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apple tree yard a novel louise doughty an intelligent erotically charged thriller with deep moral implications fiction sarah crichton books 1/14/2014 9780374105679 $26.00 hardback 336 pages carton qty 20 6.000 in w 9.000 in h brit faber and faber u.k trans dram antony harwood literary agency ltd 1st ser audio sarah crichton books marketing l l l yvonne carmichael renowned geneticist public authority happily married mother of two sits in the accused box the charge is murder across the courtroom not meeting her eye sits her alleged accomplice he wears the beautiful pinstriped suit he wore on their first meeting in the houses of parliament when he put his hand on her elbow guided her to a deserted and ancient chapel and began to undress her as the barrister s voice grows low and sinuous yvonne realizes she s lost herself and the life she d built so carefully to a man who never existed at all after their first liaison yvonne s lover tells her very little about himself but she

strange bodies a novel marcel theroux a dizzying novel of deception and metempsychosis by the author of the national book award finalist far north fiction farrar straus and giroux 2/4/2014 9780374270650 $26.00 hardback 304 pages carton qty 12 5.500 in w 8.250 in h brit trans faber and faber ltd u.k 1st ser audio fsg dram curtis brown whatever this is it started when nicholas slopen came back from the dead in a locked ward of a notorious psychiatric hospital sits a man who insists that he is dr nicholas slopen failed husband and impoverished samuel johnson scholar slopen has been dead for months yet nothing can make this man change his story what begins as a tale of apparent forgery involving unseen letters by the great dr johnson grows to encompass a conspiracy between a silicon valley mogul and his russian allies to exploit the darkest secret of soviet technology the malevin procedure with echoes of both jorge luis borges and philip k dick marcel theroux s strange bodies

war what is it good for conflict and the progress of civilization from primates to robots ian morris a powerful and provocative exploration of how war has changed our society for the better history farrar straus and giroux 4/15/2014 9780374286002 $30.00 $34.50 can hardback 512 pages 53 blackandwhite illustrations/27 maps/notes/further reading/bibliography/index carton qty 12 6.000 in w 9.000 in h brit trans dram sandra dijkstra literary agency 1st ser audio fsg marketing l author appearances west coast chicago washington d.c new york city dallas kansas city boston including global affairs councils war what is it good for absolutely nothing says the famous song but archaeology history and biology show that war in fact has been good for something surprising as it sounds war has made humanity safer and richer in war what is it good for the renowned historian and archaeologist ian morris tells the gruesome gripping story of fifteen thousand years of war going behind the

off course a novel michelle huneven from the author of blame a new novel about the unexpected damage inflicted by romantic entanglements fiction sarah crichton books 4/1/2014 9780374224479 $26.00 $30.00 can hardback 304 pages carton qty 20 6.000 in w 9.000 in h brit trans 1st ser dram the wylie agency audio sarah crichton books marketing select author appearances west coast national publicity l national advertising l web marketing campaign l l l it s the early 1980s reagan is in the white house and his trickledown theory is gaining traction in the national psyche cressida hartley twentyeight a phd candidate in economics has moved to her parents shabby aframe in the sierras hoping to finish her dissertation about art in the marketplace though she came seeking solitude she finds herself increasingly drawn into the life of the small mountain community and she s seduced by a local lodge owner jakey yates a big burly immensely attractive man in his late forties rick garsh the

the unwinding an inner history of the new america george packer the paperback edition of the acclaimed new york times bestseller political science farrar straus and giroux 3/4/2014 9780374534608 $16.00 $18.50 can paperback softback 448 pages note on sources carton qty 0 5.500 in w 8.250 in h brit dram anderson literary management inc trans audio fsg marketing author tour national publicity l national advertising llll our american democracy is beset by a sense of crisis seismic economic shifts during a single generation have created a country of winners and losers leaving the social contract in pieces and setting citizens adrift to find new paths forward in the unwinding george packer narrates the story of this america over the past three decades with his characteristically sharp eye for detail and gift for weaving together complex narratives the unwinding journeys through the lives of several americans including dean price the son of tobacco farmers and an evangelist for a

