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heart a history sandeep jauhar the bestselling author of intern and doctored tells the story of the thing that makes us tick for centuries the human heart seemed beyond our understanding an inscrutable shuddering mass that was somehow the driver of emotion and the seat of the soul as the cardiologist and bestselling author sandeep jauhar shows in heart a history it was only recently that we demolished age-old taboos and devised the transformative procedures that have changed the way we live medical farrar straus and giroux 9/18/2018 9780374168650 $27.00 $35.00 can hardcover 272 pages 22 black-and-white illustrations in text supplementary reading index carton qty 24 9 in h 6 in w brit trans dram s&s consulting 1st ser audio fsg marketing national review attention print features and profiles online features and profiles npr and radio interviews national tv interviews podcast interviews original author essays author op-eds author appearances cross-promotion with scientific

the flame poems and notebooks leonard cohen the final collection of the seminal musician and poet which he was determined to complete before his death just weeks before his death in late 2016 leonard cohen told the new yorker that he was ready for the end to come he just wanted enough time to put his last book in order fortunately that time was granted the flame is cohen’s eloquent farewell a valedictory collection of lyrics poems notebook sketches and self-portraits that maps his singular creative journey as noted in the rock and roll hall of fame’s citation “for six decades leonard cohen revealed his soul to the world through poetry and song—his deep and timeless humanity touching our very core.” literary collections farrar straus and giroux 10/2/2018 9780374156060 $28.00 hardcover 336 pages includes numerous self-portraits and other line drawings by cohen carton qty 0 8.3 in h 6.1 in w brit trans 1st ser dram the wylie agency audio fsg in

godsend a novel john wray inspired by the story of john walker lindh the “american taliban,” the whiting award–winning author john wray explores the circumstances that could impel a young american to abandon identity and home to become an islamist militant like many other eighteen-year-olds aden sawyer is intently focused on a goal escape from her hometown her plan will take her far from her mother’s claustrophobic house where the family photos have all been turned to face the wall and from the influence of her domineering father—a professor of islamic studies—and his new wife fiction farrar straus and giroux 10/9/2018 9780374164706 $26.00 $34.00 can hardcover 288 pages carton qty 0 8.3 in h 5.4 in w brit trans 1st ser dram the wylie agency audio fsg marketing library marketing campaign aden’s dream however is worlds removed from conventional fantasies of teen rebellion she is determined to travel to peshawar pakistan to study

the end of the end of the earth essays jonathan franzen a sharp and provocative new essay collection from the awardwinning author of freedom and the corrections in the end of the end of the earth which gathers essays and speeches written mostly in the past five years jonathan franzen returns with renewed vigor to the themes—both human and literary—that have long preoccupied him whether exploring his complex relationship with his uncle recounting his young adulthood in new york or offering an illuminating look at the global seabird crisis these pieces contain all the wit and disabused realism that we’ve come to expect from franzen literary collections farrar straus and giroux 11/13/2018 9780374147938 $27.00 hardcover 288 pages carton qty 0 8.3 in h 5.4 in w marketing author tour online advertising social media promotion targeted social media advertising to fans of previous books or comp authors email newsletter promotion goodreads promotion and giveaways

the patch john mcphee an “album quilt,” an artful assortment of nonfiction writings by john mcphee that have not previously appeared in any book literary collections farrar straus and giroux 11/13/2018 9780374229481 $25.00 $32.50 can hardcover 224 pages carton qty 0 8.3 in h 5.4 in w the patch is the seventh collection of essays by the nonfiction master all published by farrar straus and giroux it is divided into two parts part 1 “the sporting scene,” consists of pieces on fishing football golf and lacrosse—from fly casting for chain pickerel in fall in new hampshire to walking the linksland of st andrews at an open championship part 2 called “an album quilt,” is a montage of fragments of varying length from pieces done across the years that have never appeared in book form—occasional pieces memorial pieces reflections reminiscences and short items in various magazines including the new yorker they range from a visit to the

