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macmillan digital as part of our commitment to providing the finest and most effective learning materials macmillan education is continually developing new digital and online resources to both accompany our courses and to be used as standalone products interactive whiteboard software dvd-roms and cd-roms as well as popular resource websites add rich new dimensions to preparation and study while onestopenglish.com a community site for english language teachers is the leader in its field software macmillan education publishes a wide range of software products for use both in the classroom and for self-study including interactive whiteboard software dvd-roms and cd-roms digital macmillanenglish.com macmillaneducation.com p3 p3 interactive whiteboard material p 4 macmillan english campus macmillan practice online onestopenglish onestopclil macmillan resource sites p6 p7 p8 p9 p 10 websites from free resources to support our print courses to subscription sites for teachers containing huge

en lish for macmillan hello jojo naomi simmons pupil s book naomi simmons this course for 2½­4-year-olds conveys a love of learning english through fun and motivating games stories and songs it is ideal for children who are not yet reading or writing it can be used as preparation for children going on to use you and me levels 1 and 2 or independently as a one-year pre-primary course hello jojo pupil s book activity book 1 activity book 2 teacher s book 9780230727809 9780230727816 9780230727823 9780230727793 audio cd flashcards stickers 9780230727847 9780230727830 9780230727854 children s courses and supplementary young children s courses hello jojo you and me cheeky monkey here s patch the puppy hello robby rabbit the patch and robby show brilliant fun here comes minibus mini magic little bugs p 12 p 12 p 12 p 13 p 13 p 13 p 13 p 14 p 14 p 14 p 15 key features · methodology reflects the cognitive development of this age group with an emphasis on movement and receptive skills ·

macmillan english mary bowen printha ellis wendy wren louis fidge liz hocking children s courses this is the first international english coursebook to be informed by english lessons in native-speaker classrooms it combines best practice l1 and best practice l2 methodology to meet the needs of today s teachers and learners designed for students who have a high number of contact hours in english this six-level course recognises that proficiency in english is an essential part of modern life and that early exposure to rich and genuine language allows young learners to move confidently towards native-speaker fluency in both oral and written english key features · new cd-rom for each level provides further consolidation of grammar and vocabulary · beautifully illustrated fluency book helps children develop natural intonation and provides stimulus for speaking · exciting 18-episode adventure story in the fluency book keeps young learners motivated · collaborative and independent writing

at the end of each unit are alternate culture and review sections teenage courses writing exercises take english beyond the classroom and become real life tasks the culture section texts provide a rich source of vocabulary inspiration 1 student s book see also inspiration student s book workbook teacher s book class audio cds inspiration builder french companion cd pack german companion cd pack dutch companion cd pack readers test cds with audio level 1 9781405029353 9781405029360 9781405029377 9781405029391 9781405029551 9781405086714 9781405098779 9781405086882 9781405083720 levels 1 2 level 2 9781405029407 9781405029414 9781405029421 9781405029445 9781405066532 9781405086738 9781405098786 9781405086912 9781405083508 9781405093880 level 3 9781405029452 9781405029469 9781405029476 9781405029490 9781405066549 9781405086769 9780230022515 9781405086950 9781405083737 levels 3 4 level 4 9781405029506 9781405029513 9781405029520 9781405029544 9781405066556 9781405086790 available

global digital features global is a true multimedia course with a number of digital components integrated into the course structure it takes full advantage of the learning possibilities opened up with the combination of book and multimedia-based content macmillan digital interactive whiteboard material teacher s resource cd-rom student s eworkbook resource site see p 10 www.macmillanenglish.com/global eworkbook the global eworkbook represents an evolution in self-study materials providing a wide range of resources including · listening and video materials which can be viewed on a computer or downloaded to portable devices such as ipods for `on the go study · interactive grammar and language practice activities · `how to sections focusing on specific topics such as writing skills · printable worksheets for further study and practice adult courses global pre-intermediate eworkbook global digital interactive whiteboard software a digital version of global that allows you to