jacket cover picking up on the streets and behind the trucks with the sanitation workers of new york city robin nagle meticulous [nagle s passion for the subject really comes to life the new york times social science farrar straus and giroux 3/18/2014 9780374534271 $15.00 $17.00 can paperback softback 304 pages 8 pages of blackandwhite illustrations/map/glossary/notes/sources/index carton qty 24 5.688 in w 8.688 in h brit trans audio dram tessler literary agency llc new york city produces more than twelve thousand tons of household trash and recyclables a day as quickly as it accumulates it s hauled away but who makes that happen what s life like for the workers with careers built around garbage in picking up the anthropologist robin nagle takes us inside new york city s department of sanitation a largely unseen and often unloved army responsible for keeping the city alive nagle spent a decade with sanitation people of all ranks to learn what it takes to manage gotham

the genius of earth day how a 1970 teachin unexpectedly made the first green generation adam rome rome s genial new book brings to life another era nicholas lemann the new yorker nature north point press 4/15/2014 9780865477742 $17.00 $19.00 can paperback softback 368 pages 8 pages of blackandwhite illustrations/notes/note on sources/index carton qty 24 5.313 in w 8.000 in h brit trans audio dram hill and wang the first earth day is the most famous littleknown event in modern american history because we still pay ritual homage to the planet every april 22 everyone knows something about earth day some people may also know that earth day 1970 made the environmental movement a major force in american political life but no one has told the whole story before the story of the first earth day is inspiring it had a power a freshness and a seriousness of purpose that are difficult to imagine today earth day 1970 created an entire green generation thousands of earth day

jacket cover mfa vs nyc two cultures of american fiction edited by chad harbach chad harbach and contributors map out the two cultures of american fiction mfa programs and nyc publishing in a widely read essay entitled mfa vs nyc bestselling novelist chad harbach the art of fielding argued that the american literary scene has split into two cultures new york publishing versus university mfa programs this book brings together established writers mfa professors and students and new york editors and agents to talk about these overlapping worlds and the ways writers make or fail to make a living within them should you seek an advanced degree or will workshops smother your style do you need to move to new york or will the high cost of living undo you what s worse having a day job or having no health insurance how do agents decide what to represent will big publishing survive how has the rise of mfa programs affected american fiction the expert contributors including george saunders

constellations a play nick payne a singular astonishment john lahr the new yorker one relationship infinite possibilities in the beginning marianne and roland meet at a party they go for a drink or perhaps they don t they fall madly in love and start dating but eventually they break up after a chance encounter in a supermarket they get back together or maybe they run into each other and marianne reveals that she s now engaged to someone else and that s that or perhaps roland is engaged maybe they get married or maybe their time together will be tragically short nick payne s constellations is a play about free will and friendship it s also about quantum multiverse theory love and honey drama faber faber 6/10/2014 9780865477711 $15.00 $17.00 can paperback softback 96 pages carton qty 56 5.500 in w 8.250 in h brit trans faber and faber ltd 1st ser fsg audio dram william morris endeavor entertainment nick payne is the author of the plays if there is i haven t found it yet

the earth avails poems mark wunderlich the anticipated new book by mark wunderlich whose poetry reminds us how fully the spirit can illuminate the depths the new yorker with your sorghum broom you sweetened my path pulled the woolen shawl around me while i slept that the lightning struck the willow and did not fall for this i am grateful from heavenletter the earth avails evokes an allbutlost history when every setting thought and action was imbued with ritual here s the prayer said in a time of sickness here s the blessing spoken upon entering the house here s the letter from heaven that protects its holder from harm and misfortune rendered in part from folkloric and historical sources mark wunderlich s poems reinvent these traditions with lyrical and emotive force for a new century of readers mark wunderlich is the author of two previous poetry collections voluntary servitude and the anchorage winner of the lambda literary award he teaches at bennington college and lives in

mclane maureen n this blue poems 33 mfa vs nyc two cultures of american fiction 65 mohamed nadifa the orchard of lost souls a novel 23 mood indigo a novel boris vian 55 more than conquerors a memoir of lost arguments megan hustad 17 morris ian war what is it good for conflict and the progress of civilization from primates to robots 22 mounk yascha stranger in my own country a jewish family in modern germany 6 mount terminus a novel david grand 20 my beloved brontosaurus on the road with old bones new science and our favorite dinosaurs brian switek 60 my bright abyss meditation of a modern believer christian wiman 49 nagle robin picking up on the streets and behind the trucks with the sanitation workers of new york city 47 neuman andrés talking to ourselves a