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bloomsbury usa childrens · march 2014 juvenile fiction animals dogs domenica more gordon archie s vacation archie is packing his canine couture for vacation in this stylish followup everyone needs a vacation even hip new fashion designers ever since his wildly successful beginnings as a clothes designer archie has been busy so he s taking some much needed some time off he packs everything he wants for his vacation at the beach but at night he dreams of snorkeling and of other fun adventures convincing him that he ll need to pack everything just in case but will his suitcase fit it all or is it bursting at the seams archie may just have a clever solution up his sleeve critics love the highly original nearlywordless archie and this followup is the perfect companion for dog lovers style hounds and faithful friends of all ages march bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction animals dogs on sale 3/25/2014 ages 2 to 5 grades p to 1 hardback 32 pages 11.000 in w 7.250 in h 1.000

bloomsbury usa childrens · february 2014 juvenile nonfiction animals general anonymous my zoo animals activity and sticker book bloomsbury activity books go wild with your favorite zoo animals in fantastic fun sticker and activity book lions tigers penguins zebras and gorillas oh my full of bright and beautiful illustrations that capture the fun and adventure of going to the zoo and designed to provide hours of coloring doodling and sticker fun this delightful book is the perfect learning tool for any kid and parent constantly on the move with over 100 stickers to play with you won t be able to resist revisiting these february bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile nonfiction animals general on sale 2/4/2014 ages 3 to 6 grades p to 1 paperback softback 32 pages 8.500 in w 10.875 in h 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 0 isbn 9781619633056 $4.99 $5.99 can fascinating animals over and over again also available my pirate activity and sticker book 9781619633063 $4.99 5.99 can my pink

bloomsbury usa childrens · april 2014 juvenile fiction fairy tales folklore general e.d baker the bravest princess a tale of the wideawake princess e d baker brings her special magic to the snow white story sleeping beauty s younger nonmagical sister annie still can t rest while trouble in the kingdom threatens her good friend snow white annie gets an urgent message that snow white s stepmother has disappeared and her father wants her married right away but who would be the best choice how should they pick from all those hopeful princes and why is annie followed around by april bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction fairy tales folklore general on sale 4/1/2014 ages 10 to 14 grades 5 to 8 hardback 250 pages 5.063 in w 7.752 in h 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 0 isbn 9781619631366 $16.99 $18.00 can such horrible crows could there be an evil witch behind all this trouble e d baker offers readers a funny and fantastical romp through a fairy tale landscape e d baker is the

walker childrens · january 2014 juvenile fiction love romance marketing llll book trailer facebook advertising targeting teens and paranormal and romance fans extensive social media promotion via the drake chronicles and alyxandra harvey facebook pages including contests polls character profiles giveaways and a countdown to the new series outreach to teen and romance reviewers praise this quick read will keep readers entertained from start to finish readers will not mind cuddling up with the third book in the drake chronicles and will be looking for more voya on out for blood an actionpacked story full of intrigue suspense and romance with a great cast of characters a satisfying read school library journal on blood feud harvey builds an engaging world of vampire cultures balanced with a smart mix of darkness and humor publishers weekly on hearts at stake fun funny and a relief from twilight wannabes booklist on hearts at stake

bloomsbury usa childrens · february 2014 juvenile fiction mysteries espionage detective stories susan vaught freaks like us the compelling illuminating story of a boy his best friend s disappearance and what it s like to live with a mental illness when jason milwaukee s best friend sunshine disappears the whole town including jason starts searching for her but the insistent voices in jason s head won t let him get to the heart of the mystery the voices make it hard to know what is real and what is not as the chase becomes more panicked jason s meds start wearing off and he is looking more and more guilty but of what exactly both brilliantly witty and intensely honest this poignant novel draws upon the author s many years as an adolescent psychologist but it s vaught s powerful voice and expertly crafted mystery that will keep the pages turning susan vaught is the author of trigger my big fat manifesto going underground freaks like us asylum and other acclaimed novels for young

bloomsbury usa childrens · april 2014 juvenile fiction love romance lindsey leavitt going vintage live like it s 1962 in this fun contemporary ya read from the neveroutofdate lindsey leavitt when mallory discovers that her boyfriend jeremy is cheating on her with an online girlfriend she swears off boys and modern technology inspired by a list of goals her grandmother made in 1962 mallory decides to go vintage and return to a simpler time when boyfriends couldn t cheat on you online she sets out to april bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction love romance on sale 4/1/2014 ages 12 to 17 grades 7 and up paperback softback 336 pages 5.512 in w 8.252 in h 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 0 isbn 9781619631953 $9.99 $10.99 can complete grandma s list run for pep club secretary host a dinner party sew a homecoming dress find a steady do something dangerous but the list is trickier than it looks and obviously finding a steady is out no matter how good oliver jeremy s cousin

walker childrens · april 2014 juvenile nonfiction science nature earth sciences sarah albee illustrated by robert leighton bugged how insects changed history a funny insightful exploration of the clash between the human and insect worlds to sometimes disastrous results there are about ten quintillion insects in the world and some of them have affected human history in tremendous ways for as long as humans have been on earth we ve coexisted with insects for better or for worse once you begin to look at world history through flyspecked glasses you begin to see the mark of these minute life forms at every turn beneficial bugs have built empires bad bugs have toppled them bugged is not your everyday history book from the author and illustrator team behind kidfavorite poop happened a history of the world from the bottom up this combination of world history social history natural science epidemiology public health conservation and microbiology is told with fun and informative

bloomsbury usa childrens · april 2014 juvenile fiction science fiction fantasy magic emerald fennell shiverton hall the creeper sinister schemes and deadly deeds are afoot in this second terrifying tale from shiverton hall arthur bannister is back for another term at shiverton where eerie events are unfolding the new art teacher is very popular but why will none of his students tell arthur what they re painting however arthur has other matters to attend to who is april bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction science fiction fantasy magic on sale 4/29/2014 ages 8 to 12 grades 3 to 6 paperback softback 256 pages 5.079 in w 7.795 in h 1.000 lb wt carton quantity 0 isbn 9781408827796 $13.00 $14.00 can the burned stranger who turns up with a dire warning why does the local palm reader refuse to let him near her why are the school bullies suddenly being so nice and what gives him the feeling of being watched as the term progresses children disappear from town strange figures

slrigrofseiresyraide th 978-1 13.99 can · $12.99 hc · -1 3 7 -61963-1 978-1-61963-174-8 · hc · $12.99 13.99 can 978-1-619 63-175-5 · hc · $12 .99 13.99 can 978-1-61963-059-8 · hc · $12 99 13.99 can can 99 13 · hc · $12.99 978-1-61963-176-2 l fu fully illustrated part diary part novel al n reminiscent of jeff kinney s diary of a wimpy kid school library

fall in love with curious penguin and all of his friends hc · 978-0-80272-843-2 · $14.99 hc · 978-0-80273-397-9 · $14.99 hc · 978-0-80273-600-0 ·