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c as tlepo in t b o oks a p ril 2018 shts and giggles the ultimate bathroom joke book may roche get your shts and giggles from this hilarious all-in-one joke trivia and riddle collection a hilarious collection of one-liners funny trivia riddles and laugh-out-loud jokes for adults shts giggles is the bathroom book the world needs with hundreds of ways to make you laugh while you’re otherwise indisposed shts and giggles will be the must-have “loo lit” book on the market humor form jokes riddles castle point books 4/10/2018 9781250164100 $14.99 $19.50 can trade paperback 304 pages carton qty 28 7.5 in h 5.5 in w why are constipated old men so rude because they don’t give a crap what do you give an elephant with diarrhea room what do you find in an empty nose fingerprints what do you have after you eat a prune pizza pizzeria why do police officers sit down when they go to the bathroom it’s the best way to do their duty why do men take showers instead of baths because peeing in the bathtub is gross may roche is a writer and contributor to over 25 bestselling trivia nonfiction and humor books her titles comprise a wide variety of subjects including inventions survival crafting recipes science music and television she also provides readers countless hours of entertainment to thwart boredom via the internet may enjoys swapping inappropriate jokes with her family in the pacific northwest 13