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marketing six-figure blockbuster global campaign ads national print/online consumer ad campaign book club marketing campaign promo featured at winter institute and bea viral teaser trailers revealed may and august social media campaigns pre-pub online buzz campaign early online review campaign major blogger outreach campaign website http publicity pre-pub media event in nyc national review campaign major coverage in all media outlets radio broadcast campaign fall book roundups praise a dark and exquisitely rendered fantasy unlike anything out there the bone season is a must-read kami garcia coauthor of the beautiful creatures series a dazzlingly brainy witty and bewitching tale of outrageous courage heroic compassion transcendent love and the quest for freedom the first in a thoughtful fantasy series by a brilliant young writer booklist starred review what a ride imagination on that scale is exhilarating i didn t just like this book i loved it ben

bloomsbury usa september 2013 marilyn the passion and the paradox lois banner this is the book to read if you want to try to understand what made monroe tick the washington post like her art marilyn monroe was rooted in paradox she was a powerful star and a childlike waif a joyful irreverent party girl with a deeply spiritual side a superb friend and a narcissist a dumb blonde and an intellectual no previous biographer has recognized much less attempted to analyze most of these aspects of her personality lois banner has with new details about marilyn s childhood foster homes her sexual abuse her multiple marriages her affairs and her untimely death at the age of thirty-six marilyn is at last the nuanced biography monroe fans have been waiting for praise biography autobiography entertainment performing arts bloomsbury usa 9/3/2013 9781608197675 $18.00 $19.00 can paperback softback 528 pages carton qty 5.500 in w 8.250 in h b&w art t/o 1 16p b&w ins 1 8p 4/c ins subrights

the kennedy half-century the presidency assassination and lasting legacy of john f kennedy larry j sabato an original and illuminating narrative revealing john f kennedy s lasting influence on america by the acclaimed political analyst larry j sabato john f kennedy died almost half a century ago yet because of his extraordinary promise and untimely death his star still resonates strongly on the anniversary of his assassination celebrated political scientist and analyst larry j sabato himself a teenager in the early 1960s and inspired by jfk and his presidency explores the fascinating and powerful influence he has had over five decades on the media the general public and especially on each of his nine presidential successors a recent gallup poll gave jfk the highest job approval rating of any of those successors and millions remain captivated by his one thousand days in the white house for all of them and for those who feel he would not be judged so highly if he hadn t died tragically

bloomsbury usa november 2013 the ukulele handbook gavin pretor-pinney tom hodgkinson from the bestselling authors of the cloudspotter s guide and how to be idle the definitive book on the uke with legends and history advice on buying and playing and a great songbook the ukulele has gone from strength to strength in recent years undergoing a massive resurgence listen carefully and you can hear the uke whether in trendy indie rock or top ten pop songs unshakeable tv ads or youtube megahits schools are even replacing the faithful recorder with the jazzy inexpensive uke famous idlers gavin pretor-pinney and tom hodgkinson have spent hours on their ukuleles to produce the ultimate handbook an illustrated guide to its history crossed with a how-to manual and songbook the first half of the book delves into the rich history of this eccentric little instrument from its birth in hawaii to its popularity across the world with a timeline from 1897 to today and a ukulele hall of fame that

bloomsbury usa november 2013 historic heston heston blumenthal cooking regional ethnic bloomsbury usa 11/12/2013 9781620402344 $200.00 $210.00 can hardback 416 pages carton qty 9.843 in w 12.165 in h 4-color throughout subrights bloomsbury subrights translation serial film/tv rogers coleridge white marketing the greatest british dishes as reinvented by heston blumenthal chef and proprietor of the three-michelin-starred the fat duck presented in a gloriously lavish package british gastronomy has a grand tradition that has been lost over time heston blumenthal one of england s most inventive chefs is out to reclaim the unique food that the sceptered isle once produced this has been the secret to the success of his restaurant the fat duck and dinner which brilliantly contrasts the old and new the modern and historic historic blumenthal shares the best of british cooking stretching from medieval to late-victorian recipes start with thirty historic dishes take them apart put them

