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bloomsbury press january 2014 finding the space to lead a practical guide to mindful leadership janice marturano executives and leaders from all over the world have sought out janice marturano s mindful leadership training finding the space to lead brings it to readers everywhere are you facing another crazy busy day sometimes leader seems to mean person who deals with problems nonstop what if you could hit the pause button on your day and meet your challenges with a sense of space and clear focus and what if you had a way not just of getting things done but also ensuring that what gets done connects with your deepest values business economics leadership bloomsbury press 1/7/2014 9781620402474 $26.00 $27.50 can hardback 208 pages carton qty 6.125 in w 9.250 in h 1.000 lb wt marketing l in this plainspoken accessible guide janice marturano an executive with decades of experience in fortune 500 corporations shows us how to integrate the practice of mindfulness

b loomsbury press march 2014 the crusades of cesar chavez a biography miriam pawel a searching portrait of an iconic figure long shrouded in myth by a pulitzer prizewinning journalist and author of an acclaimed history of chavez s movement cesar chavez founded a labor union launched a movement and inspired a generation he rose from migrant worker to national icon becoming one of the great charismatic leaders of the 20th century two decades after his death chavez remains the most significant latino leader in us history yet his life story has been told only in hagiography until now biography autobiography general bloomsbury press 3/25/2014 9781608197101 $35.00 $37.00 can hardback 512 pages carton qty 6.125 in w 9.250 in h 1.000 lb wt b&w marketing l national print broadcast and online review campaign author events salinas bakersfield los angeles san francisco sacramento denver nyc and boston academic marketing campaign tiein dates cesar chavez day ­ march 31 and labor day

bloomsbury usa january 2014 a history of the present illness stories louise aronson sixteen lovely nuanced the new york times linked stories from a potent new voice a doctor with an m.d from harvard and an m.f.a in fiction a history of the present illness takes readers into overlooked lives in the neighborhoods hospitals and nursing homes of san francisco offering a deeply humane and incisive portrait of health and illness in america today an elderly chinese immigrant sacrifices his demented wife s wellbeing to his son s authority a busy latina physician s eldest daughter s need for more attention has disastrous consequences a young veteran s injuries become a metaphor for the rest of his life a gay doctor learns very different lessons about family from his life and his work and a psychiatrist who advocates for the underserved may herself be crazy together these honest and compassionate stories introduce a striking new literary voice and provide a view of what it means to be a

the wives of los alamos a novel tarashea nesbit a bold and emotionally charged debut novel told in the collective voices of the wives of the men who created the atom bomb their average age was twentyfive they came from berkeley cambridge paris london chicago and arrived in new mexico ready for adventure or at least resigned to it but hope quickly turned to hardship as they were forced to adapt to a rugged military town where everything was a secret including what their husbands were doing at the lab they lived in barely finished houses with a p.o box for an address in a town wreathed with barbed wire all for the benefit of a project that didn t exist as far as the public knew though they were strangers they joined together adapting to a landscape as fierce as it was absorbing full of the banalities of everyday life and the drama of scientific discovery and while the bomb was being invented babies were born friendships were forged children grew up and los alamos gradually transformed

bloomsbury usa february 2014 the adventures of henry thoreau a young man s unlikely path to walden pond michael sims a revealing portrait of the formative years of the famed american writer out of which he became the patron saint of nonviolent activism and environmentalism henry david thoreau is an american intellectual icon what made him so was the decade between his graduation from harvard and his departure from the cabin he built himself on ralph waldo emerson s land at walden pond out of which he became one of america s most influential writers in a detailed and textured narrative sims brings thoreau to life striding across the page like a radical folksinger rather than the curmudgeonly recluse who occupies our mental image in this youthful period he wrote his first book and refined the journal entries that formed the core of his later work walden joined the antislavery campaign and studied native american culture spent the night in jail that led to his celebrated essay civil

