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b l o oms b ury pr e s s january 2017 crisis point why we must – and how we can – overcome our broken politics in washington and across america trent lott tom daschle jon sternfeld “an astute case for a model of public service that is professional and principled attributes that distinguished [lott and daschle’s former service.” —the wall street journal with a new afterword on the 2016 election p o li t i cal science bloomsbury press 1/17/2017 9781632864628 $17.00 $23.00 can trade paperback 304 pages 8.3 in h 5.5 in w other available formats hardcover isbn 9781632864611 m ar keting coverage in paperback columns nationwide op-ed campaign at pub date digital assets excerpts available on social media campaign at publication feature placement on bloomsbury website at time of publication trent lott and tom daschle two of the most prominent senators of recent time served as leaders of their respective parties from the 1990s to the

b l o oms b ury pu blish ing january 2017 we chose to speak of war and strife the world of the foreign correspondent john simpson from distinguished foreign correspondent john simpson a fascinating history of what it is to risk life and limb to bring home news of the troubled world biog ra p h y au tobiog ra p h y person al memoirs bloomsbury publishing 1/3/2017 9781408872222 $35.00 $47.00 can hardcover 384 pages 9.2 in h 6 in w 2x8 page mono inserts subrights subrights first serial second serial bloomsbury translation audio film/tv lucas alexander whitley ltd territory world english m ar keting national print broadcast and online review attention social media campaign at publication digital assets excerpts and images on feature placement on bloomsbury website at time of publication in corners of the globe where fault lines seethe into bloodshed and civil war foreign correspondents have since the early nineteenth century been engaged in uncovering the latest news

b l o oms b ury usafeb ruary 2017 high noon the hollywood blacklist and the making of an american classic glenn frankel from the new york times-bestselling author of the searchers the revelatory story behind the classic movie high noon and the toxic political climate in which it was created histo ry uniteds tat e s 20 thcentu ry bloomsbury usa 2/21/2017 9781620409480 $28.00 $37.00 can hardcover 384 pages 9.3 in h 6.1 in w 2 x 8-page b&w insert subrights subrights translation first serial second serial audio bloomsbury film/tv ross yoon literary agency territory world m ar keting pre-publication broad blogger and bookseller outreach feature at regional trade shows online consumer review campaign seek major first serial placement at publication national consumer advertising campaign broad national print broadcast and online media campaign social media campaign featuring excerpts and more author events in tx washington d.c and la plus more by request it’s one of the most

b l o oms b ury u s a marc h 2017 so high a blood the story of margaret douglas the tudor that time forgot morgan ring niece to henry viii heir to the throne courtier at risk of being killed spy-mistress and ambitious political player lady margaret douglas is a vital new character in the tudor story amidst the christmas revels of 1530 a fifteen-year-old girl arrived at the court of king henry viii half-english half-scottish she was his niece the lady margaret douglas biog ra p h y au tobiog ra p h y histori cal bloomsbury usa 3/7/2017 9781632866059 $35.00 $47.00 can hardcover 320 pages 9.3 in h 6.1 in w 2x8 page colour inserts subrights subrights audio first serial second serial bloomsbury translation film/tv johnson alcock ltd territory world english m ar keting national print broadcast and online review attention social media campaign at publication digital assets excerpts and images on feature placement on bloomsbury website at time of publication for the

b l o oms b ury pap e r b ac k s january 2017 hinterland caroline brothers an exquisite unsettling novel about refugees and what it means to be underage homeless and invisible in a foreign land two young boys cross a river in the middle of the night the river is also a border and their lives depend on this journey with nothing but the clothes on their backs aryan and his little brother kabir travel by truck boat train bus and on foot across a europe they desperately hope will offer them a future they can no longer wait for in afghanistan kabul–tehran–istanbul– athens–rome–paris–london—this is the route they cling to the mantra they repeat in their prayers and the only option they can see before them fi ction w ar m ili tary bloomsbury paperbacks 1/24/2017 9781408876855 $17.00 $23.00 can trade paperback 288 pages 7.8 in h 5.1 in w hinterland is the story of two ordinary brothers whose courageous gamble brings home the devastating

