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forge haunting museums john schuster t he spectacularly successful movie a night at the museum was a fantastic look at the off-hours wonders of the american museum of natural history with a sequel scheduled for may 2009 it is obvious that there will be a great deal of interest in museums and what goes on behind the scenes some of the real stories are even more fantastic than anything a screenwriter could dream up haunting museums covers these overlooked bits of history including curses mistaken dinosaurs conspiracy plots of the founding fathers spectral evidence of the afterlife and other unsettling matters the carnegie sauropods or bring me the head of apatosaurus louisae the story of a dinosaur on display for close to half a century with the wrong head what s on that broad stripe with those bright stars the quizzical mark on the flag that is known as the star spangled banner the 1897 living eskimo exhibit in which living people were put on display and turned over to the taxidermist

forge strong enough to die a caitlin strong novel jon land a spring/summer 2009 forge select title magnificent the texas rangers lore takes a great thriller to a whole new level exceptional lee child new york times bestselling author c aitlin strong is a fifth-generation texas ranger proud to wear the badge of her father and grandfather until a deadly shoot-out causes her to question her calling five years later caitlin is still trying to purge herself of guilt born of the actions that ended her ranger career but a shattering discovery will reopen old wounds and caitlin s renewed investigation into the truth behind the bloody desert firefight uncovers a terrifying plot that reaches into every home and threatens the very core of the country her only hope for success and survival is to team up with cort wesley masters a deadly outlaw who has every reason to want her dead but he also holds the key to the truth she desperately seeks in the anguished brain of an amnesiac torture victim

forge hell on earth the wildfire pandemic david l porter with lee reeder an eye-opening look at the increase in wildfires in the past decade and the ecological and long-term effects they will have on the planet t he world is burning and it appears that we are to blame conditions that create large-scale fire disasters are occurring more frequently every year spurred on by global warming and the potential for damage loss of life and greater harm to the environment is staggering as devastating fires increase throughout the western and southern united states the number of fires in the brazilian rain forest continues to climb as well vast areas of the wilderness are dying setting the stage for a human and environmental tragedy hc 978-0-7653-1380-5 david l porter has been covering wildfires in the west for more than twelve years after losing his home to a wildfire in 2003 he set out to find how and why this was happening in the united states and around the world hell on earth chronicles the

forge n co o v t fi er n a l american courage american carnage 7th infantry origins the 7th infantry regiment s combat experience 1812 through world war ii john c mcmanus a complete narrative journey through the history of the us army s 7th regiment american courage american carnage 7th infantry origins a john c mcmanus cclaimed historian john c mcmanus takes us through the amazing history of this ever-present regiment from its inception prior to the war of 1812 through world war ii he follows the 7th regiment through the greatest american wars of that time the war of 1812 the mexican war the civil war the spanish-american war world war i and world war ii along the way readers will meet and get to know many of the great military leaders who fought with and beside the illustrious 7th regiment including sam houston and future presidents zachary taylor and ulysses s grant the 7th regiment s motto willing and able speaks volumes about its past throughout america s history the soldiers

forge n co o v t fi er n a l burned david hagberg an electrifying thriller of strength and heroism inspired by one woman s harrowing true story d burned david hagberg avid hagberg s latest novel burned is inspired by the true story of yvonne bornstein kidnapped in russia in the 1990s by islamic terrorists she and her husband were held for ransom during her captivity she was beaten starved and raped although the kgb and the russian spetsnaz were adept at hunting down kidnappers the hostages seldom survived their rescue operations despite cold war antagonisms the soviet government invited the fbi to come to moscow and assist in the bornstein case yvonne s story and the rescue an operation conducted by two bitter international enemies has inspired this new high-octane pulse-pounding david hagberg thriller david hagberg writes the most realistic prophetic thrillers i have ever read his books should be required reading in washington also available dance with the dragon 12/08 isbn-13

forge apocalypse 2012 gary jennings robert gleason and junius podrug the secrets behind the ancient mayan end date are revealed in this sweeping historical thriller i n ancient mexico the end-time codex prophesizing the world s end in 2012 is entombed a young aztec-mayan slave tells us its story gifted in math and astronomy coyotl rises to king s counselor in tula a golden city of milk and honey ruled by the brilliant godking quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent of lore gathering artists scientists and craftsmen this legendary ruler builds a city that will awe humanity for one thousand years but he also faces war catastrophic drought betrayal and the rise of an evil deathcult religion instituting the infamous blood covenant its priests drag thousands of people a year atop temple-pyramids and rip their beating hearts from their chests to stop them quetzalcoatl must defy the flames of bloody civil war also available aztec rage 4/07 isbn-13 978-0-7653-4893-7 isbn-10 0-7653-4893-4 $7.99

forge the outcast dove sharan newman be forewarned sharan newman will change the way you think about the middle ages jan burke author of kidnapped c atherine le vendeur s curiosity and passion for justice have sometimes led her to solve grisly murders and brave horrors but this time the threat is to those she loves catherine s family business relies on her cousin solomon to negotiate the treacherous path to riches the fact that solomon is her cousin is kept secret however because he s jewish and if their family connections were discovered it could mean ruin or death when solomon s father who rejected judaism for the more socially acceptable christianity asks for his help solomon must come to a decision about who he is and where he really belongs hc 978-0-7653-0377-9 seasoned with wit and humor newman s catherine le vendeur series should delight mystery lovers and historical devotees alike publishers weekly also available heresy 3/07 isbn-13 978-0-7653-5468-6 isbn-10

forge cat in a topaz tango a midnight louie mystery carole nelson douglas midnight louie can now belly up to the bar cat in a topaz tango is the twenty-first volume in carole nelson douglas s best-selling mystery series featuring everyone s favorite furry gumshoe t emple barr and matt devine make a cozy engaged couple and the feisty redhead is delighted when her handsome radio host fiance stars in a week-long televised las vegas charity event dancing with the celebs but while ex-priest matt struggles to master the sexy moves of the tango a killer stalks the dance floor not only is matt in danger but so is the lovely tween mariah daughter of homicide cop c r molina who is dancing in the junior division of the show and so temple gets dragooned into resurrecting her kicky teen persona zoe chloe ozone now an internet hottie to ensure matt and mariah don t foxtrot into a fatal misstep also available cat in a red hot rage 3/08 isbn-13 978-0-7653-5270-5 isbn-10 0-7653-5270-2 $6.99 8.99 can

forge unexpected miracles true stories of life love and the human-animal bond dr shawn messonnier a passionate guide using natural and integrative methods to help people care for their pets t hose soulful eyes that look up at you at the end of a rough day the soft paws that knead into your lap and tell you that you are theirs much more than a companion more beloved than our nearest and dearest human family our pets sixty-three percent of all us households have them owners spend untold amounts of money on food toys even christmas presents for their pets and they don t stint when it comes to their pets health dr shawn messonnier has been a veterinarian for more than fifteen years once a conventional practictioner he s embarked on a crusade to help pet owners keep their treasured furry friends healthy and happy treating each patient not as a disease but as a unique living entity dr messonnier brings the reader into his waiting room and introduces them to some remarkable animals and

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