bloomsbury usa march 2014 the ghost apple a novel aaron thier a blistering debut novel by a writer who brilliantly inhabits a panoply of voices to satirize both the indignities of modern life and the darker forces that bubble beneath every college i looked at the students were like `whoa this place is awesome then i came to tripoli and everyone was like `i don t know you get used to it it s not so bad so i thought i might as well come here adam longman class of 2011 fiction general bloomsbury usa 3/4/2014 9781620405277 $26.00 $27.50 can hardback 304 pages carton qty 5.512 in w 8.252 in h 1.000 lb wt subrights audio bloomsbury first serial translation film/tv cannell literary agency marketing l tripoli college is a humble new england institution originally founded as a free school for native americans it is now beset by financial problems and so has entered into an increasingly troubling financial relationship with a snack food corporation big anna® deposes the college

marketing lllll author events in ca book club marketing campaign coverage in paperback columns nationwide digital assets video and excerpts available on social media campaign on bloomsbury accounts praise moving an uplifting work of incredible grit and fortitude kirkus reviews min s memoir methodically reconstructs [her painstaking first years in chicago living on a pittance scrounging for work amazed at what she considered luxurious dorm living and guiltridden at her inability to rescue her family back home watching mister rogers neighborhood and reading jane eyre helped pave her yellow brick road to literary success as she delineates captivatingly in this work publishers weekly starred review biography autobiography personal memoirs bloomsbury usa 3/4/2014 9781608194230 $17.00 $18.00 can paperback softback 368 pages carton qty 5.512 in w 8.252 in h 1.000 lb wt subrights sandra dijkstra literary agency other available formats hardcover isbn

bloomsbury usa april 2014 maggie me coming out and coming of age in 1980s scotland damian barr as gripping as a thriller laughoutloud funny and deeply touching this book will resonate long after you finish it a triumph s j watson author of before i go to sleep on october 12 1984 an ira bomb blows apart the grand hotel in brighton england miraculously margaret thatcher survives meanwhile in smalltown scotland eightyearold damian barr watches in horror as his mother rips her wedding ring off and packs their bags he knows he too must survive biography autobiography personal memoirs bloomsbury usa 4/8/2014 9781620405888 $16.00 paperback softback 256 pages carton qty 5.512 in w 8.252 in h 1.000 lb wt subrights bloomsbury audio first serial conville walsh translation film/tv marketing l damian his sister and his catholic mother move in with her sinister new boyfriend while his protestant dad shacks up with the glamorous mary the canary divided by sectarian suspicion the

bloomsbury usa march 2014 sea fishing river cottage handbook no.6 nick fisher a thoroughly practical guide to catching preparing and cooking sea fish from the bestselling river cottage handbook series from renowned fishing expert nick fisher comes this concise and beautifully illustrated guide to fishing along british coastline all that s needed is a beach pier harbour estuary or boat nick covers all the basics such as when and where to go fishing and then profiles the sea fish that you are likely to catch each one clearly photographed covering their conservation status season habitat and method of catching next he gets down to the nitty gritty with a guide to tackles rods reeds rigs knots and bait and stepbystep advice on all the sea fishing techniques and for once you ve made your catch there are 30 delicious recipes from river cottage nick fisher is a leading fishing pundit who created researched and presented five successful series of screaming reels for bbc s channel 4 and

index acosta carlos pig s foot a novel 19 adventures of henry thoreau the a young man s unlikely path to walden pond michael sims 35 aronson louise a history of the present illness stories 20 ballistics a novel d w wilson 44 barr damian maggie me coming out and coming of age in 1980s scotland 58 beasts what animals can teach us about the origins of good and evil jeffrey moussaieff masson 46 becker suzy one good egg an illustrated memoir 62 before we met a novel lucie whitehouse 21 bellow greg saul bellow s heart a son s memoir 63 berger warren a more beautiful question the power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas 14 bilal parker dogstar rising a makana mystery 26 bilal parker the ghost runner a makana mystery 27 blatner david spectrums our mind-boggling universe from infinitesimal to infinity 34