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falling ill last poems c k williams a capstone to an unforgettable career over the past half century the great shape-shifting poet c k williams took upon himself the poet’s task to record with candor and ardor “the burden of being alive.” in falling ill his final volume of poems he brings this task to its conclusion bearing witness to a restless mind’s encounter with the brute fact of the body’s decay the spirit’s erasure poetry farrar straus and giroux 1/3/2017 9780374152208 $23.00 $32.99 can hardcover 64 pages carton qty 52 9 in h 6 in w brit trans 1st ser audio dram fsg marketing national advertising poetry advertising campaign written with unsparing lyricism and relentless discursive logic these brave poems face unflinchingly “the dreadful edge of a precipice” where a futureless future stares back urgent unpunctuated headlong vertiginous they race against time to trace the sinuous startling twists and turns of

six four a novel hideo yokoyama translated from the japanese by jonathan lloyd-davies the nightmare no parent could endure the case no detective could solve the twist no reader could predict for five days in january 1989 the parents of a seven-year-old tokyo schoolgirl sat and listened to the demands of their daughter’s kidnapper they would never learn his identity they would never see their daughter again fiction farrar straus and giroux 2/7/2017 9780374265519 $27.00 hardcover 576 pages carton qty 12 9 in h 6 in w brit trans audio dram quercus publishing plc 1st ser fsg marketing national publicity national advertising library marketing campaign advance reader’s edition for the fourteen years that followed the japanese public listened to the police’s apologies they would never forget the botched investigation that became known as six four they would never forgive the authorities for their failure for one week in late 2002 the press officer attached to

the novel of the century the extraordinary adventure of les misérables david bellos the definitive biography of the world’s most popular novel literary criticism farrar straus and giroux 3/7/2017 9780374223236 $27.00 hardcover 352 pages black-and-white illustrations time line notes works cited index carton qty 20 9 in h 6 in w 19 putting a century of scholarship on one of the world’s most enduring popular novels into accessible narrative form this new approach to a classic of world literature is written for a wide general readership packed full of information about the book’s origins and later career on stage and screen the novel of the century brings to life the extraordinary story of how victor hugo managed to write his novel of the downtrodden despite a revolution a coup d’état and political exile how he pulled off the deal of the century to get it published and how he set it on course to become the novel that epitomizes the grand sweep of

hell s traces one murder two families thirty-five holocaust memorials victor ripp an unsentimental meditation on memory and loss that recounts the author’s search for a holocaust memorial that speaks to the death of his young cousin in july 1942 the french police in paris acting for the german military government arrested victor ripp’s three-year-old cousin two months later alexandre was killed in auschwitz to try to make sense of this act ripp looks at it through the prism of family history in addition to alexandre ten members of ripp’s family on his father’s side died in the holocaust the family on his mother’s side numbering thirty people was in berlin when hitler came to power without exception they escaped the final solution history farrar straus and giroux 3/21/2017 9780865478336 $25.00 hardcover 224 pages map notes selected bibliography carton qty 0 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit audio fsg trans 1st ser dram melanie jackson agency marketing

romanian notebook cyrus console a diaristic exploration of procrastination pregnancy and art the day before cyrus console and his pregnant wife leave for a monthlong visit to romania they receive troubling news—the fetus she’s carrying is at elevated risk for down syndrome as the trip unfolds his worry spirals into broader meditations on parenthood language addiction love marriage and the passage and management of time in and among the cities of roman iasi and bucharest console chronicles his loving but comically awkward interactions with friends and family taking place as they do in a language and culture unfamiliar to him biography autobiography fsg originals 3/21/2017 9780865478305 $13.00 trade paperback 160 pages carton qty 52 7.5 in h 5 in w brit trans 1st ser audio dram fsg the resulting travel diary moves beyond daily life to delve into the enigmas of art suffering creativity and family mixing memory with acute observations on everything from chess and

war music an account of homer s iliad christopher logue edited by christopher reid a remarkable hybrid of translation adaptation and invention “your life at every instant up for— gone and candidly who gives a toss your heart beats strong your spirit grips,” writes christopher logue in his original version of homer’s iliad the uncanny “translation of translations” that won ecstatic and unparalleled acclaim as “the best translation of homer since pope’s” the new york review of books poetry farrar straus and giroux 1/10/2017 9780374536817 $16.00 trade paperback 352 pages appendix carton qty 24 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit trans david godwin associates audio fsg marketing poetry advertising campaign logue’s account of homer’s iliad is a radical reimagining and reconfiguration of homer’s tale of warfare human folly and the power of the gods in language and verse that is emphatically modern and

