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e n tan gled teensept emb e r 2017 remember yesterday pintip dunn the sequel to the new york times bestselling and rita award winning novel forget tomorrow is a perfect sci-fi futuristic read seventeen-year-old jessa stone is the most valuable citizen in eden city her psychic abilities could lead to significant scientific discoveries if only she d let techra study her but after they kidnapped and experimented on her as a child cooperating with the scientists is the last thing jessa would do yo u n g ad u lt fi ction dys topian entangled teen 9/5/2017 9781633758322 $9.99 $13.99 can trade paperback 420 pages 5.4 in h 8.1 in w other available formats ebook isbn 9781633754942 hardcover isbn 9781633754959 but when she discovers the past isn t what she assumed jessa must join forces with budding scientist tanner callahan to rectify a fatal mistake made ten years ago she ll do anything to change her past even if it means aligning herself with the enemy she swore to defeat when her

e n tan gled teen oc tober 2017 27 hours tristina wright a tense fast-paced sci-fi thriller set during one 27-hour night with an entirely poc and queer cast from a bisexual author who is a diversity advocate with a growing platform rumor mora fears two things hellhounds and failure jude welton has two dreams a nightside without death and for his strange abilities to vanish but in no reality should a boy raised to love monsters fall for a boy raised to kill them yo u n g ad u lt fi ction lgbt entangled teen 10/3/2017 9781633758209 $17.99 $24.99 can hardcover 400 pages 8.1 in h 5.4 in w other available formats ebook isbn 9781633758216 nyx llorca keeps two secrets the moon speaks to her and she’s in love with her best friend braeden tennant wants two things to get out from his mother s shadow and to unlearn epsilon s darkest secret in twenty-seven hours they’ll have to stop the war between the colonies and the monsters from becoming a war of extinction or the things

e n tan gled teenn ov emb e r 2017 hide from me mary lindsey the start of a thrilling and sexy new werewolf series perfect for fans of the lux series or maggie stiefvater we all hold a beast inside the only difference is what form it takes rain ryland has lived on the streets his entire life bouncing from one homeless shelter to another so when his mother dies and a court orders him to move to a tiny town in the texas hill country to live with an aunt he’s never met he knows his life is about to change—he just has no idea how much yo u n g ad u lt fi ction werewo lv e s s h if ters entangled teen 11/7/2017 9781633758834 $17.99 $24.99 can hardcover 300 pages 8.1 in h 5.4 in w other available formats ebook isbn 9781633758841 seventeen-year-old friederike burkhart has a legacy to protect she also has a pack of wolf shifters to lead a coven of spell weavers to guard a murder to solve and a boatload of homework on top of it all the last thing she needs is a nosy human

e n tan gled teenn ov emb e r 2017 the november girl lydia kang told from the povs of the daughter of lake superior and a boy running from the violence in his life this haunting atmospheric novel is perfect for fans of bone gap or the mara dyer series a few months before his eighteenth birthday hector runs away to the remote isle royale on lake superior in the spring when he’ll be legally free from his brutal uncle he can go back to the mainland until then he’ll have to weather the vicious autumn storms and find a way to survive the hostile uninhabited island yo u n g ad u lt fi ction ro mance entangled teen 11/7/2017 9781633758261 $9.99 $13.99 can trade paperback 340 pages 8.1 in h 5.4 in w other available formats ebook isbn 9781633758278 m ar keting early arc distribution and blogger outreach glittermagrocks.com author blog tour promotion and arc distribution at all national school and library conferences local book tour of omaha nb with tonya kuper author of

e n tan gled teenn ov emb e r 2017 spies lies and allies lisa brown roberts signature humor and heart-pounding romance meet pride and prejudice in lisa brown roberts’s latest romantic comedy no one knows why julian adair left his fancy boarding school to complete his senior year at longbourn high school and he’s not about to tell anyone especially not the bossy abby bennet who runs the school service hours project with an iron fist yo u n g ad u lt fi ction romance contempo rary entangled teen 11/7/2017 9781633756984 $9.99 $13.99 can trade paperback 300 pages 8.1 in h 5.4 in w abby is determined to humble the arrogant newcomer via his service project and he’s just as determined to dodge the requirement julian came home for an important reason and the last thing he needs is a pesky do-gooder interfering in his life tempers flare and misunderstandings escalate between julian and abby and when a wave of robberies rattles the town of meryton casting suspicion

