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in these times living in britain through the french wars 17931815 jenny uglow a beautifully observed history of the british home front during the napoleonic wars by a celebrated historian we know the thrilling terrible stories of the battles of the napoleonic wars but what of those left behind the people on a norfolk farm in a yorkshire mill a welsh iron foundry an irish village a london bank a scottish mountain the aristocrats and paupers old and young butchers and bakers and candlestick makers how did the war touch their lives jenny uglow the prizewinning author of the lunar men and nature s engraver follows the gripping backandforth of the first global war but turns the news upside down seeing how it reached the people illustrated by the satires of gillray and rowlandson and the paintings of turner and constable and combining the familiar voices of austen wordsworth scott and byron with others lost in the crowd in these times delves into the archives to tell the moving story of

philosophy farrar straus and giroux 2/3/2015 9780374281069 $25.00 $28.99 can hardback 272 pages notes carton qty 0 5.500 in w 8.250 in h brit audio fsg trans 1st ser dram susan golomb literary agency love and lies an essay on truthfulness deceit and the growth and care of erotic love clancy martin a provocative and unsettling look at the nature of love and deception is it possible to love well without lying at least since socrates s discourse on love in plato s symposium philosophers have argued that love can lead us to the truth about ourselves and the ones we love but in the practical experience of erotic love and perhaps especially in marriage we find that love and lies often work hand in hand and that it may be difficult to sustain long term romantic love without deception both of oneself and of others drawing on contemporary philosophy psychoanalysis and cognitive neuroscience his own personal experience and such famed and diverse writers on love as shakespeare

fiction farrar straus and giroux 3/10/2015 9780374146740 $26.00 $29.99 can hardback 336 pages carton qty 0 6.000 in w 9.000 in h brit trans dram agencia literaria carmen balcells 1st ser 2nd ser audio fsg the discreet hero a novel mario vargas llosa translated from the spanish by edith grossman the latest masterpiece perceptive funny insightful affecting from the nobel prize­winning author nobel laureate mario vargas llosa s newest novel the discreet hero follows two fascinating characters whose lives are destined to intersect neat endearing felícito yanaqué a small businessman in piura peru who finds himself the victim of blackmail and ismael carrera a successful owner of an insurance company in lima who cooks up a plan to avenge himself against the two lazy sons who want him dead felícito and ismael are each in his own way quiet discreet rebels honorable men trying to seize control of their destinies in a social and political climate where all can seem set in stone

nothing to declare poems henri cole a bold new collection of poems of feral beauty and intense vulnerability the poems in henri cole s ninth book nothing to declare explore life and need and delight each poem starts up from its own unique occasion and is then conducted through surprising sometimes unnerving and selfsteadying domains the result is a daring delicate unguarded and tender collection after his last three books touch blackbird and wolf and middle earth in which the sonnet was a thrown shape and not merely a template cole s buoyant new poems seem trim and terse with a firstplace lastditch resonance in their sorrowful richness they combine a susceptibility to sensuousness and an awareness of desolation with precise reliability of detail a supple wealth of sound and a speculative truthfulness cole transforms the pain of experience into the keen pleasure of expressive language nothing to declare is a rare work necessary and durable light in touch but with just enough weight to

unlikely warrior a jewish soldier in hitler s army georg rauch an astounding memoir about a jewish teenager forced to become a german soldier juvenile nonfiction farrar straus and giroux byr 2/24/2015 9780374301422 $17.99 $20.50 can hardback 256 pages includes black and white illustrations carton qty 24 5.500 in w 8.250 in h as a young adult in wartime vienna georg rauch helped his mother hide dozens of jews from the nazis behind false walls in their topfloor apartment and arrange for their safe transport out of the country his family was among the few who worked underground to resist nazi rule then came the day he was shipped out to fight on the eastern front as part of the german infantry in spite of his having confessed his own jewish ancestry thus begins the incredible journey of a young man thrust unwillingly into an unjust war who must use his smarts skills and bareknuckled determination to stay alive in the trenches avoid starvation and exposure during the brutal russian

