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picture book bloomsbury · freckleface and the dodgeball bully by julianne moore · illustrated by leuyen pham 978-1-59990-316-3 · $16.99 $18.50 can may 2009 hardcover picture book ages 3 to 8 grades pres to 3 40 pages 81/2 x 11 full-color illustrations isbn-10 1-59990-316-4 territory world canada bloomsbury usa via penguin audio dramatic electronic and merchandise kuhn projects all else bloomsbury usa reinforced 978-1-59990-317-0 · $17.89 isbn-10 1-59990-317-2 also available freckleface strawberry 978-1-59990-107-7 hc · $16.95 18.50 can 1-59990-107-2 978-1-59990-137-4 re · $17.85 1-59990-127-4 praise for freckleface strawberry you re going to love it al roker nbc s today show an appealing character read this title along with judy blume s freckle juice for a look at both sides of this `spotty subject school library journal julianne moore is a four-time academy award-nominated actress married and the mother of two children she lives in new york city

mousie love by dori chaconas · illustrated by josée masse 978-1-59990-111-4 · $16.99 $18.50 can picture book june 2009 hardcover picture book ages 3 to 8 grades prek to 3 32 pages 81/2 x 10 full-color illustrations isbn-10 1-59990-111-0 territory world canada bloomsbury usa via penguin all rights bloomsbury usa reinforced 978-1-59990-368-2 · $17.89 isbn-10 1-59990-368-7 if you give a mouse a proposal from the moment tully saw frill he was in mousie love and now nothing will stop him from asking frill to marry him proposing is the easy part getting a yes or no from frill is quite something else is frill playing hard to get or is the over-eager tully just not listening to her response this charming tale of mixed-up i do s will leave even the youngest listeners giggling over the customs of courtship and marriage bloomsbury · dori chaconas is the author of more than a dozen books for children including one little mouse the winter mouseling and the cork

middle grade sometimes the greatest heroine is the person you d least expect amelia was born the fourth daughter in a line of princesses and never imagined she with her frizzy red hair and no talent for schoolwork would be called upon to lead her country of gossling but when a plague sweeps the land leaving the girls under the protectorship of their uncle count raven it falls to amelia and her best friend henry to foil the count s evil plans and to save the land carolyn q ebbitt s debut novel is as fresh and surprising as it is clean and classic and makes a perfect read for any fan of fairy tales the room was dark but the slow-burning remains of a fire offered some light in the glow of this small light the count took in the darkened pink room a fireplace with stuffed chairs before it the dollhouse in one corner a rocking horse easels he saw four beds three of them tightly made in the furthest bed he saw a small lump and a swatch of blond hair peeking out from under the covers the

teen troubadour by mary hoffman 978-1-59990-367-5 · $16.99 $18.50 can august 2009 hardcover teen novel ages 12 and up grades 7 and up 304 pages 51/16 x 73/4 isbn-10 1-59990-367-9 territory us only canada bloomsbury usa via penguin audio dramatic first serial merchandise and translation rogers coleridge white all else bloomsbury usa also available the falconer s knot 978-1-59990-229-6 pb · $7.99 9.00 can isbn-10 1-59990-229-x the stravaganza series city of masks 978-1-58234-917-6 pb · $8.99 10.00 can isbn-10 1-58234-917-7 a flight from an arranged marriage then an escape from ruthless invaders set in thirteenth century france troubador is a story of persecution and poetry love and war when crusaders sweep through the country destroying all those who do not follow their religion bertrand risks his life to warn others of the invasion as a troubadour bertrand can travel without suspicion from castle to castle passing word about the coming threat his handsome face and kind demeanor

my big fat manifesto teen paperback by susan vaught new cover 978-1-59990-362-0 pb · $8.99 $10.00 can july 2009 paperback teen novel ages 12 and up grades 7 and up 320 pages 51/16 x 73/4 isbn-10 1-59990-362-8 formerly titled big fat manifesto territory world canada bloomsbury usa via penguin all rights bloomsbury usa hardcover edition 2008 978-1-59990-206-7 · $16.95 18.50 can isbn-10 1-59990-206-0 author location westmoreland tennessee what s it like to be a fat girl in a thin world jamie is a senior in high school and like her friends she is overscheduled but unlike most of her friends she is also overweight in order to win a coveted journalism scholarship she decides to write an explosive exposé on what it means to be the fat girl from finding herself to finding love in unexpected places jamie s blunt observations about the world are both entertaining and refreshingly real thought-provoking and frequently vigorous publishers weekly also available oathbreaker the assassin s

