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bloomsbury press april 2014 russian roulette how british spies thwarted lenin s plot for global revolution giles milton the incredible and unknown history of british spies in revolutionary russia a gripping true saga of espionage in the vein of operation mincemeat and agent zigzag in 1917 a band of communist revolutionaries stormed the winter palace of tsar nicholas ii a dramatic and explosive act marking that vladimir lenin s communist revolution was now underway but lenin would not be satisfied with overthrowing the tsar his goal was a global revolt that would topple all western capitalist regimes starting with the british empire russian roulette tells the spectacular and harrowing story of the british spies in revolutionary russia and their mission to stop lenin s red tide from washing across the free world they were an eccentric cast of characters led by mansfield cumming a onelegged monoclewearing former sea captain and included novelist w somerset maugham beloved children s

bloomsbury press august 2014 mr and mrs madison s war america s first couple and the second war of independence hugh howard a technicolor widescreen epic of thrilling naval battles brutal backwoods skirmishes villainous intrigue and stirring heroism thurston clarke august 28 1814 dressed in black james madison mourns the nation s loss smoke rises from the ruin of the capitol before him a mile away stands the blackened shell of the white house the british have laid waste to washington city and as mr madison gazes at the terrible vista he ponders the future his country s defeat or victory in a war he began over the unanimous objections of his political adversaries the war of 1812 remains the least understood of america s wars to some it was a conflict that resolved nothing but to others it was our second war of independence settling once and for all that america would never again submit to britain at its center was james madison our most meditative of presidents yet the first one to

bloomsbury usa may 2014 funny once stories antonya nelson the latest short story collection from a master of the form a cause for literary celebration michael chabon once said i scan the tables of contents of magazines looking for antonya nelson s name hoping that she has decided to bless us again and now she has blessed us again with a bounty of the stories for which she is so beloved her stories are cleareyed hardedged beautifully formed in the title story funny once a couple held together by bad behavior fall into a lie with their more responsible friends in the village a woman visits her father at a nursing home recalling his equanimity at her teenage misdeeds and gaining a new understanding of his own past indiscretions in another when a troubled girl in the neighborhood goes missing a mother worries increasingly about her teenage son s relationship with a badnews girlfriend in the novella three wishes siblings muddle through in the aftermath of their elder brother s

bloomsbury usa may 2014 the pocket book of weather entertaining and remarkable facts about our weather michael bright a concise comprehensive guide to the phenomenon of weather in your backyard and around the world for anyone from eight to eighty featuring three thousand essential facts and figures illustrated with more than fifty color photographs and diagrams this entertaining and informative guide explains how the weather shapes our planet and affects all our lives from the weather you face each day to the glory of rainbows and lightning and the drama of tornadoes solar storms and monsoons michael bright explores nature weather bloomsbury usa 5/20/2014 9781620406243 $18.00 $20.00 can hardback 144 pages carton qty 4.500 in w 7.000 in h 1.000 lb wt subrights bloomsbury subrights serial and audio film/tv elwin street marketing l how clouds develop what makes the wind blow why no two snowflakes are the same what causes tornadoes why deserts are so dry and rainforests so wet

bloomsbury usa june 2014 the real food cookbook traditional dishes for modern cooks nina planck the muchanticipated beautifully illustrated cookbook from the beloved author of bloomsbury s bestselling backlist title real food when nina planck toured to promote her two earlier books real food and real food for mother and baby the question she heard most was when are you going to write a cookbook at long last the real food cookbook is here in a dietary landscape overfull with lowcarb bread and dubious advice about triglycerides planck embraces a more oldfashioned and diverse way of eating aptly described by the washington post as a cross between alice waters and martha stewart planck showcases traditional real foods produce dairy meat fish eggs through tempting and straightforward recipes for the home cook the real food cookbook takes 150 classic dishes from starters soups and salads to the center of the plate to sweets and the cheese course and makes them anew with nina s signature