marshlands a novel matthew olshan a first novel of considerable maturity powerful original cunningly constructed and timely julian barnes fiction farrar straus and giroux 2/10/2015 9780374535056 $14.00 $15.99 can paperback softback 176 pages carton qty 0 5.500 in w 8.250 in h brit trans audio fsg dram the gernert company after years alone in a cell an aging prisoner is released without explanation expelled into a great city now utterly unfamiliar to him broken by years of brutality at the hands of the prison guards he scrounges for scraps sleeping wild until a museum curator rescues him from an assault the museum has just opened its most controversial exhibit a perfect replica of the marshes an expansive wilderness still wracked by conflict there the man had spent years as a doctor among the hated and feared marshmen who have been colonized but never conquered then marshlands reveals one of its many surprises it is written in reverse the novel leaps backward once twice

this blue poems maureen n mclane a vital exhilarating new collection of poems from the national book critics circle award nominee poetry farrar straus and giroux 3/31/2015 9780374535193 $14.00 $15.99 can paperback softback 128 pages carton qty 20 5.500 in w 8.250 in h brit trans audio dram fsg from lichens to malls to merchant republics it s another day in this here cosmos in maureen n mclane s stunning third poetry collection this blue here are songs for and of a new century poems both archaic and wholly now in the middle of life stationed in our common terran life the poet conjures urban pigeons adirondack mountains genoa andalucía belfast parma here is a world sounded out broken possibly shareable newly named take it up old adam everyday the world exists to be named this blue is a searching and a singing intricate sexy smart maureen n mclane is the author of two collections of poetry same life fsg 2008 and world enough fsg 2010 her book my poets fsg 2012 a

biography autobiography faber faber 4/14/2015 9780865477674 $26.00 $29.99 can hardback 288 pages carton qty 0 5.500 in w 8.250 in h brit trans dram grasset fasquelle 1st ser 2nd ser audio fsg birth of a theorem a mathematical adventure cédric villani translated from the french by malcolm debevoise an intimate look inside a mathematician s mind as he wrestles with the theorem that will make his reputation cédric villani is a rockstar mathematician an intellect of unusual depth and breadth he is the director of france s greatest mathematics research institute in 2010 he received the fields medal the most coveted prize in mathematics for his proofs resolving one of the most controversial theories of classical physics birth of a theorem is his own account of the year leading up to the award it invites readers inside the mind of a genius as he wrestles with the most important work of his career but you don t have to understand nonlinear landau damping to love birth of a

dark lies the island stories kevin barry outstanding [these stories triumph they are funny sad troubling illuminating often in equal measure ­­ financial times kevin barry s deliciously wicked collection dark lies the island delivers on the many reckless promises made by his virtuosic and prizewinning debut novel city of bohane it firmly establishes him as both a worldclass word slinger and a masterful storyteller kevin barry isn t sparing with his powers even his throwaway lines are keepers the new york times he does humor he does high drama he even dabbles in horror of a kind and he can handle just about any other narrative form you might think of ­­ star tribune minneapolis barry s best short stories are like a spade to the face [he earns comparison with the great and shamefully neglected v s pritchett whose short stories also employed pronounced comic means for serious compassionate ends ­­the guardian kevin barry is the author of the novel city of bohane

first year healthy michael deforge a mysterious unsettling parable from one of north america s most popular cartoonists first year healthy purports to be the story of a young woman recently released from the hospital after an outburst and her burgeoning relationship with an odd perhaps criminal turkish immigrant in a scant fortyfive pages working with a vibrant otherworldly palette of magentas yellows and grays michael deforge brings to life a world whose shifting realities are as treacherous as the thin ice its narrator walks on first year healthy is all it appears to be and more a parable about mental illness a folktale about magical cats and a bizarre compelling story about relationships deforge s singular voice and vision have in a few short years rocketed his work to the apex of the contemporary comics canon ant colony was his first book with drawn quarterly it appeared on the new york times graphic bestseller list and was lauded by the chicago tribune the globe and mail and