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translated and edited by ryan holmberg tadao tsuge trash market dark and funny comics from a garo magazine manga-ka tadao tsuge was one of the key contributors to the legendary avant-garde japanese comics magazine garo during its heyday in the late 1960s and early 1970s renowned for his unpretentious journalistic storytelling and clear eloquent cartooning trash market brings together six of tsuge s compelling character-driven stories about life in post-world war ii japan trash market and gently goes the night touch on key topics for tsuge the charming lowlifes of the tokyo slums and the wwii veterans who found themselves unable to forget the war song of showa is an autobiographical piece about growing up in a tokyo slum during the occupation of japan with an abusive grandfather and an ailing father and finding brightness in the joyful people of the neighborhood trash market blurs the lines between fiction and reportage it s a moving testament to the grittiness of life in tokyo

adult contemporary a collection of absurdist comics from a new yorker illustrator bendik kaltenborn look through bendik kaltenborn s kaledescopic glasses and glimpse the world the way he sees it a vibrantly colorful planet populated by lumpy big-nosed people totally absorbed in their own off-kilter personal dramas adult contemporary is a collection of odd imaginings surrealist comics and physical comedy gags from kaltenborn a new yorker and new york times illustrator people scramble around in a world they don t understand happy as can be an author finds unexpected and lethal love in his own garden a marriage is threatened by soup drunk old men quarrel about literature in the witching hour a con details a small and silly bank robbery from the 1980s ceos do push-ups norwegian cartoonist bendik kaltenborn s adult contemporary reads as homage to the art of mid-twentieth century cartooning and absurdist sketch comedy his characters pace about like groucho marx pratfall like dick van dyke

frank king walt skeezix 1931­1932 volume

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