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e dda u s a may 2017 lightning mcqueen s book of games edda usa editorial team go on a ride with lightning mcqueen and learn about all the games he likes to play lightning mcqueen needs his reflexes in top order and to do that he must exercise his mind with fun quizzes and games he manages to so while having a blast with his friends in this book you can learn all the brain teasers quizzes and games he uses to keep is mind in order and reflexes on point juven il enon fi ction games ac tivities p u zzles edda usa 5/9/2017 9781940787879 $7.99 trade paperback 64 pages 10 in h 7 in w the edda usa editorial team is composed of highly qualified writers editors photographers and stylists who create exceptional books for children m ar keting advertising in publishing and library journals bookseller co-op advertising and promotions review copy mailing to magazines newspapers websites and blogs article placements and book excerpts on top websites and blogs ongoing twitter facebook and instagram campaigns online book give-away contests and promotions al s o ava ilabl e finding dory memory games 5/2016 9781940787411 trade paperback $5.95 7