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a wonderful new storyteller unleashes a soaring debutth at sweeps from the hills of h awa iitotheveldt of south africa marketing also available from macmillan audio isla 4 author tour national publicity national advertising library marketing campaign reading group guide advance reader s edition unabridged cd 10 cds 11 1/2 hours isbn-13 978-1-4272-0742-5 isbn-10 1-4272-0742-9 $39.95 $43.95 canadian sarah crichton

how to sell a novel b obby clark is just sixteen when he drops out of school to follow his big brother jim into the jewelry business bobby idolizes jim and from the moment he steps off the plane from canada he s in awe of jim s girlfriend lisa the best saleswoman at fort worth de luxe what follows is the story of a young man s education in two sharp lens clancy martin captures the luxury business in all its exquisite vulgarity and outrageous fraud finding in it a metaphor for the american soul at work how to sell is a bleak funny unforgiving novel it s a little like dennis cooper with a philosophical intelligence or raymond carver without hope but mostly it s like itself it is about how we buy and sell everything merchandise drugs sex trust power peace of mind religion friendship and each other it s written extremely finely with wit and enviable self-control a genuinely fresh disconcerting voice zadie smith photograph © david fox of the oldest human passions love and money through

jason sheehan cooking dirty a story of life sex love and death in the kitchen thegritandgloryofres tau rant life as told by a survivor of kitchens across america c ooking dirty is a rollicking account of life on the line in the restaurants far from culinary school cable tv and the jasonsheehan the food writer for westword won a james beard award in 2003 his essay there s no such thing as too much barbecue was reprinted in this i believe his work has appeared in best american food writing for the past five years michelin guide where most of us eat out most of the time it takes the kitchen memoir to a rough and reckless place from his first job scraping trays at a pizzeria at age fifteen jason sheehan worked on the line at all kinds of restaurants a french colonial and an all-night diner a crab shack just off the interstate and a fusion restaurant in a former hair salon restaurant work as he describes it in exuberant sparkling prose is a way of life in which your whole universe

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michael collins carrying the fire an astronaut s journeys fortieth anniversary edition new preface by the author foreword by charles a lindbergh reissued with a new preface by the author on the fortieth anniversary of the apollo 11 journey to the moon t he years that have passed since neil armstrong buzz aldrin and michael collins piloted the apollo 11 spacecraft to the michaelcollins flew in both the gemini 10 and apollo 11 space missions in the 1960s he lives in south florida moon in july 1969 have done nothing to alter the fundamental wonder of the event man reaching the moon remains one of the great events technical and spiritual of our lifetime in this remarkable book michael collins conveys in a very personal way the drama beauty and humor of that adventure he also traces his development from his first flight experiences in the air force through his days as a test pilot to his apollo 11 space walk presenting an evocative picture of the joys of flight as well as a new perspective

r ay bradbury s fahrenheit 451 the authorized adaptation introduction by ray bradbury topian futures thinking is dangerous trust only the state turn in your neighbors and most important burn all books artist tim hamilton with bradbury has turned this modern masterpiece into a gorgeously imagined graphic novel the world of guy montag a career fireman for whom kerosene has become perfume has been translated by hamilton into unforgettable fullcolor art that uniquely captures montag s awakening to the evil of government-controlled thought and the inestimable value of philosophy theology and literature fully depicting the brilliance and force of bradbury s canonic and beloved masterwork ray bradbury s fahrenheit 451 is an exceptional haunting work of graphic literature tim hamilton raybradbury is a multiple-award-winning novelist short-story fiction/graphic novels brit harper collins u.k trans 1st ser hill and wang audio dram z file inc full-color art throughout 6 x 9 176 pages

ian anderson here come the regulars how to run a record label on a shoestring budget a h ow to bookforthemys pac egener at iononrunning yo u r ow n indie label from the ground up i an anderson started recording music when he was thirteen and launched his own successful record label afternoon iananderson fronts the indie-pop band one for the team founded the minneapolis-based indie label afternoon records and is the editor of the music blog mfr this is his first book records when he was just eighteen now this wunderkind of the music scene has written the ultimate guide for all those aspiring to a career in the record industry here come the regulars covers territory ranging from a label s image to its budget focusing on the importance of blogging culture and being in the now and how to approach potential artists with grace and style aside from its essential advice including a truthful account of the role of attorneys contracts and record deals this accessible guide also includes key

the art of series edited by charles baxter the art of series is a line of books reinvigorating the practice of craft and criticism each book is a brief witty and useful exploration of fiction nonfiction or poetry by a writer impassioned by a singular craft issue the art of volumes provide a series of sustained examinations of key but sometimes neglected aspects of creative writing by some of contemporary literature s finest practitioners galso ava ilableinthe a rtof series the art of attention a poet s eye by donald revell paperback 978-1-55597-474-9 $12.00 the art of the poetic line by james longenbach paperback 978-1-55597-488-6 $12.00 the art of subtext beyond plot by charles baxter paperback 978-1-55597-473-2 $12.00 the art of time in memoir then again by sven birkerts paperback 978-1-55597-489-3 $12.00 forthcoming titles the art of endings by amy bloom the art of description by mark doty the art of narrative by howard norman the art of recklessness by dean young

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marguerite abouet and clément oubrerie a ya thesecrets come out volume three abouet h a s at temptedtocre at esomethingve ry b r av e i n aya anintim at e p o rt raitoftheafricanworldth at existsoutsidetheglareofthemediaspotlight the boston globe aya has captured the hearts of north american readers of all ages for the rare portrait it paints of a vibrant happy bourgeois ivory coast in the 1970s based upon marguerite abouet s youth in yop city not only is aya complemented with clément oubrerie s gorgeous artwork but the volumes also offer a slice-of-life peek into african culture complete with recipes glossaries and wardrobe instructions for turning one s pagne brightly colored fabric into a skirt head wrap or baby carrier engaging and fun the universal stories in aya provide a muchneeded context for today s heartbreaking news stories aya is the winner of the best first album award at the angoulême international comics festival the children s africana book award and the

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