the poems of t s eliot volume i collected and uncollected poems t s eliot edited by christopher ricks and jim mccue a new edition of the two-volume t s eliot poems poetry farrar straus and giroux 12/4/2018 9780374235130 $30.00 trade paperback 1344 pages glossary bibliography indexes carton qty 0 9.3 in h 6.1 in w marketing academic advertising in the chronicle of higher education this critical edition of t s eliot’s poems establishes a new text of the collected poems 1909–1962 rectifying accidental omissions and errors that have crept in during the century since eliot’s astonishing debut “the love song of j alfred prufrock.” as well as the masterpieces the edition contains the poems of his youth which were rediscovered only decades later others that circulated privately during his lifetime and love poems from his final years written for his wife valerie christopher ricks and jim mccue have provided a commentary that illuminates the imaginative

james wright a life in poetry jonathan blunk the authorized and sweeping biography of one of america’s most complex influential and enduring poets in the extraordinary generation of american poets who came of age in the middle of the twentieth century james wright 1927–1980 was frequently placed at the top of the list with a fierce single-minded devotion to his work wright escaped the steel town of his depression-era childhood in the ohio valley to become a revered professor of english literature and a pulitzer prize winner but his hometown remained at the heart of his work and he courted a rough enduring muse from his vivid memories of the midwest a full-throated lyricism and classical poise became his tools honesty and unwavering compassion his trademark biography autobiography farrar straus and giroux 10/9/2018 9780374537937 $18.00 $23.50 can trade paperback 512 pages 16 pages of black-and-white illustrations frontispiece photograph notes index carton qty 0

the wine lover s daughter a memoir anne fadiman a new memoir by the celebrated essayist that explores her relationship with her father a lover of wine in the wine lover’s daughter anne fadiman examines—with all her characteristic wit and feeling—her relationship with her father clifton fadiman a renowned literary critic editor and radio host whose greatest love was wine cooking farrar straus and giroux 11/13/2018 9780374537944 $16.00 $21.00 can trade paperback 272 pages 22 black-and-white illustrations notes on sources carton qty 0 8.3 in h 5.4 in w brit trans 1st ser dram janklow nesbit associates audio fsg marketing author appearances national publicity national advertising library marketing campaign fsg first look program an appreciation of wine—along with a plummy upper-crust accent expensive suits and an encyclopedic knowledge of western literature—was an essential element of clifton fadiman’s escape from lower-middle-class

hey marfa poems jeffrey yang paintings and drawings by rackstraw downes an extraordinary lyric and visual meditation on place nature and art rippling out from marfa texas poetry graywolf press 10/2/2018 9781555978198 $20.00 $26.00 can trade paperback 184 pages carton qty 0 9 in h 7 in w brit trans audio dram graywolf press 1st ser author c/o graywolf press situated in the outreaches of southwest texas the town of marfa has long been an oasis for artists immigrants looking for work and ranchers while the ghosts of the indigenous and the borders between languages and nations are apparent everywhere the poet and translator jeffrey yang experienced the vastness of desert township sky and time itself as a profound clash of dislocation and familiarity what does it mean to survive in a physical and metaphorical desert how does a habitat long associated with wilderness and death become a center for nourishment and art out of those experiences and questions yang has fashioned a

coyote doggirl lisa hanawalt a raucous and fierce western by the bojack horseman producer/production designer and award-winning cartoonist coyote is a dreamer and a drama queen brazen and brave faithful yet fiercely independent she beats her own drum and sews her own crop tops a gifted equestrian she’s half dog half coyote and all power with the help of her trusty steed red there’s not much that’s too big for her to bite off chew up and spit out right into your face if you deserve it but when coyote and red find themselves on the run from a trio of vengeful bad dogs get clobbered by arrows and are tragically separated our protagonist is left fighting for her life and longing for her displaced best friend taken in by a wolf clan coyote may be wounded but it’s not long before she’s back on the open road to track down red and tackle the dogs who wronged her comics graphic novels drawn and quarterly 9/18/2018 9781770463257 $19.95 hardcover 160 pages

notes from no man s land american essays eula biss .62 osborn john jay listen to the marriage a novel 13 patch the john mcphee 32 peaches goes it alone poems frederick seidel 26 phillips brian impossible owls essays 36 phillips rowan ricardo the circuit 28 piranhas the the boy bosses of naples a novel roberto saviano 2 poems of t s eliot volume i the collected and uncollected poems t s eliot 38 poems of t s eliot volume ii the practical cats and further verses t s eliot 39 pyongyang a journey in north korea guy delisle 67 ramp hollow the ordeal of appalachia steven stoll 50 ravenmaster the life with the ravens at the tower of london christopher skaife 12 reckless daughter a portrait of joni mitchell david yaffe