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bloomsbury usa childrens · june 2014 juvenile fiction concepts sounds connie schofieldmorrison illustrated by frank morrison i got the rhythm this toetapping fingersnapping walk through the neighborhood is a treat for the ears and eyes on a simple trip to the park the joy of music overtakes a mother and daughter the little girl hears a rhythm coming from the world around her from butterflies to street performers to ice cream sellers everything is musical she sniffs snaps and shakes her way into the heart of the beat finally busting out in an impromptu june bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction concepts sounds on sale 6/3/2014 ages 2 to 6 grades p to 1 hardback picture book 32 pages 8.465 in w 11.024 in h 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 0 isbn 9781619631786 $16.99 $18.99 can dance which all the kids join in on awardwinning illustrator frank morrison and connie schofield morrison capture the beat of the street to create a rollicking read that will get any kid in the mood to

bloomsbury usa childrens · july 2014 juvenile nonfiction holidays celebrations halloween anonymous my spooky halloween activity and sticker book a spooky activity and sticker book just in time for halloween boo ride your broomstick decorate pumpkins collect spiders bats and ghostly ghouls and more in this spooktastic halloween sticker and activity book teeming with over 100 stickers and packed full of doodles and scary puzzles this delightful book will undoubtedly chill as it thrills and entertains readers but don t be frightened it s all in good fun july bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile nonfiction holidays celebrations halloween on sale 7/29/2014 ages 3 to 5 grades p to 1 paperback softback trade paperback us 32 pages 8.500 in w 10.875 in h 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 0 isbn 9781619633322 $4.99 $5.99 can also available my pink princess activity and sticker book 9781619633070 $4.99 5.99 can my pirate activity and sticker book 9781619633063 $4.99 5.99 can my zoo animals

bloomsbury usa childrens · august 2014 juvenile fiction fantasy magic elise allen and halle stanford jim henson s enchanted sisters autumn s secret gift elise allen is author of enid blyton s enchanted world series and populazzi she is also cowriter of the new york times bestseller elixir by hilary duff a longtime collaborator with the jim henson company she s written for sid the science kid and dinosaur train paige pooler s artwork has appeared in american girl magazine and on the liberty porter trading faces and my sister is a vampire series the jim henson company is an established leader in family entertainment for over fifty years and is the creator of such emmynominated hits as sid the science kid dinosaur train pajanimals and fraggle rock they are currently developing the enchanted sisters as an animated tv property august bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction fantasy magic on sale 8/5/2014 ages 7 to 10 grades 2 to 4 paperback softback trade

bloomsbury usa childrens · may 2014 juvenile fiction love romance mandy hubbard fool me twice an if only novel the vow meets overboard in this novel that launches our new if only romance line last summer mackenzie and landon were the perfect couple and then he dumped her and broke her heart fast forward a year and they re back at their summer jobs at serenity ranch and spa mack and her best friend bailey are fantasizing about making voodoo dolls and playing childish pranks on landon may bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction love romance on sale 5/6/2014 ages 12 to 17 grades 7 and up paperback softback trade paperback us 256 pages 5.512 in w 8.252 in h 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 0 isbn 9781619632301 $9.99 $10.99 can lucky for mack the perfect opportunity presents itself landon takes a nasty fall and suddenly he s stuck in the past literally his most recent memory is of last summer when they were together so now he s calling mack pet names and hanging all over her the

bloomsbury usa childrens · july 2014 juvenile fiction love romance kelly fiore just like the movies can the rules of love be the same in real life as they are in the movies this fresh fun romance tests that theory pretty popular marijke monti and overachieving nerd girl lily spencer have little in common except that neither feels successful when it comes to love marijke can t get her boyfriend to say i love you and lily can t get a boyfriend at all when the girls end up at a late night showing of titanic sniffling along with the sinking ship they realize that their love lives could and should be better which sparks an idea why can t life be like a movie why can t they create perfect romantic situations now they have a budding friendship and a plan to act out grand gestures and get the guys of their dreams it seems like fun at first but reality turns out to be much more complicated and they didn t take into account that finding true love usually requires finding yourself first

bloomsbury usa childrens · june 2014 juvenile fiction performing arts dance sheryl berk dance divas let s rock lights camera action the dance divas get to be in a music video but only one of them can be the big star the dance divas have conquered the stage and now they ve set their sights on film liberty s mom choreographer to the stars lets all five girls appear in a pop star s new music video but it s bria who wins the lead liberty can t believe she wasn t chosen by her own mom june bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction performing arts dance on sale 6/10/2014 ages 7 to 11 grades 3 to 6 hardback with dust jacket 160 pages 5.063 in w 7.752 in h 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 0 isbn 9781619632240 $15.99 $17.99 can with everyone turning against one another the girls fail to place in the electric dance competition miss tony is mad mad mad but she has an idea to fix the problem a camping retreat where these girls will have to learn the true meaning of teamwork or be left out in

bloomsbury usa childrens · march 2008 juvenile fiction susie morgenstern jiang hong chen i will make miracles jacket cover with paintings reminiscent of maurice sendak and a lyrical text that is concrete enough for elementary kids to grasp susie morgenstern and jiang hong chen tackle the question what will you do when you grow up their little boy wants to make miracles he would cure the sick feed the hungry jail the bad guys and fill the world up with people who care and share the story ends with a twist bringing a very ambitious group of wishes back down to earth susie morgenstern lives in nice francebut was raised in new jersey her books are published internationally and she has been knighted in france she came up with the idea for i will make miracles while saying the amidah 18 jewish blessings jiang hong chen is an international force in children s book illustration march bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction on sale 3/4/2008 ages 4 to 8 grades p to 3 hardback picture book

jump into summer 978-1-61963-190-8 $17.99 978-1-59990-635-5 $14.99 978-1-61963-200-4 $16.99 978-0-8027-3397-9 $14.99 978-1-59990-847-2 $16.99 978-0-8027-3476-1 $6.99 978-1-61963-173-1 $12.99 978-1-59990-917-2 $7.99 978-1-61963-265-3 $7.99 978-1-58234-923-7 $7.99 978-0-8027-2291-1 $6.99 978-0-8027-2072-6 $6.99 978-0-8027-2177-8 $16.99 978-0-8027-2393-2 $16.99 978-0-8027-3439-6

s uorutnevda ders aeradekcapnoitc 9 78 1 5 9 9 9 0 84 8 9 · $6 9 9 rofs book 9 78 0 80 27 3 4 7 0 9 · 7 99 9 78 1 5 9 9 9 0 9 0 7 3 · 1 5 99 9 7 8 0 -8 02 7-2 331-4 · 9.99 978-0-8027-3541-6 · $7 9 9 9 78 0 80 27 3 5 22 5 · $16 9 9 9 78 1 6 19 6 3 1 5 3 3 · 1 6 99 9 7 8 1-59990-8 52 -6 · 7.99 978-1-5 9990-518-1 · $7 9 9 9 78 1 5 9 9 9 0-737 6 · $7 9 9 9 78 1 6 19 6 3 -1 2 0 5 · 7

e nt ertheheart warming wo rldof salina yoon now available as a board book hc · 978-0-8027-2843-2 · $14.99 hc · 978-0-8027-3559-1 · $14.99 hc · 978-0-8027-3397-9 · $14.99 hc · 978-0-8027-3600-0 ·

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