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i was thinking so hard all my circuits were loaded then all of a sudden my brain just exploded 2 march · hardcover · picture

claudia mills pictures by heather maione how oliver olson changed the world oliver olson s teacher is always saying that one person with a big idea can change the world but how is oliver supposed to change the world when his parents won t let him do anything on his own ­ not his class projects or even attending activities such as the space sleepover at school afraid he will become an outsider like ex-planet pluto oliver decides to take control of his corner of the universe in this irresistible chapter book featuring lively illustrations oliver olson learns that before you can change the world sometimes you need to change yourself claudia mills is the author of numerous books for children of all ages other chapter books include 7 9 trouble an ala notable book and being teddy roosevelt a best children s book of the year bank street college she lives in boulder colorado heather maione has illustrated many children s books including remembering mrs rossi by amy hest she lives in laurel

everyone knows about paul bunyan but not many people know about paula bunyan his little sister maybe little isn t the right word 12 april · hardcover · picture

elizabeth spires breathing life into stone i heard god talking to me william edmondson and his stone carvings one night in the early 1930s william edmondson the son of former slaves and a janitor in nashville tennessee heard god speaking to him and so he began to carve ­ tombstones birdbaths and stylized human figures whose spirits seemed to emerge fully formed from the stone soon edmondson s talents caught the eye of prominent members of the art world and in 1937 he became the first black artist to have a solo exhibit at the museum of modern art in new york here in twenty-three free-verse poems award-winning poet elizabeth spires gives voice to edmondson and his creations which tell their individual stories with wit and passion with stunning photographs including ten archival masterpieces by louise dahl-wolfe and edward weston this is a compelling portrait of a truly original american artist elizabeth spires the recipient of a whiting writers award is the author of six poetry

from skunk girl i lean across him to look out the window at the albany skyline which consists of a couple of tall buildings and is not much to look at i m wearing a sweater that s a size too big on me and the manner in which i lean across him must give asher a view down the back because when i sit up he turns to me one eyebrow raised in curious amusement you have a stripe of hair going down your back he says and then he chuckles i press my spine into the seat i m so mortified i can t even look at him i tell myself to remain cool and not act like i m so mortified what he said must be true it s not the kind of thing you would say to someone if it wasn t i wonder if i should reply but how do you respond to something like this i stay quiet praying my face isn t too red with embarrassment and pretend to look for something in my backpack until we finally get to where we re going as soon as i make it home i run upstairs to my room and tear my clothes off i stand naked in front of my

niki daly bettina valentino and the picasso club fifth-grader bettina valentino couldn t be a bigger fan of the funky new art teacher at bayside prep who walks around barefoot to soak up the energy of the earth and is full of inspiring lessons about how art can be used to challenge shock and surprise but when the teacher s unconventional methods get him into trouble with some influential parents it s up to bettina and some of her art-loving friends to nip the controversy in the bud and support freedom of artistic expression in his first chapter book niki daly gives readers a quick-paced profusely illustrated story about a boisterous heroine ­ as well as tidbits about famous artists such as picasso klee and warhol niki daly a hans christian andersen award nominee has written and illustrated many acclaimed picture books among them happy birthday jamela which the miami herald praised as absolutely pitch-perfect he lives in cape town south africa turning a messy situation into a

reviews for camilla there is a remarkable similarity between this book and j d salinger s the catcher in the rye both are told in the first person and both are concerned with the problems of a sensitive adolescent faced suddenly with the necessity of crossing the dividing line between childhood and maturity ms l engle s camilla has more innate strength and stability than salinger s holden caulfield ­ saturday review a thought-provoking story about a young girl s first romance her devastation over her parents marital problems and the growth of her own sense of self should find a wide audience among old and new l engle fans perceptive and timely ­ booklist the first-person narrator of this new york city story incidentally explores the nature of god death friendship and self-awareness all against the background of a plot exploring a range of the manifestations of love ­ school library journal 32 may · hardcover · young adult

kathryn lasky pictures by ora eitan georgia rises a day in the life of georgia o keeffe inspired by georgia o keeffe s own descriptive letters awardwinning author kathryn lasky imagines a day in the life of this legendary artist at her abiquiu new mexico home before the first shades of lavender color the morning sky georgia rises ­ eager to walk the rust red hills and discover images that she will later paint a bone glowing white the black wings of a raven against the gray sky a slice of silver moon this fresh imaginative approach combined with ora eitan s spare evocative paintings invites readers into georgia s world revealing how this artist s creative process is affected by the natural world and small moments of daily life a biographical overview of o keeffe s life along with a reproduction of one of her paintings extends this most unusual portrait of a beloved american artist kathryn lasky s distinguished books include the man who made time travel an ncte orbis pictus honor book

the story of a mobster s innocent daughter jamila gavin see no evil this spellbinding haunted-house story takes place within the confines of a grand london mansion a place where shadowy characters are always coming and going almost like ghosts but when twelve-year-old nettie s beloved tutor disappears the cloistered yet savvy girl must pull her head out of the sand and find out why in her search she makes a friend and turns detective coming apart yet coming alive as she discovers deeply disturbing things about her father and how he funds her family s extravagant lifestyle ­ through human trafficking the award-winning author s new novel is a rich and riveting story about the dangers of turning a blind eye to unsightly events and unsavory possibilities jamila gavin s coram boy won the whitbread children s book of the year award and is the basis for both a broadway play and a forthcoming feature film her next book the blood stone won comparison in the new york times book review to an

alice mead mead writes with compassion and sensitivity ­ starred booklist soldier mom jasmyn williams is shocked and angry when her mother a member of the army reserve is called up for service during the persian gulf war while jas comes to understand that her mother has to do her job she wonders should a mother have a job that might require abandoning her children jasmyn s ready for her big seventh-grade season in basketball when her home life bounces out of control there s an emotional impact here that will resound with other youngsters making sacrifices ­ the bulletin of the center for children s books alice mead has written several books about children and war including most recently dawn and dusk an ncss-cbc notable trade book in the field of social studies she lives in maine april ages 10 up 51/8 75/8 · 160 pages sunburst paperback isbn-13 isbn-10 978-0-374-40029-3 0-374-40029-6 $6.95 april · paperback · middle grade fiction

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