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the transition a novel luke kennard “the sort of book that cuts you off from your family and has you walking blindly through seven lanes of traffic with your face pressed obliviously to the page.” —james marriott the times london do you or your partner spend more than you earn have your credit card debts evolved into collection letters has either of you received a court summons has either of you considered turning to a life of a crime you are not alone we know we can help welcome to the transition fiction farrar straus and giroux 1/9/2018 9780374278717 $27.00 $35.00 can hardcover 336 pages carton qty 20 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit trans dram rogers coleridge white ltd 1st ser audio fsg marketing national publicity national advertising web marketing campaign fsg first look program while taking part in the transition you and your partner will spend six months living under the supervision of your mentors two successful adults of a slightly older generation freed

two sisters a father his daughters and their journey into the syrian jihad Åsne seierstad translated from the norwegian by seán kinsella the riveting story of two sisters’ journey to the islamic state and the father who tries to bring them home political science farrar straus and giroux 3/13/2018 9780374279677 $27.00 $35.00 can hardcover 352 pages carton qty 20 9 in h 6 in w brit trans 1st ser audio dram the wylie agency marketing author appearances national publicity national advertising web marketing campaign two sisters by the international bestselling author Åsne seierstad tells the unforgettable story of a family divided by faith sadiq and sara somali immigrants raising a family in norway one day discover that their teenage daughters leila and ayan have vanished—and are en route to syria to aid the islamic state seierstad’s riveting account traces the sisters’ journey from secular social democratic norway to the front lines of the

brazil a biography lilia m schwarcz and heloisa m starling a sweeping and absorbing biography of brazil from the sixteenth century to the present for many americans brazil is a land of contradictions vast natural resources and entrenched corruption extraordinary wealth and grinding poverty beautiful beaches and violence-torn favelas brazil occupies a vivid place in the american imagination and yet it remains largely unknown history farrar straus and giroux 8/7/2018 9780374280499 $35.00 $34.50 can hardcover 688 pages black-and-white illustrations maps notes index carton qty 12 9 in h 6 in w brit trans dram penguin press u.k 1st ser audio fsg marketing national publicity national advertising academic advertising in the chronicle of higher education in an extraordinary journey that spans five hundred years from european colonization to the 2016 summer olympics lilia m schwarcz and heloisa m starling’s brazil offers a rich dramatic history of this complex country the

border districts a fiction gerald murnane a bittersweet farewell to the world and the word by the australian master “the mind is a place best viewed from borderlands .” border districts purportedly the australian master gerald murnane’s final work of fiction is a hypnotic precise and self-lacerating “report” on a life led as an avid reader fumbling lover “student of mental imagery,” and devout believer—but a believer not in the commonplaces of religion but rather in the luminescence of memory and its handmaiden literature fiction farrar straus and giroux 4/3/2018 9780374115753 $23.00 $30.00 can hardcover 144 pages carton qty 36 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit trans dram giramondo publishing company 1st ser audio fsg marketing national publicity national advertising web marketing campaign fsg first look galley program in border districts a man moves from a capital city to a remote town in the border country where he intends to spend

my german brother a novel chico buarque translated from the portuguese by alison entrekin an uproarious novel about a man’s often sordid lifelong search for his possibly imaginary half brother in 1960s são paulo teenage car thief and budding lothario ciccio comes home each day to a house stuffed with books his father a scholar cold and aloof has spent his life acquiring them his mother by necessity has spent her life organizing them ciccio himself feels like an afterthought in his own family largely left to his own criminal devices fiction farrar straus and giroux 4/17/2018 9780374161200 $25.00 $32.50 can hardcover 192 pages carton qty 40 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit trans dram macmillan u.k 1st ser audio fsg marketing national publicity national advertising though forbidden to touch any of the volumes in the library ciccio sneaks off with the golden bough one day only to discover a decades-old letter hidden inside the book addressed to his father from a mysterious woman

