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b l o oms b ury usasept emb e r 2017 halo warfleet 343 industries this official guide to the spacecrafts of the halo universe from the game’s developers is the perfect gift for fans of the games halo warfleet is the official authoritative guide to spacecraft in the halo universe featuring ten intricately detailed full-color cross-sections of the franchise’s most renowned ships including the pillar of autumn truth and reconciliation infinity and shadow of intent discover encyclopedic information which reveals the secrets of covenant unsc and forerunner weapons sensors fighters planets and more games ac tivities video electro n ic bloomsbury usa 9/5/2017 9781681196633 $28.00 $37.00 can hardcover 96 pages 13.8 in h 10.4 in w larger trim than the first book perfect for showcasing detailed cross-sections m ar keting major social media support from 343 industries targeted advertising campaign at publication coverage in gaming pop culture and holiday roundups al s o ava

b l o oms b ury u s a oc tober 2017 international night a father and daughter cook their way around the world including more than 250 recipes mark kurlansky and talia kurlansky from celebrated food writer mark kurlansky a savory trip across the globe for parents and kids with delicious and accessible recipes and tidbits both cultural and historical cooking region al ethn ic bloomsbury usa 10/10/2017 9781620400548 $19.00 $25.00 can trade paperback 384 pages 9.3 in h 6.1 in w 1 lb wt 2-color throughout other available formats hardcover isbn 9781620400272 m ar keting coverage in paperback columns nationwide ebook promotion of author’s backlist digital assets recipes available on social media campaign at publication feature placement on bloomsbury website at time of publication al s o ava ilabl e havana a subtropical delirium 3/2017 9781632863911 hardcover $26.00 $35.00 can what are these the 20 most important questions in human history or is this a game

b l o oms b ury s p o rt sept emb e r 2017 fabian cancellara fabian cancellara marco pastonesi guy van den langenbergh a richly illustrated celebration of renowned cyclist fabian cancellara with commentary by cancellara himself a fully authorized celebration of renowned tour de france rider and two-time olympic champion cyclist fabian cancellara sports r e cr e at i o n cycli n g bloomsbury sport 9/5/2017 9781472943897 $50.00 $66.00 can hardcover 192 pages 11 in h 8.7 in w packed with colour photographs curated and with commentary by cancellara himself this is a richly illustrated book showcasing the best photographs from throughout his career cancellara is one of the greatest cyclists of the last decade and he has conquered the hearts of many cycle fans around the world 2016 his last year as a professional cyclist saw him win gold in the olympic men’s individual time trial and such is his status in world cycling the tour de france was rerouted in his honor through his

b l o oms b ury pu blish ing oc tober 2017 shadowless hasan ali toptas hasan ali toptas exquisitely weaves an enigmatic mystical tale of memory and identity displacement and belonging in an anatolian village forgotten by both god and the government the muhtar has been elected leader for the sixteenth successive year when he staggers to bed that night drunk on raki and his own well-deserved success the village is prosperous but when he is woken by his wife the next evening he discovers that nuri the barber has disappeared without a trace in the dead of night and the community begins to fracture fi ction li t e rary bloomsbury publishing 10/17/2017 9781408850824 $28.00 $37.00 can hardcover 320 pages 8.5 in h 5.3 in w m ar keting national print broadcast and online review attention social media campaign at publication digital assets excerpts on feature placement on bloomsbury website at time of publication al s o ava ilabl e reckless a novel 8/2015 9781632860613

b l o oms b ury pu blish ing n ov emb e r 2017 the walworth beauty michèle roberts from the booker-shortlisted author comes a sensuous evocative novel exploring the lives of women in victorian london for fans of sarah waters emma donoghue and kate atkinson fi ction histori cal bloomsbury publishing 11/14/2017 9781408883396 $28.00 $37.00 can hardcover 400 pages 8.5 in h 5.3 in w m ar keting national print broadcast and online review attention social media campaign at publication digital assets excerpts on feature placement on bloomsbury website at time of publication al s o ava ilabl e ignorance a novel 1/2013 9781608197712 hardcover $25.00 $34.00 can apricot place a cul-de-sac in walworth in 1851 a leafy village on the fringes of a rapidly swelling london in 2011 a clamorous neighborhood where madeleine moves when she loses her job as a lecturer immersing herself in local history she reads london labour and the london poor henry mayhew’s treatise

