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previously announced love letters of great men ursuladoyle · read by anton lesser a collection of swoon-worthy love letters from history s greatest men inspired by the hit film sex and the city what makes the audiobook sensational is that it is read by anton lesser who copes as well with henry viii s pompous egotism in addressing anne boleyn as with napoleon s besotted fury at josephine s failure to write to him the times uk quotations december 08 publication · unabridged · 3 cds · 3 hours isbn-13 978-1-4272-0670-1 · $14.95 16.95 can isbn-10 1-4272-0670-8 limits of power andrewbacevich · read by eric conger from an acclaimed conservative historian and former military officer a bracing call for a pragmatic confrontation with the nation s problems this compact meaty volume ought to be on the reading list of every candidate for national office house senate or the white house in november s elections in an age of cant and baloney andrew bacevich offers a bracing slap of reality

lisa scottoline blockbuster bestselling author lisa scottoline delivers a searing and emotional new thriller that plays on every mother s worst nightmare w hen reporter ellen gleeson gets a have you seen this child flyer in the mail she almost throws it away but something about it makes her look again and her heart stops the child in the photo is identical to her adopted son will everything inside her tells her to deny the similarity between the boys because she knows her adoption was lawful but she s a journalist and won t be able to stop thinking about the photo until she figures out the truth and she can t shake the question if will rightfully belongs to someone else should she keep him or give him up she investigates uncovering clues no one was meant to discover and when she digs too deep she risks losing her own life and that of the son she loves lisa scottoline breaks new ground in look again a thriller that s both heart-stopping and heart-breaking sure to have new fans and

nobody move denis johnson a playful thriller from the bestselling author of tree of smoke read by wi l l pa ttonf rom the national book award­winning bestselling author of tree of smoke comes a provocative thriller set in the american west nobody move which first appeared in the pages of playboy is the story of an assortment of lowlifes in bakersfield california and their cat-and-mouse game over $2.3 million touched by echoes of raymond chandler and dashiell hammett nobody move is at once an homage to and a variation on literary form it salutes one of our most enduring and popular genres the american crime novel but does so with a grisly humor and outrageousness that are denis johnson s own sexy suspenseful and above all entertaining nobody move shows one of our greatest novelists at his versatile best denis johnson is the author of six novels a collection of poetry and one book of reportage his novel tree of smoke was the 2007 winner of the national book award and won the 2008 audie

hungry girl the official survival guides tips tricks for guilt-free eating lisa lillien have your cake eat it too and still fit into your jeans tips and tricks for hungry chicks b ased on one of the most wildly popular fastest-growing free daily e-mail subscription services this hungry girl original audiobook is filled with survival strategies for anyone who wants to make guilt-free eating choices anywhere anytime learn how to chew the right thing from any and every restaurant menu on airplanes and even from the hotel mini bar get the 411 on guilt-free cocktails and hors d oeuvres successful snacking at the office and how to survive salad bars and brunch buffets hungry girl the official survival guides is brimming with tips and tricks for making smarter food choices no matter where you are told with hungry girl s inimitable wit and sassy style hungry girl the official survival guides will help you tackle any and every food challenge no problem she s not a nutritionist she s just

pounce how to be an investment predator ken stern become an investment predator by using easy-to-follow disciplines e at or be eaten the ways of the jungle are strikingly similar to those of the financial world investment predators create a plan for capturing their prey prime investment opportunities while risk is fairly low and spit the bones out sell the investment before they become prey themselves pounce describes a strategy that places the laws of probability directly in the investor s favor recessions disruptive periods or bear finance abridged · 4 cds · 5 hours isbn-13 978-1-4272-0708-1 $24.95 27.95 can isbn-10 1-4272-0708-9 markets are all potential windows of opportunity after setting up a three-pronged strategy based on quantitative measures of market value economic direction and market sentiment the investor chooses stocks exchange traded funds etfs or mutual funds using easy to understand criteria then the system is tweaked no more than once a month pounce teaches us in

