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aline kominsky-crumb was born on long island new york and is one of the most influential cartoonists of the underground era as the cartoonist behind dirty laundry comics and arcade a contributor to wimmen’s commix cofounder of twisted sisters editor of the anthology weirdo and author of the graphic memoir need more love since the 1990s she has lived in the south of france with her husband robert crumb in 2017 the david zwirner gallery in new york city held a joint exhibition of their artwork aline kominsky-crumb r crumb drawn together for more information on aline kominsky-crumb full title

art comic mat thewt hurb e r a raucous skewering of the art world as told by a master of absurdity matthew thurber’s art comic is a blunt and hilarious assault on the swirling hot mess that is the art world from sycophantic fans to duplicitous gallerists fatuous patrons to self-aggrandizing art stars he lampoons each and every facet of the eminently ridiculous industry of truth and beauty follow cupcake the matthew barney obsessive epiphany née tiffany clydesdale the divinely inspired performance artist ivanhoe a modern knight in search of artistic vengeance and his squire turnbuckle each artist is more ridiculous than the last yet they are tested and transformed by the even more absurd machinations of thurber’s fantastical art world can the free little pigs destroy this blighted system will “the group” continue its indirect assassination of promising young artists can artistic integrity exist in this world amid the capitalist co-opting petty rivalries

blame this on the boogie rina ay u ya n g the true story of how hollywood musicals got one person through school depression and the challenges of parenthood inspired by the visual richness and peutic distraction to circumnavigate a cinematic structure of the hollywood childhood of dealing with cultural difmusical blame this on the boogie ferences her struggles with postpartum chronicles the adventures of a fili depression and an adulthood overshadpino american girl born in the decade owed by an increasingly frightening and of disco who escapes life’s hardships depressing political climate and mundanity through the genre’s blame this on the boogie is ayuyang’s feel-good song-and-dance numbers ode to the melody of the world and rina ayuyang explores how the glow shows how tuning out of life and into ing charm of the silver screen can the magic of hollywood can actually transform reality shaping a person’s help an outsider find her place in it approach to

carnet de voyage craig thompson a unique insight into an acclaimed cartoonist’s travels through europe and morocco riding the international success of blankets craig thompson sets out on a tour across europe and morocco promoting the various european editions of his book and beginning research for his next graphic novel habibi carnet de voyage is a gorgeous sketchbook diary of his travels as he finds intellectual and spiritual stimulation during the day-to-day work of being an author from wandering around paris and barcelona between events to navigating markets in fez and fleeing tourist traps in marrakesh we see glimpses of each place rendered in thompson’s exquisite ink line while desert landscapes and crowded street scenes flow across the pages the sketchbook is packed first and foremost with people—travelers passing through the friends and lovers he meets along the way distant figures of old friends and other cartoonists who freely weave in and out of his

the strange j é r ô merui ll i e r the story of one undocumented immigrant’s journey told by the people who employ him feed him and report on him the strange follows an unnamed undocumented immigrant who tries to forge a new life in a western country where he doesn’t speak the language the story is deftly told through myriad viewpoints as each narrator recounts a situation in which they crossed paths with the newly arrived foreigner many of the people he meets are suspicious of his unfamiliar background or of the unusual language they do not understand by employing this third-person narrative structure jérôme ruillier masterfully portrays the complex plight of immigrants and the vulnerability of being undocumented the strange shows one person’s struggle to adapt while dealing with the often brutal and unforgiving attitudes of the employers neighbors and strangers who populate this new land ruillier employs a bold visual approach of colored pencil

a bubble genev i è ve castr é e the artist and musician geneviève castrée’s last work— an expression of love meant to last longer than words drawn near the end of her life surrounded engrossingly detailed album illustrations by the nature and calm of anacortes wash and delicate subtle comics castrée’s preington geneviève castrée drew one final vious graphic novel susceptible shows gift for her two-year-old daughter the stun her rare ability to handle difficult perning board book a bubble leaving behind sonal material with intimacy and honesty a last note for a young child is an incompre a bubble acts as an extension of her life hensible task castrée responds with grace story and the final chapter of a beautiand subtlety using precise exquisite draw fully full existence castrée passed away ings of herself and her daughter castrée in 2016 after a long battle with pancreatic depicts changes in their daily routines as a cancer greater

the mushroom fan club el isegr avel join elise gravel as she explores the science of some of nature’s weirdest and wildest characters—mushrooms elise gravel is back with a whimsical look at one of her family’s most beloved pastimes mushroom hunting combining her love of exploring nature with her talent for anthropomorphizing everything she takes us on a magical tour of the forest floor and examines a handful of her favorite alien specimens up close while the beautiful coral mushroom looks like it belongs under the sea the peculiar lactarius indigo may be better suited for outer space from the fun-to-stomp puffballs to the prince of the stinkers—the stinkhorn mushroom—and the musically inclined chanterelles gravel shares her knowledge of this fascinating kingdom by bringing each species to life in full felt-tip-marker glory the governor general award–winning author gravel’s first book with drawn quarterly if found please return to elise

the dangerous journey tove jan s s on get swept away in this otherworldly adventure to moominvalley through treacherous yet beautiful landscapes tove jansson takes us on a beautifully with subtle existential themes a lyrical illustrated and delightfully quirky journey rhythm and delicate watercolor illustrathrough moominvalley perfectly capturing tions the dangerous journey captures the experience and its emotional impact as the curiosity of children and adults alike seen through the innocent eyes of susanna published for the first time in north amerwho is bored with her life her cat is too ica and the last picture book completed content her surroundings too gentle she by the world-renowned jansson the craves adventure when there is none to be dangerous journey pushes the emotions had but when a new pair of glasses appears that underlie our nostalgia out into the in front of her she gets an opportunity to open with an unparalleled viewpoint that live the bold life that she has always

the moomins and the great flood tove jan s s on join the moomins in their very first adventure crossing a huge flood to search for missing moominpappa moominmamma and moomintroll need consequences but rather than avoiding the to find a home for the winter someplace problems that war raises she uses these where sun is plentiful and safe from the as a basis for the many obstacles that the dangers of the unknown but before they characters face from separated families to can settle down they must cross a dark and forced displacement with beautiful black sinister forest and find their way through and white artwork interspersed througha flood of epic proportions all the while out the text and curious playful prose you hoping that they will find moominpappa find yourself rooting for the moomins and again their journey seems daunting but their quest to find moominpappa and a they forge ahead with moominmamma’s place to call home kindness and patience giving moomin the courage he needs

kitaro’s yokai battles shigeru mizuki the spooky yokai boy kitaro is back for his sixth book and this time he has a pile of monsters to beat featuring seven stories by japan’s beloved monster master shigeru mizuki kitaro’s yokai battles features some of kitaro’s strangest foes yet—including his good pal nezumi otoko who decides that he should be the star of the comic with friends like these who needs enemies but enemies seem to be all kitaro has he faces off against villains like the yokai hoko—who has an evil scheme to corner the market on pickled daikon radish—and the amifuri tengu who always brings the rain things get hairy in “the great hair battle,” when medama oyaji’s friend kemedama begs for kitaro’s help against an attack of giant wigs the massive mud monster dorotabo gets down and dirty with kitaro and the red-tongued akashita swoops down from above and these are just a few yokai from the hilarious