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f l at ir on bookssept emb e r 2017 good me bad me a novel ali land how far does the apple really fall from the tree when the daughter of a serial killer is placed with a new normal foster family room meets dexter in this dark voice-driven psychological suspen fi ction t h r ill e r s p s yc hologi cal flatiron books 9/5/2017 9781250087645 $25.99 $36.99 can hardcover 304 pages carton qty 20 9.3 in h 6.1 in w subrights u.k rights michael joseph translation rights juliet mushens at the agency group other available formats ebook isbn 9781250087652 audio isbn 9781427290021 audio isbn 9781427290038 fifteen year old milly was raised by a serial killer her mother when she finally breaks away and tells the police everything about her mother s crimes and years of abuse she is given a new identity and placed in an affluent foster family and an exclusive private school she wrestles with being the daughter of a murderer and the love she still feels for her mother despite her crimes but her hopes are simple milly wants to be good then milly s foster sister phoebe starts bullying her a teacher may have discovered her secret and her vulnerable best friend may be a perfect victim as tensions rise and milly begins to feel trapped by her shiny new life she has to decide will she be good or is she bad she is after all her mother s daughter pr a i se the new girl on the train which was the new gone girl you get the picture this psycho-thriller by ali land is set to be massive —cosmopolitan uk m ar keting major early reader review campaign landing page with bonus content discussion guide available for download flatiron/macmillan newsletter promotions major library marketing campaign swag designed for sell-in national print advertising could not be more unputdownable if it was slathered with superglue —sunday express “ali land s good me bad me is an intensely compelling exploration of nature versus nurture wrapped up in a page-turning psychological thriller darkly disturbing and beautifully written.” —sarah pinborough author of behind her eyes “an astoundingly compelling thriller beyond tense you hardly breathe best read in ages.” —matt haig author of the humans “intelligent and disturbing good me bad me had me hooke ali land is a full-time writer with a background in adolescent mental health good me bad me is her debut novel 10