stephanie plum fifteen read by l o re leiking janet evanovich is the #1 bestselling author of the stephanie plum novels twelve romance novels the alexandra barnaby novels and how i write secrets of a bestselling author she lives in new hampshire and florida deborah feingold praise for janet evanovich and her stephanie plum series the #1 new york times wall street journal los angeles times entertainment weekly and publishers weekly bestsellers stephanie plum is a bounty hunter with a great sense of humor that balances out her attitude and worse luck like dorothy parker with a lousy job and a jersey accent time evanovich s series is as addictive as fritos people chutzpah and sheer comic inventiveness in addition to good fun the evanovich/plum books serve as a nice antidote to everything in pop fiction today the washington post lorelei king s many screen credits include notting hill the house of mirth and cold feet among others king has recorded over two hundred audiobooks

hope in a jar beth harbison from the new york times bestselling author of shoe addicts anonymous and secrets of a shoe addict comes a tale of bad boyfriends old friends true love and the undeniable power of age-defying face cream read by orlagh cassidy t wenty years ago allie denty was the pretty one and her best friend olivia pelham was the smart one throughout high school they were inseparable until a vicious rumor about olivia a rumor too close to the truth ended their friendship now on the eve of their 20th high school reunion allie a temp worker finds herself suddenly single a little chubby and feeling old olivia a cool and successful beauty editor in new york realizes she s lonely and finally ready to face her demons sometimes hope lives in the future sometimes it comes from the past and sometimes when every stupid thing goes wrong it comes from a prettily packaged jar filled with scented cream and promises beth harbison has done it again a hilarious and touching novel about

last known address theresa schwegel award winner theresa schwegel s fourth novel features detective sloane pearson chasing a serial rapist across chicago from the westside slums to the glitz of the loop read by tavia gilbert d jay brawner t heresa schwegel s career has taken a sharp upward turn thanks to her deeply original and compelling third novel person of interest and all of its critical acclaim expectations for this new novel are high and she delivers sloane pearson is new to the sex crimes division in chicago and she s fiction unabridged · 11 cds · 13 hours isbn-13 978-1-4272-0714-2 $44.95 49.95 can isbn-10 1-4272-0714-3 tired of being treated like the new girl by the guys who ve been around she s working a new case a rapist who strangles women nearly to death he catches them on building sites and vacant apartments the likes of which are peppered all over downtown chicago the case intensifies when one of the victims turns out to be sloane s realtor a woman she didn t go meet

behind the wheel french level 2 includes a companion book to reinforce and enhance the audio experience b ehind the wheel french level 2 first reviews earlier vocabulary and lessons from french level 1 then goes on to expand on these areas using medium-length sentence combinations short stories and language transformations this course takes the user to a level of functional fluency with an arsenal of versatile and original sentences that will be immediately understood by native french speakers french level 2 features both english and native french speaking instructors and includes a companion book with short stories and lessons to reinforce comprehension and an extensive reference section for quick review and easy reference may publication language unabridged · 8 cds · 8 hours isbn-13 978-1-4272-0718-0 $49.95 54.95 can isbn-10 1-4272-0718-6 behind the wheel german level 1 includes a companion book to reinforce and enhance the audio experience b ehind the wheel german level 1 covers

tikki tikki tembo arlene mosel illustrated by blair lent this humorous retelling of a favorite folktale recounts how the chinese came to give their children short names unabridged · book and cd · 1 hour isbn-13 978-1-4272-0724-1 isbn-10 1-4272-0724-0 $9.99 10.99 can · age 4 to 8 · grade preschool to 3 also available in print from square fish may publication book and cd set the scrambled states of america laurie keller read by l o re leiking at the first annual states party virginia and idaho hatch a plan to swap spots so each can see another part of the country before the party is over all the states decide to switch places will the states ever unscramble themselves and return to their proper places june publication unabridged · book and cd · 1 hour isbn-13 978-1-4272-0730-2 isbn-10 1-4272-0730-5 $9.99 10.99 can · age 4 to 9 · grade preschool to 4 also available in print from henry holt book and cd set pumpkin soup helen cooper read by kathleen mcinerney a cozy trio cat

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