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e xcerpt from duplex everyone knew the family inside number 37 were robots mr xa mrs xa cindy xa carol xa when you saw them outside the house they looked like people carol had been in miss vicks s class the previous year and she had been an excellent if uninspired student cindy would be in her class starting tomorrow the question of how to teach or even whether to teach a robot came up from time to time among the teachers no one had a good answer by the time miss vicks got to number 49 the storm was making it almost impossible to find her front door often it happened that the world s water got sucked aloft and came down all at once as rain she swept her little dog into her arms and felt her way onto the porch they were both completely drenched the dog s red coat so wet it looked black for a while they sat there in the glider surrounded by thundering curtains of rainwater 1511mv what kind of a license plate was that one plus five plus one plus one equaled eight a number signifying the world the very essence of the sorcerer s domain if you knocked eight on its side it became the symbol of infinity as she sat there on the porch she tried getting a sense of what was going on in number 47 the house attached to hers where mary lived if she had ever had a daughter the girl would have been like mary they even looked a little bit alike both being bird-boned and pale and parting their limp mousebrown hair girlishly down the middle miss vicks s part was always ruler-straight though whereas mary s jogged to the left at the back of her head suggesting a lack of interest in things she couldn t see her teeth were too big for her mouth too making her appear more vulnerable than she really was usually in the summer with the windows open miss vicks had no trouble eavesdropping on mary s family but now the rain was drowning out everything except itself it was only when everyone on the street was asleep that the robots came flying out of number 37 there were four of them two the size and shape of needles and two like coins their exterior surface burnished to such a high state of reflective brilliance that all a human being had to do was look at one of them for a split second to be forever blinded the robots waited to come out until after the humans were asleep they d learned to care about us because they found us touchingly helpless due in large part to the fact that we could die unlike toasters or vacuum cleaners though the robots were endowed with minds in this way they were distant relatives of body-without-soul but the enmity between the sorcerer and the robots ran deep praise for versailles splendid rapturous like an aria the new york times © emma dodge hanson book review elegant a persuasive and sympathetic portrait of antoinette los angeles times book review davis is so skilled at draping gemlike images around her story star tribune minneapolis an elegant idiosyncratic novel the voice davis has given [antoinette is by turns sage mercurial and ravishing the new yorker kathryn davis is the author of six novels she has received a kafka prize the morton dauwen zabel award a guggenheim fellowship and the lannan foundation literary award she teaches at washington university and lives in vermont and st louis missouri 4 gwfall13cat1-16.indd 4 2/27/13 3:06 pm