the ruin of kasch roberto calasso a new translation from the italian by richard dixon a brilliant new translation of a classic work on violence and revolution as seen through mythology and art history farrar straus and giroux 1/2/2018 9780374252106 $18.00 $18.50 can trade paperback 432 pages notes index carton qty 20 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit trans 1st ser dram the wylie agency audio fsg marketing national advertising web marketing campaign the ruin of kasch takes up two subjects—“the first is talleyrand and the second is everything else,” wrote italo calvino when the book first appeared in 1983 hailed as one of those rare books that persuade us to see our entire civilization in a new light its guide is the french statesman charlesmaurice de talleyrand who knew the secrets of the ancien régime and all that came after and was able to adapt the notion of “legitimacy” to the modern age roberto calasso follows him through a vast gallery of scenes

missing man the american spy who vanished in iran barry meier a real-life thriller about a cia contractor who vanished in iran and the international manhunt to find him in late 2013 americans were shocked to learn that a former fbi agent turned private investigator who disappeared in iran in 2007 was there on a mission for the cia the missing man robert levinson appeared in pictures dressed like a guantánamo prisoner and pleaded in a video for help from the united states biography autobiography farrar straus and giroux 2/20/2018 9780374536930 $16.00 $21.00 can trade paperback 288 pages notes index carton qty 28 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit trans dram the wylie agency audio fsg barry meier an award-winning investigative reporter for the new york times draws on years of interviews and previously undisclosed cia files to weave together a riveting narrative of the ex-agent’s journey to iran and the hunt to rescue him the result is an extraordinary tale about the shadowlands

wade in the water poems tracy k smith the extraordinary new poetry collection by tracy k smith poet laureate of the united states even the men in black armor the ones jangling handcuffs and keys what else are they so buffered against if not love’s blade sizing up the heart’s familiar meat we watch and grieve we sleep stir eat love the heart sliced open gutted clean poetry love naked almost in the everlasting street skirt lifted by a different kind of breeze graywolf press 4/3/2018 9781555978136 $24.00 $31.50 can hardcover 88 pages carton qty 0 0.4 in h 0.2 in w brit trans audio dram graywolf press 1st ser author c/o graywolf press —from “unrest in baton rouge” in wade in the water tracy k smith boldly ties america’s contemporary moment both to our nation’s fraught founding history and to a sense of the spirit the everlasting these are poems of sliding scale some capture a flicker of song or memory some collage an array of

house of fact house of ruin poems tom sleigh tom sleigh’s brilliant new collection is “full of the wonder and eloquence driving profound poetry” los angeles times you’ve got to put your pants on in the house of fact and in the house of fact when you take off your shirt you can hear your shirt cry out facts are the floor facts are how you make the right side talk to the left i’m washing my naked belly clean and doing it with dignity i’m turning around trying to see the filthiness that keeps making me filthy poetry —from “house of fact house of ruin” graywolf press 2/6/2018 9781555977979 $16.00 $21.00 can trade paperback 120 pages carton qty 0 9 in h 6 in w brit trans audio dram graywolf press 1st ser aevitas creative management “i hate to admit it but even the house of fact is a house of ruin,” writes tom sleigh in the title sequence of this extraordinary new collection very much of our present moment in

von spatz anna haifisch what happens at the von spatz rehabilitation center after walt disney suffers a nervous breakdown walt disney is exhausted both physically and mentally after a breakdown where he trashes his office his wife lilian brings him to a retreat to recover—the von spatz rehabilitation center with a campus that includes studio buildings a gallery an art supply store a hot dog booth and a penguin pool the clinic is a paradise for artists in crisis there disney meets tomi ungerer and saul steinberg and together they embark on a regimen of relaxation and art therapy comics graphic novels drawn and quarterly 3/13/2018 9781770463127 $16.95 trade paperback 68 pages full-color illustrations throughout carton qty 0 8.7 in h 6.5 in w 5 photos anna haifisch looks at the fervent drive and crippling insecurities of the average artist and places those same issues on the shoulders of three celebrated 20th century artists part study of isolation part tale of a begrudging