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bloomsbury usa childrens • december 2017 juvenile fiction animals karen lechelt what do you love about you readers will love everything about this adorable board book that encourages everyone to celebrate what makes them different there is a lot to love about each one of us chipmunk loves his cheeks they help him blow kisses giraffe loves his neck it helps him touch the stars december bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction animals on sale 12/5/2017 octopus loves her tentacles they help her give the best hugs ages 0 to 5 board book 32 pages 6.5 in h 6.5 in w carton quantity 0 we are all is special in our own way what do you love about you isbn: 9781681195322 debut creator karen lechelt’s unique art style brings these charming animals to life for the youngest of readers in a sweet stylish book that is sure to have broad appeal perfect for valentine’s day year-round gift giving and reading aloud there’s a lot to love about what makes you

bloomsbury usa childrens • december 2017 juvenile fiction readers chapter books jennifer castle butterfly wishes 1 the wishing wings for fans of magic animal friends and rainbow magic comes a sparkling new chapter book series with magical butterflies sisters addie and clara have just moved to a new house where they discover that their backyard is a gateway to an enchanted realm of magical butterflies these special butterflies—called wishing wings—have the power to make wishes come true december bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction readers chapter books on sale 12/26/2017 ages 7 to 10 trade paperback 128 pages 7.8 in h 5.1 in w carton quantity 0 isbn: 9781681193717 $5.99 $7.99 can also available but when a group of new butterflies are in danger of losing their magic addie and clara team up with a pair of butterfly princesses to save them and if the girls can help them in time they may even be granted a wish of their own perfect for the princess

bloomsbury usa childrens • october 2017 juvenile fiction school education kate messner the brilliant fall of gianna z this adored novel is getting an exciting new look and readers will fall for gianna z.’s humor and heart all over again october bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction school education on sale 10/3/2017 ages 8 to 12 trade paperback 208 pages 8.3 in h 5.5 in w carton quantity 0 isbn: 9781681195476 $7.99 $10.99 can also available all gianna zales wants is to compete at the crosscountry finals but there’s something standing in her way—a science project she’ll lose her spot unless she can collect twenty-five leaves a task complicated by her teeth-losing grandmother her hearse-driving father and a best friend whose feelings for her are suddenly changing then gianna’s grandmother disappears and suddenly some things seem more important than projects and races kate messner effortlessly transforms a heavy topic into a

bloomsbury usa childrens • november 2017 juvenile fiction humorous stories laura james cowboy pug the adventures of a pug whose appetite leads him into trouble continue in this full-color chapter book perfect for fans of bad kitty november bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction humorous stories on sale 11/7/2017 pug and his faithful companion lady miranda are going to be cowboys for the day—and first of all they’re going to obtain a horse but after their noble steed horsey is safely acquired it’s not long before they find themselves on the wrong side of the law can pug the reluctant hero overcome his fears and save the day once more ages 6 to 9 this delightful fully illustrated story of friendship and overcoming fears is perfect for fans of bad kitty and diva and flea hardcover 128 pages 7.2 in h 5.1 in w carton quantity 0 laura james worked on projects including veronica isbn: 9781681198248 guerin and slumdog millionaire before signing herself

ya survival stories you won t be able to put down 978-1-59990-319-4 • hc $17.99 978-1-61963-343-8 • hc $17.99 978-1-68119-432-5 • pb $9.99 978-1-61963-440-4 • hc $17.99 978-1-61963-709-2 • pb $9.99 978-1-61963-838-9 • hc $17.99 978-1-61963-498-5 • hc $17.99 978-1-68119-467-7 • pb $9.99 978-1-61963-738-2 • hc $17.99 978-1-68119-205-5 • pb $9.99 978-1-61963-803-7 • hc $17.99 978-1-68119-403-5 • pb $9.99 978-1-61963-740-5 • hc $17.99 978-1-61963-596-8 • hc $17.99 978-1-61963-599-9 • pb

…mery lorĐ will make you fall in love 978-1-61963-958-4 • hc $17.99 978-1-61963-845-7 • hc $17.99 978-1-61963-359-9 • hc $17.99 978-0-8027-3610-9 • hc $17.99 978-1-68119-203-1 • pb $9.99 978-1-61963-938-6 • pb $9.99 978-0-8027-3801-1 • pb