the poetry of yehuda amichai yehuda amichai edited by robert alter the largest english-language collection to date from israel’s finest poet few poets have demonstrated as persuasively as yehuda amichai why poetry matters one of the major poets of the twentieth century amichai created remarkably accessible poems vivid in their evocation of the israeli landscape and historical predicament yet universally resonant his are some of the most moving love poems written in any language in the past two generations—some exuberant some powerfully erotic many suffused with sadness over separation that casts its shadow on love in a country torn by armed conflict these poems poignantly assert the preciousness of private experience cherished under the repeated threats of violence and death poetry farrar straus and giroux 4/4/2017 9780374536589 $18.00 $25.00 can trade paperback 576 pages index of titles and first lines carton qty 20 9 in h 6 in w brit fsg trans audio dram the

encircling a novel carl frode tiller translated from the norwegian by barbara j haveland the brilliant first novel in the encircling trilogy a searing psychological portrait of a man by his friends david has lost his memory when a newspaper ad asks his friends and family to share their memories of him three respond jon his closest friend silje his teenage girlfriend and arvid his estranged stepfather their letters reveal david’s early life in the small town of namsos full of teenage rebellion the uncertainties of first love and intense experiments in art and music fiction graywolf press 2/21/2017 9781555977627 $16.00 $22.99 can trade paperback 336 pages carton qty 0 8 in h 5.3 in w brit sort of books trans dram inkwell management 1st ser audio graywolf press marketing national publicity national advertising bookseller outreach library marketing campaign social media campaign promotion on graywolf website as the narrative circles ever closer to david the letters

whereas poems layli long soldier the astonishing powerful debut by the winner of a 2016 whiting writers award whereas her birth signaled the responsibility as mother to teach what it is to be lakota therein the question what did i know about being lakota signaled panic blood rush my embarrassment what did i know of our language but pieces would i teach her to be pieces until a friend comforted don’t worry you and your daughter will learn together today she stood sunlight on her shoulders lean and straight to share a song in diné her father’s language to sing she motions simultaneously with her hands i watch her be in multiple musics poetry —from “whereas statements” graywolf press 3/7/2017 9781555977672 $16.00 $22.99 can trade paperback 114 pages carton qty 0 9 in h 7 in w brit trans audio dram graywolf press 1st ser author c/o graywolf press whereas confronts the coercive language of the united states government in its responses treaties

sticks angelica folk hero michael deforge a johnson has his boswell and every sticks angelica has her michael deforge comics graphic novels drawn and quarterly 3/21/2017 9781770462700 $21.95 hardcover 96 pages two-color illustrations throughout carton qty 0 5.8 in h 10.9 in w 3 photos brit trans 1st ser audio dram d+q marketing national publicity 70 hardcover sticks angelica is in her own words “49 years old former olympian poet scholar sculptor minister activist governor general entrepreneur line cook headmistress mountie columnist libertarian cellist.” after a high-profile family scandal sticks escapes to the woods to live in what would be relative isolation were it not for the many animals that surround and inevitably annoy her sticks is an arrogant self-obsessed force who wills herself on the flora and fauna there is a rabbit named oatmeal who harbors an unrequited love for her a pair of kissing geese a crossdressing moose absurdly named lisa hanawalt when a

paley grace a grace paley reader stories essays and poetry 13 poetry of yehuda amichai the yehuda amichai 48 postcapitalism a guide to our future paul mason 42 post-widget society the economic possibilities for our children lawrence h summers 28 raeburn paul the game theorist s guide to parenting how the science of strategic thinking can help you deal with the toughest negotiators you know your kids 53 rage for order a the middle east in turmoil from tahrir square to isis robert f worth 51 raverat anna lover a novel 20 raymond jon freebird a novel 55 ripp victor hell s traces one murder two families thirtyfive holocaust memorials 26 rochman bonnie the gene machine how genetic technologies are changing the way we have kids and the kids we have 11 romanian notebook cyrus