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e dda u s a au gu s t 2017 maximus musicus visits the orchestra original score on an audio cd included hallfridur olafsdottir the adventures of maximus have received numerous awards globally and the mouse has become a music brand in its own right juven il enon fi ction music edda usa 8/15/2017 9781940787664 $17.99 hardcover 48 pages m ar keting advertising in publishing and library journals bookseller co-op advertising and promotions review copy mailing to magazines newspapers websites and blogs article placements and book excerpts on top websites and blogs ongoing twitter facebook and instagram campaigns online book give-away contests and promotions the wonderfully adventurous mouse maximus musicus gets lost in the big concert halls where the symphony is rehearsing he wonders about all the wooden and metal things that people have in their hands they make beautiful sounds in these wonderful books the funny little mouse maximus learns about the instruments of the symphony orchestra and children learn with him the edda usa editorial team is composed of highly qualified writers editors photographers and stylists who create exceptional books for children 5