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e xcerpt from duplex everyone knew the family inside number 37 were robots mr xa mrs xa cindy xa carol xa when you saw them outside the house they looked like people carol had been in miss vicks s class the previous year and she had been an excellent if uninspired student cindy would be in her class starting tomorrow the question of how to teach or even whether to teach a robot came up from time to time among the teachers no one had a good answer by the time miss vicks got to number 49 the storm was making it almost impossible to find her front door often it happened that the world s water got sucked aloft and came down all at once as rain she swept her little dog into her arms and felt her way onto the porch they were both completely drenched the dog s red coat so wet it looked black for a while they sat there in the glider surrounded by thundering curtains of rainwater 1511mv what kind of a license plate was that one plus five plus one plus one equaled eight a number signifying the

e xcerpt from unapologetic no i can t prove it i don t know that any of it is true i don t know if there s a god but then like every human being i am not in the habit of entertaining only the emotions i can prove i d be an unrecognisable oddity if i did emotions can certainly be misleading they can fool you into believing stuff that is definitely demonstrably untrue but emotions are also our indispensable tool for navigating for feeling our way through the much larger domain of stuff that isn t susceptible to proof or disproof that isn t checkable against the physical universe we dream hope wonder sorrow rage grieve delight surmise joke detest we form such unprovable conjectures as novels or clarinet concertos we imagine and religion is just a part of that in one sense it s just one form of imagining absolutely functional absolutely humannormal it would seem perverse on the face of it to propose that this one particular manifestation of imagining should be treated as outrageous

a brief witty sharp-tongued defense of christian belief that takes on richard dawkins s the god delusion and christopher hitchens s god is not great a wonderful effortlessly brilliant book the evening standard london unapologetic is a rare gem a book that carries conviction by being honest all the way through the independent london a remarkable book which is passionate challenging tumultuously articulate and armed with anger to a degree unusual in works of christian piety [spufford admits he doesn t know if there s a god or not nobody does it s unknowable what s on offer here is vehement thought ardent expostulation and the conviction that what spufford writes about is for him the most important thing in the world or out of it thesund ay times lon d on unapologetic w hy despi te ever y t hing c hr i s t iani t y c an st il l make sur pr i sing e mot ional sense f ra n ci s spuff o rd in unapologetic francis spufford does not claim that christianity is true because how

the long-awaited third poetry book by vijay seshadri one of the most respected poets working in america today time out new yor k first i had three apocalyptic visions each more terrible than the last the graves open and the sea rises to kill us all then the doorbell rang and i went downstairs and signed for two packages from this morning 3 sections poems vijay se s hadri vijay seshadri s new poetry is assured and expert his line as canny as ever in an array of poetic forms from the rhyming lyric to the philosophical meditation to the prose essay 3 sections confronts perplexing divisions of contemporary life a wayward history an indeterminate future and a present condition of wanting to out-think time this is an extraordinary book witty and vivacious by one of america s best poets praise for vijay seshadri seshadri is a son of frost by way of ashbery both the highfrequency channels of consciousness and the jazz of spoken language are audible in these poems the new yorker this

bang s thrillingly contemporary translation of the first part the juiciest part of alighieri s fourteenth-century poem the divine comedy is indeed epic once you embark on this journey you may wish to read not only all of mary jo bang s work but all of dante s too vani t y fa i r stopped mid-motion in the middle of what we call our life i looked up and saw no sky only a dense cage of leaf tree and twig i was lost from canto i inferno anew tr anslationdan te a lighieri tra n s lated with anin tr o ducti onandno te s b y m ar yjobangi llu s trated byhen rik d re s cher imagine a contemporary translation of dante that includes references to pink floyd south park donald rumsfeld and star trek now imagine that this isn t gimmicky imagine instead that the old warhorse is now scary again and perversely funny and lyrical and faux-lyrical in a way that sounds sometimes like auden sometimes like nabokov but always like mary jo bang bomb an epic both fresh and historical scholarly

