Fishing and Dreams 2017 by Lucky Craft

More catalogs by Lucky Craft | Fishing and Dreams 2017 | 28 pages | 2017-10-27


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pointer 48sp 2”48mm 3/32oz2.6g pointer 65sp 2-1/2”65mm 3/16oz5.0g pointer 78sp 3”78mm 3/8oz9.2g pointer 100sp 4”100mm 5/8oz16.5g pointer 128sp 5”128mm 1oz28.0g wood pointer 78 3”78mm 3/8oz9.2g humpback pointer 50sp ~watch 2”50mm 1/8oz3.2g slender pointer 67mr 2-5/8”67mm 1/8oz3.0g slender pointer 82mr 2-1/4”82mm 3/16oz5.2g slender pointer 97mr 4”97mm 3/8oz10.0g slender pointer 112mr 4-1/2”112mm 1/2oz15.0g slender pointer 127mr 5”127mm 3/4oz20.0g live pointer 80mr 3-1/4”80mm 5/16oz8.5g live pointer 95mr 3-3/4”95mm 1/2oz11.0g live pointer 110mr 4-1/2”110mm 5/8oz16.5g live pointer 110bb ~bone body 4-1/2”110mm 5/8oz18.0g 8