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adventures in cartooning how to turn your doodles into comics by james sturm andrew arnold and alexis frederick-frost in this action-packed cartooning adventure kids will have as much fun making comics as reading them once upon a time a princess tried to make a comic and with the help of a magical cartooning elf she learned how well enough to draw her way out of an encounter with a dangerous dragon and into her very own adventure like the princess young readers will discover that they already have the drawing and writing skills it takes to make a comic they just need a little know-how and adventures in cartooning supplies just that the three-headed cartooning monster who created this book is eisner award-winning james sturm who also founded the center for cartoon studies and two of his former students alexis frederick-frost and andrew arnold the three-headed cartooning monster lives in vermont and new york title author adventures in cartooning j sturm a.arnold a frederick-frost

title author the eternal smile gene luen yang derek kirk kim pages color pub month 176 full color may isbn price 13 978-1-59643-156-0 10 1-59643-156-3 us $16.95 can $18.95 for ages 14 and up :06 format deluxe trade pbk

the eternal smile by gene luen yang derek kirk kim a fantastical adventure through the worlds we live in and the worlds we create from two masters of the graphic novel gene luen yang american born chinese and derek kirk kim same difference and other stories come three magical tales the story of a prince who defeats his greatest enemy only to discover that maybe his world is not what it had seemed the story of a frog who finds that just being a frog might be the way to go the story of a women who receives an e-mail from prince henry of nigeria asking for a loan to help save his family and gives it to him kim and yang test the boundaries between fantasy and reality exploring the ways that the world of the imagination can affect real life gene luen yang is the author of american born chinese winner of the michael l printz award and the eisner award and a finalist for the national book award he teaches high school in san francisco california derek kirk kim is the author of same

he s saying he s sick and needs to be treated he said before he was always the first to reach the top of mountain passes but now he only comes in second or third yes but how old is he he doesn t know this man came to bring us his left foot he was operated on in 1982 but he refused to have his foot amputated so predictably enough it rotted through so badly that he tore it off himself yesterday and now he s back saying can t you put it back for me

tiny tyrant vol 1 the ethelbertosaurus by lewis trondheim fabrice parme the tiny tyrant returns bigger and better than ever in our new kid-friendly format though he has a handful of advisors this miniscule monarch is the one who calls the shots demanding to see santa claus to ask if he really has to eat a balanced diet testing out his new bodyguard by putting a price on his own head and replacing all the kids in the kingdom with robot doubles of his own royal self this rambunctious royal s adventures were previously published in a smaller trim size receiving great reviews and delighting children all over the us now ethelbert is back in a larger and more kid-friendly size this single volume offers the first six stories from the original book great reading for kids just getting into chapter books someone in my palace got hold of a twoway radio in order to mock me find him a real treat for classic cartoon fans of many ages ­ booklist title author tiny tyrant the

roaring brook press comics for younger readers polo and lily by regis faller an unalloyed delight kirkus starred review of the adventures of polo polo s newest wordless adventure unfolds in a fun smaller format a flying cloud carrying a sleeping rabbit gets stuck in the branches of polo s tree-home bringing an unexpected visit from a feisty practical-joke-loving new friend this book tells a light-hearted and sweet story about how to make new friends and how to keep them even when they finally have to fly away pages color pub month 32 full color may isbn 13 978-1-59643-496-7 10 1-59643-496-1 ages 4 and up price us $9.95 can $10.95 format 8x8 polo and the magic flute by regis faller a simple boat ride turns into a journey of fun and discovery with towering waves leading to a mysterious forest and a strange koala carrying a flute when the koala disappears with a pop polo sets out to find him traveling by giant snail-bus to a mystical tower worldless captivating and sure to become

general information orders and customer service mps distribution center virginia 16365 james madison highway gordonsville va 22942 toll free tel 888 330-8477 customer service fax 540 672-7540 order department fax 800 672-2054 customer service e-mail returns mps returns center 14301 litchfield road orange va 22960 ordering in canada h.b fenn and company ltd 34 nixon road bolton ontario l7e 1w2 canada tel 905 951-6600 toll free tel 800 267-fenn fax 905 951-6601 toll free fax 800 465-3422 web site e-mail mail order catalogs premiums and special sales special markets department macmillan sales division 175 fifth avenue room 500 new york ny 10010 fax 212 598-9173 dates prices titles and manufacturing specifications for all books announced are subject to change without notice the listing of a price for any title in this catalog is not intended to control the resale price thereof first second is a participant in the library of

little vampire by joann sfar $13.95 isbn 978-1-59643-233-8 sardine in outer space by emmanuel guibert and joann sfar $12.95 isbn 978-1-59643-126-3 the professor s daughter by joann sfar and emmanuel guibert $16.95 isbn 978-1-59643-130-0 vampire loves by joann sfar $16.95 isbn 978-1-59643-093-8 klezmer by joann sfar $16.95 isbn 978-1-59643-198-0 discover the worlds of joann

art from adventures in cartooning by james sturm andrew arnold alexis frederick-frost cert no