bloomsbury usa december 2013 curves lisa delong a one-of-a-kind look at has images based on the natural world can be found anywhere from versailles to hopi earthenware pots according to artist lisa delong plant design isn t confined to the garden in plant form in the decorative arts delong goes far beyond the fleur-de-lis showing how roses and palm fronds are transformed into geometric patterns that appear in everything from ancient moroccan mosques to m c escher s abstract sketches educated in both mathematics and studio art delong answers the following questions and more what are the secrets of ornamentation which plants have been used most by artisans over the centuries why are certain plant forms so well-suited to graphic design in a beautiful pocket book packed with helpful diagrams and rare illustrations delong shows us the time-honored traditions of plant forms in the decorative arts with examples from illuminated manuscripts to ironwork lisa delong has a ph.d in the use of

bloomsbury press september 2013 out of the labyrinth setting mathematics free ellen kaplan robert kaplan in this sparkling narrative mathematics is indeed set free michael shermer who hasn t feared the math minotaur in its labyrinth of abstractions the subject can seem convoluted and forbidding yet to do mathematics is to wrestle with accessible mysteries and out of the labyrinth shows how exhilarating the challenge can be robert and ellen kaplan are founders of the math circle a pioneering learning program begun at harvard in 1994 and now spreading around the world in their classrooms students ages six to seventy-six have discovered mathematics as the highest form of intellectual play while exploring topics that range from roman numerals to quantum mechanics the kaplans reveal the secrets of their highly successful approach leading readers out of the labyrinth and into the joyous embrace of mathematics stocked with puzzles colorful anecdotes and insights from the authors own

bloomsbury press november 2013 junkyard planet travels in the billion-dollar trash trade adam minter how can garbage turn into gold what does recycling have to do with globalization where does all that stuff we throw away go anyway when you drop your coke can or yesterday s newspaper in the recycling bin where does it go probably halfway around the world where your trash becomes literally someone s treasure in junkyard planet adam minter offers eye-opening insights into how american refuse drives a vast $250 billion industry that reaches every corner of the globe with profound effects on both economies and environments minter is a veteran journalist with unmatched access to and insight on the waste industry but even better he has the explanatory gifts and an eye for detail of a non-fiction master he takes us deep into giant facilities that process a jumbo jet s worth of trash every day as well as the boardrooms of global companies who squeeze billions from stuff we leave at the curb

bloomsbury usa september 2013 as green as grass growing up before during after the second world war emma smith a remarkable story of a young woman maturing against the backdrop of the second world war after waving goodbye to the rocks cliffs and sands of the north cornish coast emma smith born elspeth hallsmith and her family are uprooted to the devonshire village of crapstone on the outskirts of dartmoor emma s father a decorated hero of the world war i has suffered a terrible breakdown and emma has to get used to a very new kind of family life when wwii breaks out in 1939 emma is training as a secretary her budding philosopher brother jim joins up with the raf and rebellious pam enlists with the women s branch unable to believe she is making any difference to the war effort emma chooses instead to work on the canal boats where she must learn to deal with hard manual labour a sinking boat and buckets instead of toilets when the war finally ends emma s newfound adventurous spirit

wisden june 2013 wisden india almanack 2013 the inaugural edition of the wisden india cricketers almanack edited by suresh menon the most prestigious cricket publication in the world now with specialized content created for the indian cricket fan besides interesting articles from cricket experts the book will have match wisden has grown through the years to embrace innovation and maintain its status as the most revered and cherished brand in cricket the `bible of cricket wisden cricketers almanack has been published every year since 1864 wisden s cricketers of the year awards one of the oldest honours in the sport dates back to 1889 the almanack known for editorial excellence has been a perennial bestseller in the uk the first edition with india-specific content will be the blue edition contributors include bishan singh bedi anil kumble mahela jayawardhene sanjay manjrekar shashi tharoor gideon haigh kamila shamsie and many more suresh menon has been sports editor of the pioneer

makary md marty unaccountable what hospitals won t tell you and how transparency can revolutionize health care 61 margaret thatcher power and personality jonathan aitken 21 mariani john f encyclopedia of american food and drink 34 marilyn the passion and the paradox lois banner 14 marris emma rambunctious garden saving nature in a post-wild world 5 matthews owen glorious misadventures nikolai rezanov and the dream of a russian america 40 mattson kevin just plain dick richard nixon s checkers speech and the rocking socking election of 1952 9 men we reaped a memoir jesmyn ward 7 minter adam junkyard planet travels in the billion-dollar trash trade 68 mirror earth the search for our planet s twin michael d lemonick