bloomsbury usa june 2014 the measures between us ethan hauser a novelistic debut of enormous accomplishment and even greater promise it is the very essence of a good read stephen king jack is an intern for the university s flood study transcribing interviews with people who live along a threatened and threatening river he listens to their answers to questions about environmental change and their emotional investment in the waterway lately jack has questions for cynthia they ve become close reuniting years after high school but now she s distancing herself again sinking into depression her parents have noticed too calling on the only professional they know henry a psychology professor who was once a student in her father s middle school shop class henry wants to help but he is also dealing with a household in jeopardy there s a stubborn wedge between him and his pregnant wife by turns sweeping and intimate the measures between us is about the shifting covenants we make with

bloomsbury usa july 2014 owen s daughter a novel joann mapson two women one a young mother newly out of rehab the other just diagnosed with a progressive disease must carve out new lives for themselves in a changing landscape skye elliot is given a choice after a car accident jail or rehab and her ex husband a bull rider who introduced her to the party scene gets custody of their fouryearold daughter gracie it takes skye eight months to get clean but the day she is released she has one plan to be a good mother better at least than skye s own selfish mother and absent dad but she has to find gracie first fiction bloomsbury usa 7/15/2014 9781620401477 $26.00 $30.00 can hardback 320 pages carton qty 6.125 in w 9.250 in h 1.000 lb wt subrights bloomsbury subrights first serial audio translation film/tv gelfman schneider literary agents inc marketing l when no one shows up to pick up skye from the center she s devastated at the number of bridges she s burned then a surprise visitor

bloomsbury usa july 2014 semper fidelis a novel of the roman empire ruth downie the fifth book featuring gaius petreius ruso finds him investigating a rash of mysterious deaths in the days leading up to the charismatic emperor hadrian s longawaited visit to britannia when ruso rejoins his unit in the remote outpost of the roman empire known as britannia he finds that all is not well with the twentieth legion as they keep a suspicious eye on the barbarians to the north the legionaries appear to have found trouble even closer to home among the native recruits to britannia s imperial army a young soldier has jumped off a roof killing himself why mysterious injuries and even deaths begin to pile up in ruso s medical ledgers and it soon becomes clear that this suicide is not an isolated incident can the men really be under a curse and what has this to do with the muchdecorated centurion geminus bound by his sense of duty and compelled by his illadvised curiosity ruso begins to ask

bloomsbury usa august 2014 the hollow mountain thomas mogford set in the dark heart of the mediterranean the new hardboiled thriller by the author of sign of the cross danger has followed the lawyer spike sanguinetti back to gibraltar the disturbing question of what happened to spike s girlfriend zahra is still unanswered he hasn t heard from her since she vanished in malta months ago when suddenly his phone rings it s zahra but she sounds strange she tells him that he has to stop looking for her and that if he doesn t zigon will come after those closest to him then she hangs up fiction mystery detective general bloomsbury usa 8/5/2014 9781620405963 $26.00 $30.00 can hardback 240 pages carton qty 5.512 in w 8.252 in h 1.000 lb wt subrights film/tv greene heaton ltd bloomsbury subrights serial translation book club large print audio marketing l when peter galliano spike s partner in the law firm is hospitalized by a mysterious hitandrun accident and a woman asks him to

red canary the the story of the first genetically engineered animal tim birkhead 22 residue years the mitchell s jackson 19 rimington stella close call a liz carlyle novel 50 risen clay the bill of the century the epic battle for the civil rights act 6 rising to the occasion the best toasts for any celebration paul dickson 15 rogue elephant harnessing the power of india s unruly democracy simon denyer 7 romany and tom a memoir ben watt 43 runcie james sidney chambers and the problem of evil 31 russian roulette how british spies thwarted lenin s plot for global revolution giles milton 4 s street rising crack murder and redemption in d.c ruben castaneda 42 sallis james others of my kind a novel 63 savior generals the how five

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