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young god a novel katherine faw morris stripped down and stylized winter s bone plus less than zero the sharpest boldest brashest debut of the year fiction farrar straus and giroux 5/6/2014 9780374534233 $24.00 $27.50 can hardback 208 pages carton qty 12 6.000 in w 9.000 in h brit trans dram the gernert company 1st ser audio fsg marketing author appearances national publicity l national advertising l library marketing campaign l advance reader s edition l l meet nikki the most determined young woman in the carolina hills she s determined not to let the expectations of society set her future determined to use all the limited tools at her disposal to shape the world to her will determined to preserve her family s domination of the local drug trade despite the fact that her parents are gone nikki is thirteen years old opening with a deathdefying plunge off a high cliff into a tiny swimming hole young god refuses to slow down for a moment as it charts nikki s battles against the

carsick john waters hitchhikes across america john waters a crosscountry hitchhiking journey with america s most beloved weirdo travel farrar straus and giroux 6/3/2014 9780374298630 $26.00 $30.00 can hardback 336 pages carton qty 12 5.500 in w 8.250 in h brit trans dram william morris endeavor entertainment 1st ser audio fsg marketing author appearances national publicity l national advertising l l john waters is putting his life on the line armed with wit a pencilthin mustache and a cardboard sign that reads i m not psycho he hitchhikes across america from baltimore to san francisco braving lonely roads and treacherous drivers but who should we be more worried about the delicate film director with genteel manners or the unsuspecting travelers transporting the pope of trash before he leaves for this bizarre adventure waters fantasizes about the best and worst possible scenarios a friendly drug dealer hands over piles of cash to finance films with no questions asked a

the city under the skin a novel geoff nicholson a cartographic thriller with so many twists and turns it requires its own map fiction farrar straus and giroux 6/3/2014 9780374169046 $25.00 $29.00 can hardback 272 pages carton qty 0 5.500 in w 8.250 in h brit trans 1st ser audio fsg dram union literary marketing l national advertising a cartographyobsessed misfit clerk from an antique map store in a district that s not quite trendy yet a bold young woman chasing the answer to a question she can t quite formulate a petty criminal hoping the parking lot he s just purchased is the ticket to a new life of respectability with his schoolage daughter a ruthless but vulnerable killer and his disgruntled accomplice in the city under the skin it s not fate that will bind these characters together but something more concrete and sinister the appearance of a group of mysterious women their backs crudely and extensively tattooed with maps they have been kidnapped marked and released

jacket cover sweetheart gone to see the president an unconventional marriage lucinda franks an intimate look at one of new york s most defiant iconoclastic couples and the trials and successes of their marriage biography autobiography sarah crichton books 8/19/2014 9780374280802 $27.00 $31.00 can hardback 416 pages carton qty 12 6.000 in w 9.000 in h brit trans dram markson thoma literary agency 1st ser audio sarah crichton books marketing author appearances national publicity l new york city regional publicity l national advertising l l to say that robert morgenthau and lucinda franks are opposites feels like an understatement she was a radical selfstyled hippie and he is new york s famous district attorney a legal luminary of the establishment she s a prizewinning new york times journalist who has chained herself to fences bloodied draft files and otherwise broken the law for her beliefs and he is a secret iconoclast who could have put her in jail sweetheart gone to see

nobody is ever missing a novel catherine lacey you can run all the way to new zealand but eventually you ll catch up with yourself fiction fsg originals 7/8/2014 9780374534493 $14.00 $16.00 can paperback softback 256 pages carton qty 32 5.000 in w 7.500 in h brit trans 1st ser dram the wylie agency audio fsg marketing author appearances national advertising l fsg originals preview edition l l without telling her family elyria takes a oneway flight to new zealand abruptly leaving her stable but unfulfilling life in manhattan as her husband scrambles to figure out what happened to her elyria hurtles into the unknown testing fate by hitchhiking tacitly being swept into the lives of strangers and sleeping in fields forests and public parks her risky and often surreal encounters with the people and wildlife of new zealand propel elyria deeper into her deteriorating mind haunted by her sister s death and consumed by an inner violence her growing rage remains so expertly concealed

