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digital teacher teacher resources digital resources digital teacher resources language is changing and so is the way we all teach it and learn it our students routinely carry around multiple digital devices and spend their days jumping between offline and online interactions as teachers we are also surrounded by technology in all its varied aspects with all of the fantastic potential it has to enhance our teaching at macmillan we still believe that the core learning relationship is the one between student and teacher that s why all of the cutting-edge digital products that we develop have this relationship at their heart any device any platform any need macmillan is digital 2

digital student resources adult macmillan practice online is available for the following courses iwb visit www.macmillanenglishcampus.com for more information breakthrough code gateway hot spot in company in company 2nd edition inside out new inside out new american inside out inspiration new inspiration american inspiration inspired laser openmind mastermind macmillan practice online sky high stepping up straightforward exam practice online pet exam practice online fce exam practice online cae exam practice online cpe exam practice online toeic® exam practice online toefl® academic english general english practice online business english macmillan english campus equips teachers encourages students enhances learning macmillan english campus is an english language learning platform that offers your institution a complete solution for blended learning combining a database of over 4,300 interactive resources with a range of learning management tools macmillan english campus gives

macmillan children s readers new titles children s key features · a picture dictionary or wordlist and activity pages are included at the back of each reader · t he accompanying audio on the audio cd or downloadable from www.macmillanyounglearners.com/readers gives children a chance to listen to the stories while they read them · t he blend of `fact files and topical fictional stories appeals to boys and girls equally · free worksheets are available to download www.macmillanyounglearners.com/readers fun cultural and informative this series of readers offers an extensive range of fact and fiction titles that reinforce the basic structures and vocabulary found in most primary courses children will love the exciting adventures in stories such as the hungry cat a safari adventure and on location the macmillan children s readers series can be used as supplementary reading material with any primary course audio tracks and worksheets are available to download free from the macmillan

teenage new inspiration student s book 4 new inspiration is a lively coursebook with inventive material highly recommended pete sharma review of student s book 4 el gazette perfect companion top deck p20 i sb new inspiration level 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 student s book wb bt tb iwb workbook teacher s book test cd pack interactive classroom new inspiration practice online 9780230408470 9780230412545 9780230412385 9780230412415 9780230751736 9780230408487 9780230412552 9780230412422 9780230412453 9780230751743 9780230408494 9780230412569 9780230410206 9780230412491 9780230412460 9780230408500 9780230412576 9780230410213 9780230412538 9780230412507

breakthrough plus miles craven new level a1 ­ b2 beginner to upper intermediate adult key features · new digibook provides an onscreen version of the student a book with integrated audio and video plus additional interactive practice with over 130 activities videos and markbook functionality · t eachers have access to the digibook and an additional test generator program · a strong emphasis on all skills such as conversation strategies with a focus on listening and speaking · a uthentic natural language is presented and practised through clear contextualised and achievable tasks · broad international cross-cultural flavour with a range of a native and non-native accents www.macmillanenglish.com/breakthroughplus sb tb breakthrough plus contains an up-to-date fresh design and a digital version of the student books for classroom presentation purposes as well as additional practice material with markbook functionality this has created a truly blended content-rich course covering

laser malcolm mann · steve taylore-knowles edition new level a1 ­ b2 elementary to upper intermediate exams key features · `get ready sections with structured reading preparation tasks · t wo comprehensive `wordpower sections per unit to present and practise key lexis related to the unit topic · t wo detailed grammar sections per unit introduce and consolidate key structures supported by a grammar database · `phrase bank and `soundspot sections provide key phrases and pronunciation practice to support and enhance speaking skills · a fully comprehensive writing section which includes `language lab and `project planner sections provides guided support for all writing tasks www.macmillanenglish.com/laser sb bt tb wb laser is a five-level course designed to cater to younger exam students and now covering the entire span of secondary education it is the perfect preparation for students still at school and working towards school-leaving exams and the cambridge esol ket pet and

skills grammar vocabulary skillful reading and writing student s book 1 academic success requires so much more than memorizing facts it takes skills this means that a successful student can both learn and think critically skillful helps teachers prepare their students for academic work in english by teaching not only language ­ vocabulary and grammar ­ but the necessary skills to engage with topics texts and discourse with classmates dorothy e zemach series consultant sb skillful sb tb bt tb skillful digibook reading and listening and reading and listening and writing student s speaking student s writing teacher s speaking teacher s book digibook book digibook book digibook book digibook audio cd 9780230431928 9780230431911 9780230429819 9780230429802 9780230431942 9780230431935 9780230429925 9780230429918 9780230431966 9780230431959 9780230430037 9780230430020 9780230431980 9780230431973 9780230430143 9780230430136 foundation available sept 2013 9780230443440 9780230443433

get ready for international business andrew vaughan · dorothy e zemach new business english level a2 ­ b1 elementary to intermediate key features · t wo versions of the student s book are available with either toeic® or bec preparation and practice · a sophisticated adult approach with material that is selfstanding and which offers greater flexibility · `in business case studies create a realistic practice environment · intercultural pages explore the global professional workplace · a grammar reference section with practice tasks allows exploration of the key language points · international english get ready for international business prepares students at pre-service or early-work level with communicative transactional english for an office environment it provides functional international english for the workplace with a strong focus on listening and speaking each unit has four pages of core input mostly through listening and an additional two pages of optional material the

macmillan english dictionary 2nd edition level b2 ­ c2 upper intermediate to advanced macmillan study dictionary level b2 upper intermediate even more useful features than the multi award winning first edition the second edition includes · multi-page vocabulary building sections · clearly labelled subject-specific vocabulary · 50-page section of academic writing materials with detailed advice on achieving fluency and avoiding common errors all designed to help users become more confident writers · interactive cd-rom · e xplains the vocabulary you need for successful study in key academic subjects · almost 10,000 subject-specific words · study skills and reference sections · over 150 two-colour pictures relating to key concepts in curriculum subjects · interactive cd-rom · ideal for clil dictionaries www.macmillandictionaries.com/about/med www.macmillandictionaries.com/about/study-dictionary macmillan collocations dictionary level b2 ­ c2 upper intermediate to advanced

language policy david cassels johnson · the only book of its kind to offer an introduction and a resource for those looking for links between the research and the practice · written in an accessible way and includes an up-to-date guide to doing research in the subject · takes a `bottom-up approach to a subject which has become increasingly prevalent in recent years part of the research and practice in applied linguistics series corpora and language education lynne flowerdew · a comprehensive overview of the field and a discussion of the historical and conceptual background of corpus linguistics · critically reviews the five main approaches to corpus linguistics · includes quotations definitions and key concepts in the main text to highlight important issues and competing voices · includes ten exemplary case studies illustrating `best practices and a comprehensive list of key print and online resources part of the research and practice in applied linguistics series palgrave

macmillan dictionary online it s everything print dictionaries wish they were but never could be not in their wildest dreams clear definitions open dictionary search box gadget twitter feeds red word and star frequency system facebook pages language blog all online allall free yours audio pronunciations videos games language tips apps buzzword gadget www.macmillandictionary.com it s your english 9 780230