picture book shark in the dark by peter bently · illustrated by ben cort 978-0-8027-9841-1 · $15.99 ncr june 2009 hardcover picture book with die-cut cover ages 3 to 6 grades pres to 1 32 pages 81/2 x 101/2 full-color illustrations isbn-10 0-8027-9841-1 territory us and the philippines canada macmillan uk dramatic and translation macmillan uk all else walker co a whale of a tale with a finding nemo flair the shark has been lurking in the deep dark sea searching for a fishy snack he s big and he s mean and he s always hungry tired of fleeing the shark the other sea creatures come up with a plan if they all work together it might be possible to teach the shark a lesson he ll never forget with a lively rhyming text bright expressive illustrations and a playful die-cut cover this is one shark s tale that will be a hit either at story hour or feeding time walker · peter bently studied languages at oxford he enjoys visiting schools and sharing his writing

teen romance is brewing in a new novel from the author of saving juliet when katrina spots a homeless guy sleeping in the alley behind her grandmother s coffee shop she decides to leave him a cup of coffee a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans and some pastries to tide him over little does she know that this random act of kindness is about to turn her life upside down because this adorable vagrant malcolm is really a guardian angel on a break between missions and now he won t leave until he can reward katrina s selflessness by fulfilling her deepest desire fame and fortune seem like the obvious requests but after two botched wishes malcolm knows katrina is hiding something from him how can she tell him the truth when her heart s desire has become malcolm himself fans of romantic comedies will be clamoring for this heartfelt novel that is good to the last drop do you believe in signs lightening striking a car you just stepped out of a black cat crossing your path a piece of frozen

the headline-making true-crime drama that s captivated booksellers and readers across the country featured backlist the year we disappeared by cylin busby and john busby an indie bound next pick told in their alternating voices this searing edge-of-yourseat memoir recounts the experiences of a young girl whose police detective father was shot and nearly killed overnight the busbys went from being the family next door to one under twenty-four-hour armed guard with few choices left to them the busby family went into hiding severing all ties to the only life they had known no one with even a marginal interest in true crime writing should miss this page-turner by turns shocking and almost unbearably sad where john s chapters provide the grim facts it is cylin s authentically childlike perspective that in revealing the cost to her innocence renders the tragic experience most searingly publishers weekly starred review a story is so completely totally and immediately enthralling that

featured backlist paperback favorites boys being boys action adventure the seems john hulme and michael wexler · bloomsbury · ages 10 and up the spartan quest trilogy michael ford · walker · ages 10 and up the glitch in sleep 978-1-59990-298-2 pb $7.99 9.00 can the fire of ares 978-0-8027-9827-5 pb $7.99 9.00 can march 2009 the split second 978-1-59990-130-5 hc $16.99 18.50 can birth of a warrior 978-0-8027-9794-0 hc $16.99 18.50 can companion hardcover companion hardcover the larklight adventures philip reeve · bloomsbury · ages 10 and up alfred kropp rick yancey · bloomsbury · ages 12 and up larklight 978-1-59990-145-9 pb · $7.95 9.00 can the extraordinary adventures of alfred kropp 978-1-59990-283-8 pb · $6.99 7.95 can starcross 978-1-59990-296-8 pb · $7.99 9.00 can the seal of solomon 978-1-59990-277-7 pb · $6.99 7.95 can don t miss the new paperback mothstorm 978-1-59990-303-3 hc · $16.99 18.50 can the thirteenth skull 978-1-59990-363-7 pb · $6.99 7.95 can page 30

101 things to do before you re old and boring .48 101 things you need to know and some you don t .48 101 things you wish you d invented and some you wish no one had .48 a actor and the housewife the .59 afghan dreams 56 after hours the .42 alfred kropp .28 54 all that glitters 4 .24 50 all the wrong people have self-esteem .48 all s fair in love war and high school .50 appetite for detention .48 austenland .59 b baicker-mckee carol .58 baker e.d .53 barrows annie .25 barshaw ruth mcnally .26 49 bea rocks the flock .6 before after and somebody in between .51 beha eileen .17 bell cathleen davitt .27 bently peter .34 bertagna julie .51 big cat

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