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killer koalas from outer space 74 an elephant in the garden 75 ten rules for living with my sister 76­77 body of water 78 chico s challenge 79 hades 80­81 so silver bright 82 stick 83 slayers 84 blood wolf 85 harry cat and tucker mouse starring harry 119 the little brute family 120 how oliver olson changed the world 121 when zachary beaver came to town 122 the revealers 123 dreamland 124­125 my life as a book 126 under the green hill 127 what would joey pigza do 128 i am not joey pigza 129 the fantastic secret of owen jester

october christmas eve good night doug cushman find out how everyone at the north pole says good night if you were a snowman with a long carrot nose coal for your eyes and a scarf for your clothes in your bed that s zero degrees fahrenheit how would you wish your frosty papa good night everyone needs to go to bed on christmas eve even at the north pole in this joy-filled holiday romp find out how polar bears gingerbread men elves toys even santa help their little ones settle down on an exciting night doug cushman is the author and illustrator of halloween good night the dirk bones series and the aunt eater mystery series and has illustrated over one hundred books including the new york times bestseller what dads can t do he lives in paris doug-cushman.com also available picture book on sale 10/25/2011 full-color throughout ages 4­7 · grades prek­2 paper over board · 32 pages · 8 x 10 carton qty 12 isbn 978-0-8050-6603-6 · $12.99 14.99 can mcpg rights first serial second serial

from melody burning beresford had to climb and he had to do all fifty stories or melody was going to die he pulled himself up into the chase off at the end of the crawl space there was roiling fire but it was boiling up the elevator shaft and the chase that ended in the equipment room not this one this one would be clear for a while without another thought he started up climbing hand over hand pulling himself on pipes doing it the way he had always known the building shook and suddenly he was casting a long shadow ahead he didn t need to be told what this meant he threw himself into the crawl space between fifty-two and fifty-three just as a solid wall of flame came up from below and filled the chase he screamed then not because he had been burned he hadn t but because this meant only one thing melody was now hopelessly trapped timothy greenfield-sanders whitley strieber is one of the great names in science fiction he has written many bestsellers including communion the wolfen the

november mystery at sea series parrots pirates elizabeth levy illustrated by mordicai gerstein beloved children s book creators liz levy and mordicai gerstein join forces again for the second mystery at sea it s been six months since their last adventure aboard the s.s excalibur and philipa and her friend philip who happens to be the son of the ship s captain are both excited to meet the ship s new assistant cruise director herby twining herby is a real jokester the kind of guy who gets a kick out of shaking your hand with a buzzer hidden in his palm philip is quite entertained by herby and appreciates his skills as an amateur magician but when philip s expensive and rare parrot don quixote goes missing and herby seems like he might be a prime suspect suddenly philip isn t laughing anymore elizabeth levy has been writing and publishing books for over thirty years and in that time she has written over eighty books she lives in new york city elizabethlevy.com mordicai gerstein is the

september ten rules for living with my sister ann m martin ten rules for living with my sister is ann m martin s funniest book to date a tapestry of growing up and sisterly bonding with all the seams showing pearl s older sister lexie is in eighth grade and has a boyfriend pearl s only boyfriend is the family s crabby cat bitey lexie is popular pearl is not mostly because of the embarrassing three bad things that happened in school and which no one has forgotten everything pearl does seems to drive lexie crazy on top of that their grandfather is moving into their family s apartment and taking over pearl s room how will these sisters share without driving one another crazy pearl is good at making lists of rules but sometimes life doesn t play by the rules also available middle grade fiction on sale 09/27/2011 ages 9­12 · grades 4­7 hardcover · 240 pages · 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 carton qty 24 isbn 978-0-312-36766-4 · $16.99 18.99 can mcpg rights second serial book club reprint territory

december moomin and the birthday button tove jansson for budding moomin fans a winsome picture book dealing with everyone s favorite holiday pee-hoo it s my birthday moomintroll wakes up full of excitement it will surely be the most wonderful day but when his friends all seem to be too busy to help him celebrate it doesn t feel wonderful at all until a happy surprise comes knocking kids will be amused to see that even in placid moominvalley birthdays can be emotional roller-coasters based on characters and artwork created by tove jansson 1914­2001 whose moomin books have been translated from the original swedish into more than thirty languages for more information please visit moomin.com also available picture book on sale 12/6/2011 full-color throughout ages 2­6 · grades pres­1 paper over board · 32 pages · 81/4 x 101/4 carton qty 24 isbn 978-0-374-35050-5 · $12.99/ncr territory usp agent puffin uk moomin s little book of words 978-0-374-35048-2 bd $5.99/ncr moomin s

october way down deep ruth white with a touch of fairy-tale magic and a lot of heart ruth white explores just what it is that makes a place truly home a tale of magical beginnings and the everyday magic of an ordinary place populated by a colorful cast of characters worthy of dickens a story to love kirkus reviews starred review texas bluebonnet award master list a bank street best children s book of the year although ruby seemed to appear out of thin air in the summer of 1944 no one in way down deep west virginia ever worried too much about where the toddler came from they figured that if ruby s people were dumb enough to lose a child then that was their problem so ruby has led a joyful and carefree life loved and watched over by the entire town but when ruby is twelve she travels to the top of yonder mountain to learn who she really is only to find that she is bound to way down deep by something even stronger than family ties love bonus materials included see page 152 ruth white

december dragons in the waters madeleine l engle the follow-up to the arm of the star sh has simon and the o keefes trying to nd a stolen painting and a murderer all while trapped aboard a ship l engle writes a taut intricately layered novel charged with suspenseful twists and faceted into a thoughtful yet climactic conclusion booklist starred review thirteen-year-old simon renier has no idea when he boards the m.s orion with his cousin forsyth phair that their journey to venezuela will be a dangerous one his original plan to return a family heirloom a portrait of simon bolivar to its rightful place is sidetracked when cousin forsyth is found murdered when the portrait is stolen all passengers and crew are suspects simon s newfound friends poly and charles o keefe and their scientist father help simon try to find his painting and his cousin s murderer but will they succeed before they land or will the murderer and thief escape into the jungles of venezuela bonus materials included

featured backlist all time favorites picture books brown bear brown bear what do you see bill martin jr illustrated by eric carle $16.99 21.99 can 978-0-8050-1744-1 hc also available in bb big book and book and cd set panda bear panda bear what do you see bill martin jr illustrated by eric carle $16.95 18.95 can 978-0-8050-1758-8 hc also available in bb and big book the velveteen rabbit margery williams illustrated by michael hague $7.99 10.25 can 978-0-312-37750-2 tp also available in hc it s a book lane smith $12.99 15.99 can 978-1-59643-606-0 pob wherever you are my love will find you nancy tillman $16.99 16.99 can 978-0-312-54966-4 hc on the night you were born nancy tillman $16.95 21.95 can 978-0-312-34606-5 hc also available in bb carl goes shopping alexandra day $13.99 15.95 can 978-0-374-31110-0 hc also available in bb the scrambled states of america laurie keller $7.95 8.95 can 978-0-8050-6831-3 tp also available in hc brave irene william steig $6.99 7.95 can

farrar straus giroux feiwel and friends henry holt priddy books roaring brook press square fish see pages 98­99 macmillan children s publishing group art © greg call 175 fifth avenue new york ny 10010 isbn