t h oma sreed january 2017 reeds astro-navigation tables 2017 andy du port using tables devised by practical ocean navigators this is a resource of annual astro-navigation tables for yachtsmen providing a how-to on navigating by the sun moon planets and stars sports r e cr e at i o n b oat i n g thomas reed 1/17/2017 9781472930521 $40.00 $54.00 can trade paperback 80 pages 11.7 in h 8.3 in w al s o ava ilabl e the yacht owner s manual everything you need to know to get the most out of your yacht 5/2015 9781472905482 trade paperback $30.00 $35.99 can your first channel crossing planning preparing and executing a successful passage for sail and power 5/2013 9781408100127 trade paperback $27.95 $28.00 can reeds astro-navigation tables is an established book of annual astronavigation tables compiled specifically for the needs of yachtsmen it contains all the information the ocean-going sailor needs without the bulk in order to navigate by the sun moon planets and stars using

c hri stopherhe lm apri l 2017 birds of venezuela robin restall david ascanio a brand new comprehensive and fully illustrated field guide to the birds of venezuela covering all 1,400 species venezuela is blessed with one of the largest avifaunas in the world more than 1,400 species have been recorded in the country thanks to a great diversity of habitats ranging from the high andes to lowland amazonian rainforest and just about everything in between its strategic position in the north of south america also ensures that it receives many non-breeding migrants both from the north and from the south add to this a good number of endemics and you have all the ingredients for a top birding destination n at u r e anim al s b i rd s christopher helm 4/25/2017 9781408105351 $60.00 $79.00 can trade paperback 592 pages 8.5 in h 5.5 in w 270 colour plates this brand new field guide has been written to fulfill the needs of both visiting and resident birders by providing a single-volume

o s pr e y pu blish in gfeb ruary 2017 germany ascendant the eastern front 1915 prit buttar a detailed narrative of the campaigns fought on the “forgotten” eastern front of the great war which were no less important than the catastrophes of the somme and verdun histo ry m ili tary w o rld w ar i osprey publishing 2/21/2017 9781472819376 $18.00 $24.00 can trade paperback 464 pages 9.2 in h 6 in w 16pp plate section in black and white other available formats hardcover isbn 9781472807953 m ar keting giveaway contests to aviation-interest facebook groups e-mail campaign to military history and wwi museums review campaign to major market newspapers’ now in paperback columns reviews in military history magazines such as mhq and military heritage al s o ava ilabl e the massive offensives on the eastern front during 1915 are too often overshadowed by the events in western europe but the scale and ferocity of the clashes between imperial germany hapsburg

o s pr e y pu blish in g marc h 2017 dutch armies of the 80 years’ war 1568–1648 1 infantry bouko de groot an illustrated study of the dutch infantry during the 80 years’ war and the struggle for independence from spain it will appeal to enthusiasts of 16th and 17th-century warfare histo ry modern 16 thcentu ry osprey publishing 3/21/2017 9781472819116 $18.00 $24.00 can trade paperback 48 pages 9.8 in h 7.2 in w 0.2 in t 40 b/w 7 col m ar keting promoted in osprey e-blasts direct mail blogs and social networking sites promotions sponsorships and giveaways at military history events targeted review campaign to such military publications as mhq and military history review and feature campaign to military blogs and websites the 80 years’ war also known as the dutch war of independence was the foundation of dutch nationhood and during the course of the conflict one of its main leaders—maurice of orange-nassau—created an army and a tactical

b l o oms b ury s h ir e pu b l icat i on s january 2017 matchbox toys nick jones a fully illustrated and nostalgic history of matchbox toys and the company that made them matchbox toys were ubiquitous items for children across the western world originally labelled christmas-cracker trash by retailers and shopkeepers the small-scale 1-75 series soon began to see unprecedented worldwide sales in the 1950s smaller and cheaper than most of its competitors’ toys matchbox models were also far more accurately modeled but the company has nevertheless seen its own share of competition and challenging times over the years antiques c o ll ecti bl e s t oys bloomsbury shire publications 1/24/2017 9781784420383 $14.00 $19.00 can trade paperback 64 pages 8.3 in h 5.9 in w 10 b/w 50 col other available formats ebook isbn 9781784420994 in this beautifully illustrated book matchbox collector nick jones tells the story of matchbox and its most famous toys from the coronation coach to the

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