 20