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winner of the cave canem poetry prize selected by major jackson the stub of your left leg dangles as i hold you up my hands inserted under your arms like a child you are complaining about the itch the burn scratch the ghost of your calf and heel from scratching the ghost scratching the ghost poems d e x ter l b o o th dexter l booth s ruminations on loss in this award-winning debut are rooted in a time past but one still palpable and persistent here are memories of love lost family mourned a father absent ghosts of hometowns and childhood here too is a short letter to the twentieth century and finally a long letter to the twentieth century as if across this collection the poet is mustering up the force to speak back to history in dexter l booth s scratching the ghost a cracked egg means the universe is splitting the slap of a double-dutch rope is a broken-throated hymn and splitting a squealing hog is akin to lovemaking these are poems loyal to their own intrepid logic and reckless plausibility.yet lest the reader get too giddy in a fun house of mirrors here too are the melodic laments and remarkable lyric passages of a poet who acknowledges the infinite current of melancholy that underlines his journey major jackson dexter l booth earned an mfa in creative writing from arizona state university his poems have appeared in amendment grist the new delta review and willow springs he lives in tempe arizona brit trans audio dram graywolf press 1st ser author c/o graywolf press 12 poetry 88 pages 6 x 9 paperback original 978-1-55597-660-6 $15.00 november gwfall13cat1-16.indd 12 2/27/13 3:07 pm