b l o oms b ury s p o rt n ov emb e r 2017 the title the story of the first division scott murray an entertaining history of english football from the league’s formation through to the arrival of the premier league today the top flight of english football is inescapable a multi-billion-pound star-studded beast shrieking from our screens and newspapers seven days a week and presented as the be-all and end-all of the game’s history yet prior to the premier league’s inception in 1992 there’s a rich tapestry winding back to 1888 and the formation of the football league sports r e cr e at i o n s o cc e r bloomsbury sport 11/14/2017 9781472936615 $23.00 $30.00 can hardcover 304 pages 9.2 in h 6 in w in the title scott murray delivers a lively cherry-picked history of the country’s football narrative through the prism of the old first division rich with humor yet underpinned with solid research this is a glorious ramble across english

o s pr e y game ssept emb e r 2017 samurai gardener the game of bush-edo hisashi hayashi a fast-paced and fun game of garden building in classical japan for 2-5 players players 2-5 playing time 15-20 minutes ages 8 components 64 garden cards 5 specialist cards 20 specialist counters 5 player markers score-track games ac tivities b oard games osprey games 9/19/2017 9781472824103 $20.00 $27.00 can game m ar keting launch at top gaming events such as gencon demo copy program with major distributors such as acd and alliance in-store demos in the nyc area banner ads on major gaming sites such as board game geek and icv2 reviews on top gaming sites such dice tower and geek sundry reviews in gaming press such as gtm and meeple monthly balancing thoughtfulness and great speed—such is the way of the gardener you are a samurai tasked with upholding the honor of your noble lord now you must face your toughest task yet—ensuring he has a more beautiful garden than the other

o s pr e y pu blish in gsept emb e r 2017 the sea devil the adventures of count felix von luckner the last raider under sail sam jefferson tasked with destroying as many british merchant ships as possible felix von luckner succeeded spectacularly taking 14 vessels and evading capture in a daring game of cat and mouse histo ry m ili tary n aval osprey publishing 9/19/2017 9781472827883 $25.00 $34.00 can hardcover 256 pages 9.2 in h 6 in w 1 x 8pp colour plates al s o ava ilabl e gordon bennett and the first yacht race across the atlantic 4/2016 9781472916730 hardcover $27.00 $35.99 can sea fever the true adventures that inspired our greatest maritime authors from conrad to masefield melville and hemingway 5/2015 9781472908810 hardcover $27.00 $32.00 can clipper ships and the golden age of sail races and rivalries on the nineteenth century high seas 11/2014 9781472900289 hardcover $45.00 $52.00 can in 1916 a three-masted ship named hero sailed under norwegian colors out

o s pr e y game s oc tober 2017 gaslands post-apocalyptic vehicular combat mike hutchinson a set of wargaming rules for post-apocalyptic vehicle combat games ac tivities rolep lay i n g fa n ta s y osprey games 10/24/2017 9781472818539 $19.00 $25.00 can trade paperback 64 pages 9.8 in h 7.2 in w 30 b/w 40 col shoot ram skid and loot your way through the ruins of civilization with gaslands a tabletop wargame of car-on-car destruction in a post-apocalyptic wasteland players control small fleets of armed vehicles in battles for resources dominance and survival with rules for multiple vehicle types from motorbikes to big rigs varied special weapons and accessories including oil slicks caltrops and nitro boosters and a host of options for scenarios environmental conditions crew and campaigns players can tailor games to match their own visions for an anarchic future mike hutchinson is a passionate gamer and modelmaker who wrote his first wargame at the age of fifteen he lives in

o s pr e y pu blish in g n ov emb e r 2017 british destroyers 1939–45 wartime-built classes angus konstam packed with photos and stunning new artwork this is a concise history of the royal navy’s wartime-built destroyers the dashing backbone of the fleet in world war ii histo ry m ili tary w o rld w ar i i osprey publishing 11/21/2017 9781472825803 $18.00 $24.00 can trade paperback 48 pages 9.8 in h 7.2 in w m ar keting on-line give-away campaign via osprey s blog as well as twitter and facebook promoted in osprey eblasts direct mail blogs and social networking sites targeted review campaign to such military and naval history publications as naval history sea classics and military history review coverage in modeling media such as ipms and as well as scale modeler the royal navy entered wwii with a large fleet of destroyers some of these had been built during the 1930s and were therefore relatively modern but others dated from wwi and were obsolete

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