my beloved brontosaurus on the road with old bones new science and our favorite dinosaurs brian switek paleontology meets pop culture in a talented young author s journey into the lives of dinosaurs science scientific american farrar straus and giroux 3/4/2014 9780374534264 $16.00 $18.50 can paperback softback 272 pages carton qty 20 5.810 in w 8.200 in h brit trans audio dram sciam/fsg dinosaurs haunt museum halls stomp across movie screens and adorn just about any product you can name despite groundbreaking discoveries the dinosaurs of our childhood are entrenched in our minds and new science struggles to overcome the inaccurate monsters of jurassic park in my beloved brontosaurus the brilliant dinosaur fanatic brian switek investigates the tension between dinosaurs as scientific objects and pop culture icons as he introduces us to the latest theories in paleontology from how dinosaurs had sex to what colors they were and just how they got so big to understand why they

on democracy s doorstep the inside story of how the supreme court brought one person one vote to the united states j douglas smith the inside story of the supreme court decisions that brought true democracy to the united states political science hill and wang 6/10/2014 9780809074235 $30.00 $34.50 can hardback 384 pages carton qty 0 6.000 in w 9.000 in h brit trans 1st ser audio dram hill and wang marketing l l national publicity national advertising today earl warren is recalled as the chief justice of a supreme court that introduced school desegregation and other dramatic changes to american society in retirement however warren argued that his court s greatest accomplishment was establishing the principle of one person one vote in state legislative and congressional redistricting malapportionment warren recognized subverted the will of the majority privileging rural voters and often business interests and whites over others in declaring nearly all state legislatures

the reef a passionate history the great barrier reef from captain cook to climate change iain mccalman a journey into the wonders of the great barrier reef as experienced by explorers scientists and artists science scientific american farrar straus and giroux 5/20/2014 9780374248192 $26.00 $30.00 can hardback 352 pages carton qty 12 6.000 in w 9.000 in h brit trans anderson literary management inc 1st ser audio dram sciam/fsg marketing national publicity national advertising l web marketing campaign l l the great barrier reef is the most spectacular marine environment on earth a true wonder of the world yet the history of our encounters with it has long been elusive in the reef the acclaimed historian and explorer iain mccalman recounts in full the dramatic story of the reef and the people who have been captivated by it for two centuries the reef is a narrative told through the lives of twenty intrepid souls from captain james cook and his voyage across a mysterious coral

the search a novel geoff dyer a short brilliant novel the search offers more in 150 pages than most books twice that length the guardian walker meets rachel at a glamorous party by the bay when she turns up at his apartment two days later there is a hint of erotic promise in the air but it isn t walker she wants at least not yet her husband malory has gone missing and she wants walker to find him so begins walker s quest as well as this beautiful novel that takes our hardboiled knight across the vast landscape of an imaginary middle america that begins subtly to morph into something stranger walker s search intensifies and soon it seems that somebody else is searching for him in the search his second novel geoff dyer concocts a sophisticated and enthralling narrative puzzle geoff dyer is the author of jeff in venice death in varanasi and three previous novels as well as nine nonfiction books he won a national book critics circle award in 2012 for otherwise known as the human

showa 19391944 a history of japan shigeru mizuki translated from the japanese by zack davisson a master cartoonist and war vet details japan s involvement in world war ii showa 1939­1944 a history of japan continues the awardwinning author shigeru mizuki s autobiographical and historical account of showaera japan this volume covers the final moments of the leadup to world war ii and the first few years of the pacific war and is a chilling reminder of the harshness of life in japan during this highly militarized epoch mizuki writes affectingly about the impact on the japanese populace of worldchanging moments including the devastating second sinojapanese war the attack on pearl harbor and the first half of the pacific war on a personal level these years mark a dramatic transformation in mizuki s life too his idyllic childhood in the countryside comes to a definitive end when he s drafted into the army and shipped off to the tiny island of rabaul in papua new guinea his life becomes a