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corner kids imal to orst an t s the w of cards with wha game play a tah a chee el like a octor i fe doctor d r table snooke e the queu e end of get to th later e you and i ll se he he how did i kno was hunw the clock gry it went back fo r second s ha ha doctor doc tor i think i am invisible next ha ha why d id the m orange an stare at the juice ca becaus rton e it said concen trate a you call what do sert in the de owman sn a puddle he he why ar ep strong olicemen so becau se they can ho ld up tr affic ha h a the suduko challenge win tickets for new caravan and motorhome expo at nec october lunar life has teamed up with the organisers of the new international caravan and motorhome expo 2006 to offer readers the chance to win tickets to the very first launch event the inaugural expo takes place from 17th 22nd october at the nec birmingham and it will be your first chance to get a glimpse of lunar s 2007 new product range we have 10 pairs of tickets to give away to the expo just complete our suduko challenge to have a chance to win if you re new to suduko here s how it works how to play to complete the puzzle every number from one to nine needs to be inserted as follows in each of the nine vertical columns in each of the nine horizontal columns in each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes remember no number can occur more than once in any row column or box 7 8 2 9 8 4 7 2 9 3 3 2 9 3 5 1 8 5 5 7 3 8 2 4 6 2 5 8 3 1 6 1 8 5 1 8 9 6 2 8 9 6 2 8 5 1 caravan motorhome expo 17 22 october 2006 nec birmingham international 5 send your completed suduko challenge to julie hackett icg windy harbour barn harbour lane warton preston lancashire pr4 1yb the closing date is 1st june 2006 name if you need some help find the answers to our suduko challenge on the lunar website address good luck telephone email