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elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:04 am page 4 new books story about having a safe place called home to return to between adventures children are sure to enjoy boing boing s wild romp but like bear they will be sorry to see the little ball cry and they will cheer when it returns safely home boing nordic picture book grand prize finalist 2004 boing boing boing written and illustrated by anne peltola full color throughout a picture book for the youngest children wherein colors lines and forms create concepts things and the relations between them in anne peltola s fast-paced picture book a child s painting of a ball comes to life the little girl who does the painting is so proud of her round red ball that she names it boing boing no sooner has boing boing been created then it s off and away on a series of wild escapades on its adventures it serves as a spare tire for a wolf s car and turns into a fox s lingonberry a ball for a couple of sheep and a candy for a bear eventually

elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:05 am page 6 chen jiang hong starred review in publishers weekly chen has been creating beautiful entertaining and deeply moving picture books over the past twelve years to depict the old culture of ancient china he has relied upon myth and legend in many of his books about his work chen has said it is important for me to bring the culture to which i am attached to life to allow it to cross boundaries and to allow others to be a part of it i try to tell stories in such a way that they become universal his books which have been translated into many languages have indeed been universally embraced 2008 saw the premier of an opera based on the magic horse of han gan a film of little eagle will be released in 2009 in october chen was in georgia and texas a show of his paintings will open in new york in april 2009 isbn-13 978-1-59270-079-0 96 pages 11 7/8 x 9 7/8 $19.95hcj ages 6-10 and me new york public library children s books 100 titles

elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:05 am page 7 anne herbauts born in 1976 and a graduate of the brussels academy of fine arts anne expresses an original world in each of her books endlessly curious and rigorous in her work anne has written and illustrated over 20 children s books and has published a number of comic books for an older audience her books have been described as playful original mesmerizing poetic brilliantly simple unique intriguing visually appealing striking brilliant overwhelmingly beautiful silver medal winner of the 3x3 illustration award this playful and original picture book takes three friends through the days of the week as well as the seasons of the year jellymom.com the collage and raised pictures along with the puns word play and clever vocabulary make this a page turner and a very interesting book janet brock elementary school arlington tx isbn-13 978-1 59270-057-8 36 pp 9 1/4 x 12 1/2 $16.95hc ages 4-8 a picture book

elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:06 am page 8 picture books jin jin the dragon grace was born in beijing into a family of famous entertainers as a young girl grace learned magic from her grandfather in the courtyards of the forbidden city she also sat with her father as he wrote while dreaming of becoming a writer herself one day today grace is a multi-talented performer who brings her talents as an illusionist magician ventriloquist and storyteller to her readings of jin jin the dragon currently grace and her brother chang are hard at work on the second book in the series jin jin and rain wizard to be published in fall 2009 grace and jin jin at barnes noble grace chang illustrated by chong chang the writing is clear at times lyrical and nicely paced dragons and dragon lore are always popular subjects and this title will be appreciated by children longing for more school library journal not all dragons are fierce and breathe fire as author grace chang proves chang draws

elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:07 am page 9 high interest a marvelous collection of quirky biographical sketches of the `chaotic beginnings of 26 famous people readers ages 11 and up will be fascinated and perhaps comforted to learn that albert einstein and agatha christie were both as children regarded as rather slow-witted that in class pablo picasso was `rowdy distracted and completely uninterested the entries are chatty and handsomely illustrated this elegant book isn t trying to debunk anyone s greatness rather it invites readers `to smile at the unruliness of childhood and the modest zigzags of each of us meghan cox gurdon the wall street journal this book is ideal for teens who are wondering what will become of their lives it is also a great catch for biography lovers this book would be at home in any school or public library with a strong biography collection but it is also a staple for a growing young adult collection one in the reader s hands it will

elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:07 am page 10 exploring nature a best book of the year science books films a vibrant and interesting look at zoo animals school library journal high marks for the brilliance and clarity of its paintings and reader friendly text a real eye-catcher booklist this book is a visual delight a valuable addition to nonfiction collections children s literature zoo album is a stunningly beautiful book packed full of facts and stories nsta recommends 48 pp 8 1/2 x 10 3/4 nature ages 6-12 isbn-13 978-1-59270-104-9 isbn-10 1-59270-104-3 $9.95pb isbn-13 978-1-59270-032-5 isbn-10 1-59270-032-2 $17.95hcj both children and adults will be moved by this beautifully illustrated fable animal welfare institute tyger tyger demonstrates the physical connection and the spiritual bond between humans and animals illustrated in rich blues oranges and greens and velvety textures the beautiful and `fearful symmetry of the tigers the two-page spreads and the

elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:08 am page 12 high interest stephen biesty s castles a children s book of the year bank street college of education there is plenty to pore over here school library journal fine fare for young armchair travelers who would otherwise never get a gander at osaka castle neuschwanstein and castel sant angelo in their prime kirkus isbn-13 978-1-59270-031-8 48 pp 9 1/4 x 11 3/4 $19.95hcj history ages 8 up the excellent detailed cutaway images of the ship open layouts and numerous watercolorand-ink pictures of life at sea will ignite children s interest in darwin s work and ideas booklist tutankhamun jacqueline morley j inside the tomb of many books have been written about king tut but this one by author morley and illustrator james will have special appeal for both young and older readers children s literature 48 pages 8 1/2 x 11 $19.95rlb history ages 8 up isbn-13 1-978-59270-041-7 isbn-13 1-978-59270-042-4 48 pages 8 1/2 x 11

elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:13 am page 13 reference isbn-13 978-1-59270-047-9 isbn-10 1-59270-047-0 6 1/4 x 9 208 pp $12.95pb young adult/adult isbn-13 978-1-59270-053-0 isbn-10 1-59270-053-5 6 1/4 x 9 208 pp $18.95hcj young adult/adult isbn-13 978-1-59270-016-5 isbn-10 1-59270-016-0 6 1/4 x 9 224 pp $18.95hcj young adult/adult science a best book of the year science books films eastern philosophy very highly recommended reading especially for students of the great world religions and philosophies library bookwatch philosophy an excellent resource for critical thinking skills assoc of region xi school librarians ft worth tx also available in paperback isbn-13 978-1-59270-046-2 isbn-10 1-59270-046-2 $12.95pb the history of medicine what do the canterbury tales cholera and christianity all have in common these are among the topics found in the excellent new series the history of medicine these books support the national ian dawson ian dawson ian dawson science

elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:14 am page 14 history specifications 32 pages 8 5/8 x 10 5/8 $14.95hcj history ages 8 up isbn-13 978-1-59270-027-1 isbn-13 978-1-59270-026-4 isbn-13 978-1-59270-025-7 isbn-13 978-1-59270-028-8 new york from 1524 to the present 44 pages 9 1/2 x 13 $18.95hc history ages 8 up london from 55 bc to the present 44 pages 9 1/2 x 13 $18.95hc history ages 8 up the illustrated history of the world 288 pp 8 x 11 $29.95hcj history ages 8-16 isbn-13 978-1-59270-019-6 isbn-13 978-1-59270-003-5 isbn-13 978-1-59270-013-4 life in a medieval castle 64 pp 8 1/4 x 10 1/4 $22.00hcj history ages 10 up life in a medieval abbey 64 pp 8 1/4 x 10 1/4 $22.00hcj history ages 10 up ancient greece 32 pages 8 3/4 x 10 5/8 $15.95hc history ages 8 up isbn-13 978-1-59270-005-9 isbn-13 978-1-59270-006-6 isbn-13 978-1-59270-022-6 specifications 32 pages 9 1/2 x 13 $18.95hc art/religion ages 8 up isbn-13 978-1-59270-001-1 isbn-13 978-1-59270-002-8 isbn-13 978-1-59270-011-0

elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:14 am page 15 ordering information send all orders to enchanted lion books c/o mps distribution center 16365 james madison highway gordonsville va 22942 tel 888-330-8477 ext 6540 fax 800-672-2054 customer service billing and accounts receivable mps distribution center 16365 james madison highway gordonsville va 22942 tel 888-330-8477 540-672-7600 fax 540-672-7540 returns enchanted lion books c/o mps returns center 14301 litchfield road orange va 22960 special sales also includes gift shops toy stores and other non-bookstore venues please contact for discount information enchanted lion books llc 201 richards street #4 brooklyn ny 11231 tel 718-772-1797 fax:212-505-1530 e-mail enchantedlion@gmail.com individuals if unable to obtain our books through your local bookstore call 718-772-1797 qualifying orders of titles in this catalog shipped to destinations within the united states under macmillan s regular shipping cycles will be shipped free

elb_cat_s09.qxp:catalog s 05 11/21/08 10:14 am page 16 prsrt std u.s postage paid madison wi permit no 2223 enchanted lion books 201 richards street studio 4 brooklyn ny 11231 illustration of an enchanted lion by olivier tallec catalog isbn