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encircling a novel carl frode tiller translated from the norwegian by barbara j haveland the brilliant first novel in the encircling trilogy a searing psychological portrait of a man by his friends david has lost his memory when a newspaper ad asks his friends and family to share their memories of him three respond jon his closest friend silje his teenage girlfriend and arvid his estranged stepfather their letters reveal david’s early life in the small town of namsos full of teenage rebellion the uncertainties of first love and intense experiments in art and music fiction graywolf press 2/21/2017 9781555977627 $16.00 $22.99 can trade paperback 336 pages carton qty 0 8 in h 5.3 in w brit sort of books trans dram inkwell management 1st ser audio graywolf press marketing national publicity national advertising bookseller outreach library marketing campaign social media campaign promotion on graywolf website as the narrative circles ever closer to david the letters interweave with scenes from the present day and it becomes less and less clear what to believe jon’s and silje’s adult lives have run aground on thwarted ambition and failed intimacy and arvid has had a lonely struggle with cancer each has suspect motives for writing and soon a contradictory picture of david emerges whose remembrance of him is right or do they all hold some fragment of the truth carl frode tiller’s masterful opening novel to the encircling trilogy won the european prize for literature the english pen award and the hunger prize encircling with david as its brooding central enigma confronts the relativity of memory in an audacious and daring novel that reveals the shape of a life and leaves us wanting more carl frode tiller is the author of five novels and four plays books in the encircling trilogy have won the brage prize and the norwegian critics prize for literature and have been translated into multiple languages he lives in trondheim norway praise “drills into human nature with sensibility painful honesty and accurate prose a rare talent.” —jo nesbø “you could even dub tiller the anti-knausgaard in place of the latter’s heroic solipsism his chorus of voices yields a prismatic multifaceted view of personal identity.” —the independent 56 paperback original graywolf press february 2017