laser laser is a modern three-level course specifically designed to cater to younger students it is the perfect preparation for students still at school and working towards school leaving exams and the updated cambridge esol exams the engaging and lively topic-based units cover the lexical and grammatical syllabus of the threshold to vantage levels of the council of europe s common european framework the course integrates development of all the language skills reading writing listening and speaking and regular revision sections check continuous progress each student s book comes with a cd-rom that reinforces the structures and vocabulary learnt in each unit each workbook is complete with audio cd making it ideal for homework and the teacher s book includes photocopiable tests and a test cd for further practice class audio cds are also available macmillan digital interactive cd-rom exams see also testbuilder series p 51 language practice series p 61 or young he fce exam s training

ion abulary b1 destination destination abulary is the ideal grammar students preparing to take any b2 and vocabulary units grammar vocabulary with answer key b2 b1 destination grammar a1 a2 b1 b2 c1 c2 key features destination b1 skills grammar vocabulary d lexical syllabus based on the of europe s common european and vocabulary series intermediate to advanced malcolm mann and steve taylore-knowles nd vocabulary presentation tables r and vocabulary presented cluding those found in fce use d consolidation with reviews and ing irregular verbs glossary phrass word patterns word formation complete overprinted answer key on tests malcolm mann steve taylore-knowles 9 781405 094887 a modern three-level series focusing on vocabulary and grammar ideal for students at intermediate upper intermediate or advanced level the up-to-date syllabuses are based on the b1 b2 c1 c2 levels of the council of europe framework and exercises are geared towards tasks for the relevant exam at each level ·

get ready for business preparing for work a1 a2 b1 b2 c1 c2 new american english business english high beginner to intermediate andrew vaughan and dorothy e zemach macmillan digital resource site ­ www.macmillanenglish.com getreadyforbusiness new helping students prepare for the world of work this two-level series focuses on systematically developing their communicative abilities so they increase their employment opportunities and have the confidence to use english in the workplace key features · · · · · carefully graded materials that do not assume students are familiar with the world of work a focus on developing listening and speaking skills in business situations set in a workplace context with characters students can relate to viewpoints sections in which a variety of speakers talk about aspects of culture and business ongoing project tasks that allow students to use the language studied to develop their own professional and company profile · optional toeic® test-type

macmillan collocations dictionary a1 a2 b1 b2 c1 c2 new upper intermediate to advanced dictionaries a brand-new two-colour dictionary of collocations designed for upper intermediate to advanced students to help them write more natural and idiomatic english the dictionary derives its information from a 2-billion word corpus using leading-edge software with all entries drafted and edited by an expert team comprising the best elt lexicographers in the uk key features · collocations presented for over 4,500 carefully selected key words · within each entry collocations are grouped in semantic sets · special focus on collocations frequent in academic and professional writing with information on register provided where appropriate · examples from real english to show how collocations are used in context · easy-to-use layout with all headwords printed in red · usage boxes with grammatical notes synonyms and alternative expressions macmillan collocations dictionary paperback

who is it for · trainee teachers for whom the terminology and concepts may be new · teachers who want to refresh or clarify their knowledge and to find out more about the history of teaching methodology or the various views on teaching concepts and methodology · teacher trainers who want to give clear definitions of terms and concepts an a­z of elt scott thornbury an a­z of elt is a fully cross-referenced alphabetical guide to elt that defines and explains essential language teaching concepts and terminology from fields including grammar linguistics discourse analysis phonology etc it describes language teaching techniques and theories and summarises the major issues and debates associated with each concept the entries are clear concise and readable accessible to users with little or no specialist knowledge an a­z of elt 9781405070638 methodology who is it for · teachers on higher-level qualification courses such as a delta or ma tefl · students studying on linguistics courses

o nl i we re on the pulse of we re on thechanges pulse of language as it english as it changes f on re li e ne living language mpulse give your website global appeal with this free dictionary search widget embed it and power-up macmillan dictionary thesaurus blog buzzwords pronunciations bang up-to-date more powerful than it looks www.macmillandictionary.com macmillan dictionary thesaurus blog buzzwords pronunciations open dictionary bang up-to-date www.macmillandictionary.com md_cham_advert_210x297.indd 1 9 780230 407046 6/7/09