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c as tlepo in t b o oks ja nu ary 2018 super fast instant pot pressure cooker cookbook 100 easy recipes for every multi-cooker heather rodino and ella sanders 100 no-brainer recipes for the hottest new kitchen appliance cooking methods special appliances castle point books 1/9/2018 9781250149237 $19.99 $25.99 can trade paperback 160 pages carton qty 36 9.1 in h 7.5 in w includes 50 color photographs throughout also ava ilable the ultimate instant pot pressure cooker cookbook 200 easy foolproof recipes 4/2017 9781250156457 trade paperback $22.99 $32.99 can the instant pot multi-cooker is the best-selling kitchen appliance on amazon—on prime day last july 215,000 of them were sold in one day and the product features almost 15,000 reviews it functions as a pressure cooker slow cooker rice cooker yogurt maker steamer sauté pan and warmer in one device which is virtually irresistible to busy home cooks most books currently selling have complex recipes meant for experienced cooks—this book offers 100 delicious recipes that are even easier super fast instant pot pressure cooker cookbook will save time in the kitchen and maximize the value of your appliance whether it s a pressure cooker instant pot or any other multi-cooker heather rodino is an editor writer and food lover the author of several books she worked for many years in the publishing industry in new york she now lives a few blocks from the beach in san juan puerto rico with bookcases overflowing with cookbooks ella sanders is a comfort food enthusiast who loves spending time at the table with friends and family and specializes in making traditional meals with unexpected flavor and flair she lives with her husband and two boys in portland maine 7