harryette mullen is a magician of words phrases and songs no voice in contemporary poetry is quite as original cosmopolitan witty and tragic su san s t ewart citation for the academy of american poets fellowship urban tumbleweed some people call it discarded plastic bag we see in every city blown down the street with vagrant wind from urban tumbleweed urban tu mbleweednotesfroma ta nkadiaryh arr y ette m ulle n written out of a daily practice of walking harryette mullen s stanzas adapt the japanese tanka a poetic form suited for recording fleeting impressions and contemplating the human being s place in the natural world but as she writes in her preface what is natural about being human what to make of a city dweller taking a `nature walk in a public park while listening to a podcast with ear-bud headphones mullen s poetry is brilliant and enigmatic familiar and subversive like jewels her poems are multifaceted and shoot off lights mullen uses the techniques of sound

winner of the cave canem poetry prize selected by major jackson the stub of your left leg dangles as i hold you up my hands inserted under your arms like a child you are complaining about the itch the burn scratch the ghost of your calf and heel from scratching the ghost scratching the ghost poems d e x ter l b o o th dexter l booth s ruminations on loss in this award-winning debut are rooted in a time past but one still palpable and persistent here are memories of love lost family mourned a father absent ghosts of hometowns and childhood here too is a short letter to the twentieth century and finally a long letter to the twentieth century as if across this collection the poet is mustering up the force to speak back to history in dexter l booth s scratching the ghost a cracked egg means the universe is splitting the slap of a double-dutch rope is a broken-throated hymn and splitting a squealing hog is akin to lovemaking these are poems loyal to their own intrepid logic and

r ece n t b ackli s t on sal mal lane a novel r u f reema n fiction 408 pages hardcover 978-1-55597-642-2 $26.00 ebook available woke up lonely a novel fionam aa z el fiction 336 pages hardcover 978-1-55597-638-5 $26.00 ebook available tumbledown a novel r o bert b o s well fiction 448 pages hardcover 978-1-55597-649-1 $26.00 ebook available in times of fading light a novel e uge n r uge t ra n s lated fr o m the g erma nbyan thea b ell fiction 328 pages hardcover 978-1-55597-643-9 $26.00 ebook available percival everett by virgil russell a novel p ercival e verett fiction 240 pages paperback 978-1-55597-634-7 $15.00 ebook available love is power or something like that stories a igonib arrett fiction 216 pages paperback 978-1-55597-640-8 $15.00 ebook available spectacle stories su s a n stei n berg fiction 152 pages paperback 978-1-55597-631-6 $14.00 ebook available this close stories je s s ica f ra n ci skane fiction 192 pages paperback 978-1-55597-636-1 $15.00 ebook

r ece n t b ackli s t airmail the letters of robert bly and tomas tranströmer e dited bytho ma s r smith nonfiction 504 pages hardcover 978-1-55597-639-2 $35.00 ebook available the virtues of poetry jame slon ge n bach nonfiction 192 pages paperback 978-1-55597-637-8 $14.00 ebook available the art of intimacy the space between stace y d e ra s m o nonfiction 144 pages paperback 978-1-55597-647-7 $12.00 ebook available incarnadine poems m ar yszy bi s t poetry 80 pages paperback 978-1-55597-635-4 $15.00 it becomes you poems d o bb y g ib s o n poetry 104 pages paperback 978-1-55597-632-3 $15.00 belmont poems stephe n b urt poetry 112 pages paperback 978-1-55597-644-6 $15.00 the captain asks for a show of hands poems nick flynn poetry 104 pages paperback 978-1-55597-633-0 $15.00 the exchange poems s o phie c ab o t b lack poetry 96 pages paperback 978-1-55597-641-5 $15.00 the year of what now poems b ria nruss ell poetry 96 pages paperback 978-1-55597-648-4 $15.00 skin inc

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