e n tan gled teendec emb e r 2017 where the sea takes me heidi r kling the sequel to heidi kling’s where i found you is a sweeping romance full of exotic locations and heart-pounding emotion it’s been three years since sienna had to leave deni on the broken shores of bande aceh indonesia three years she’s spent trying to patch together her broken heart now a freshman at stanford sienna loves her classes and her see-you-on-theweekend relationship with spider is going really well—that is until three bombs drop one spider asks sienna to transfer to his college and move in with him yo u n g ad u lt fi ction t h r ill e r s suspense entangled teen 12/5/2017 9781633758308 $9.99 $13.99 can trade paperback 340 pages 8.1 in h 5.4 in w other available formats ebook isbn 9781633758315 m ar keting participation in b&n teen’s open mic monthly series live tweeting events with heidi kling entangled teen during release week hypable.com or teenreads.com cover

from new york times bestselling author julie cross comes two series you can’t miss ‘‘ ‘‘ an enjoyably twisty romantic and thoughtful prep-school mystery — kirkus reviews chasing truth book one in the eleanor ames series julie cross pb 978-1-63375-509-3 $9.99 e 978-1-63375-508-6 $5.99 release september 6 2016 foreign rights sold italy il castro ‘‘ it will be one of those books that you ignore the world for … sherlock holmes meets james bond for this thrilling beginning to the eleanor ames series — moriah chavis ‘‘ a leisure moment off the ice julie cross pb 978-1-63375-655-7 $9.99 e 978-1-63375-656-4 $5.99 release february 28

a gripping page-turning series from new york times bestselling author ‘‘ ‘‘ pintip dunn breathtakingly creative and powerfully written — new york times bestselling ‘‘ author kristan higgins on forget tomorrow remember yesterday is freaking amazing ‘‘ — meg kassel golden heart® winning author of the upcoming novel black bird of the gallows ‘‘ a tense gripping adventure set in a future world where courage and love might not be enough to save you ‘‘ — new york times bestselling author sophie jordan on forget tomorrow forget tomorrow pintip dunn pb 978-1-63375-238-9 $9.99 e 978-1-63375-240-5 $5.99 hc 978-1-63375-238-2 $16.99 release november 3 2015 foreign rights sold france lumen brazil editora record turkeypegasus latin america diamante remember yesterday pintip dunn pb 978-1-63375-495-9 $9.99 e 978-1-63375-494-2 $5.99 hc 978-1-63375-495-9 $16.99 release october 4 2016 foreign rights sold

discover the biggest mystery of them all in the eerie new novel from cirtically aclaimed author victoria scott ‘‘ an utterly unique utterly wicked read ‘‘ — lindsay cummings #1 new york times bestselling author violet grenade victoria scott hc 978-1-63375-687-8 $17.99 e 978-1-63375-688-5 $5.99 release may 2 2017 the dante walker series the collector the liberator the warrior victoria scott victoria scott victoria scott pb 978-1-62061-242-2 $9.99 e 978-1-62061-243-9 $5.99 release april 3 2013 pb 978-1-62266-016-2 $9.99 e 978-1-62266-017-9 $5.99 release august 27 2013 pb 978-1-68281-067-5 $9.99 e 978-1-62266-279-1 $5.99 release may 6 2014 foreign rights sold germany cbt china sharp point foreign rights sold germany cbt china sharp point foreign rights sold germany cbt china sharp

at entangled publishing we believe authors who write great books should receive a majority of the profits. we also believe authors interested in the lucrative indie publishing model shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality editing commercial covers or the power of a new york-style marketing machine that’s where we come in founded by industry-savvy authors entangled publishing utilizes a bold new business model to bridge the gap between traditional and indie publishing giving our authors the best of both worlds 2614 south timberline road st 109,  we implement the agency model across all departments at entangled which fort collins, colorado 80525 means everyone from the copy editor to the marketing director has a entangledpublishing.com financial stake in your book in other words we don’t make money unless you make money rebecca mancini rights mix performance rights agent rightsmix.com rebecca mancini has been in the publishing industry for over twenty

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