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diane obomsawin on loving

on loving women diane obomsawin intimate vignettes of women coming out on loving women is an all-new collection of stories about coming out first love and sexual identity by animator diane obomsawin with this work obomsawin brings her gaze to bear on subjects closer to home­her friends and lovers personal accounts of first realizing they re gay or first finding love with another woman each story is a master class in reaching the emotional truth of a situation with the simplest means possible her stripped-down pages use the bare minimum of linework to expressively reveal heartbreak joy irritation and fear on loving women focuses primarily on adolescence crushes on high school teachers awkwardness on first dates but also addresses much deeper-seated difficulties of being out the fears of rejection and of not being who others want one to be within these pages obomsawin has forged a poignant powerful narrative that speaks to the difficulties of coming out and the joys of being loved her

michael deforge ant

michael deforge the debut graphic novel from a dazzling newcomer with a singular idiosyncratic style ant colony in the few short years since he began his pamphletsized comic book series lose michael deforge has announced himself as an important new voice in alternative comics his brash confident undulating artwork sent a shockwave through the comics world for its unique fully formed aesthetic with his debut drawn quarterly title ant colony deforge confirms his place as a mover-and-shaker in the world of graphic novels from its opening pages ant colony immerses the reader in a world that is darkly existential with false prophets unjust wars and corrupt police officers ant colony follows the denizens of a black ant colony under attack from the nearby red ants on the surface it s the story of this war the destruction of a civilization and the ants all-toofamiliar desire to rebuild underneath though ant colony plumbs the deepest human concerns ­loneliness faith love apathy and more all

so alan we d like to see your sales report for the past few months no problem yeah dude but i gotta warn you the printer fucked up i had dan the intern prepare the graphics uh is there a problem no it s just that chair belonged to george the guy you re replacing sob sob sniff oh so i hand drew the pie chart classy huh it s a camembert i added a knife and some wine ha ha ha ha good ol dan ok so here s how sales break down as you see about the same as last time hmph hey new guy move your fat head dan now for the next chart please sorry i need to lay down numbers all in a row straight lines aw poor sophie you had a soft spot for george didn t you ha ha what is this some lousy soap opera mind if i interrupt and we get started and uh hm uhnff excuse me these crazy drawings i can t they re everything s fine uh y yes i did ah ok of course sorry you could have used a ruler dan i didn t have one i can t breathe properly i take a brea 11 12 benson s cuckoos anouk

aargh this is crazy dude what s going on he s green his eyes are glazed over he s sweating like a pig benson s cuckoos anouk ricard workplace stresses may prove killer in this off-the-rails office satire give him some room to catch his breath out of the way it s ok aargh i ll be fine that s what they do in the movies always works aaaahrgl cough cough hey it looks like he wants to take a dump richard thinks he s in luck when he snags a job at the cuckoo clock factory but things start to go wrong right off the bat first of all there s his boss who doesn t seem to have the strongest grip on reality and has an odd penchant for silly hats then there are his coworkers who are alternately evasive and idiotic when asked about anything pertaining to actually getting work done finally there s george the employee richard s replacing who supposedly quit but whose family has just appeared on national tv pleading for his safe return it s all adding up to a very strange workplace and when the

brecht vandenbroucke white

brecht vandenbrouke white cube with few words and a gorgeous style a cartoonist takes aim at the hypocrisies of the art world white cube is belgian cartoonist and illustrator brecht vandenbroucke s debut book a collection of mostly wordless strips that follow a pair of pink-faced twins as they attempt to understand contemporary art and the gallery world their reactions to the art they encounter are frequently comedic as they paint over pablo picasso s famous mural guernica and recreate a pixelated version of edvard munch s the scream after receiving one too many emails lushly painted these irreverent strips poke fun at the staid often smug art world offering an absurdist world view on the institutions of that world­questioning what constitutes art and what doesn t as well as how we decide what goes on the walls of the gallery and what doesn t brecht vandenbroucke s distinctive work blends the highbrow with the low drawing equally from gordon matta-clark s site-specific artwork and

frank king walt before

walt before skeezix the prelude to the walt and skeezix series offers a portrait of a country in transition frank king walt before skeezix collects the first years of frank king s beloved comic strip gasoline alley one of the most widely read and syndicated strips of its time which is still syndicated today these comics produced between 1919 and 1920 focus primarily on walt wallet and his friends as they engage with the then-novel automobile sensation that was sweeping the nation this period of the newspaper strip is especially fascinating as a historical time capsule charting a moment in america s past when horses and buggies shared the road with cars and when the country was making the transition from rural farmers to urban industrialized society king was a pioneering american cartoonist who changed comics forever by setting his strip in contemporary america and having his characters age these lavish volumes pay tribute to the evolution of his style and storytelling designed and

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